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How to Use TikTok in India After the Ban? [FIXED]


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Use TikTok in India After Ban

“My name is Akash Jyoti and I wonder how to use TikTok in India after ban. I am a big fan of TikTok videos but since the recent ban, I have no access to those. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!”


It is interesting to know that TikTok has surpassed every other social media site in terms of user growth. Yet, nations continue to restrict it for privacy and security concerns. Yes, India is the same way.

Using the TikTok app has now been prohibited in India, as you probably already know. The demand to have TikTok installed in India, though, suggests that many individuals simply can’t do without it.

This article will be very handy for you if you fall into such a category. Notwithstanding the ban, the best methods for downloading TikTok in India are described below.

Part 1: Why is TikTok Banned in India?

Why is TikTok Banned in India

Let’s begin by understanding the rationale for the TikTok ban. It’s true that TikTok was developed by a company based in China. So, the government of India views it as a potential “threat” to citizens’ personal information and national security.

India is concerned about China because of the lack of security between the two countries. Some in India worry that China is using this app to snoop on its citizens. Regardless of the accuracy of that information, the fact remains that India has banned the app. 

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Part 2: Will India Lift the Ban on TikTok in 2024?

Well, TikTok was initially banned in 2020 in India and has not been allowed to use since then. But some speculations from 2024 indicate that TikTok will once again be available in India.

Byetdance, the firm behind the popular TikTok app, reportedly has discussions underway with Indian institutions. They are working on bringing the app back to the country.

In fact, many potential routes to this un-ban are reportedly being considered by the corporation. Whether or whether TikTok downloads will be available again in India is, however, still up in the air. Yet, reports from businesses indicate that TikTok will be back.

So, in a nutshell, there’s no official confirmation about allowing the TikTok app back for users in India.

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Part 3: How to Use TikTok in India After the Ban (iOS Devices)? 

Are you an iOS user and want to know how to use TikTok in India after the ban? If so, here’s what you can do.

Solution 01: Use Tenorshare iCareFone to Download TikTok App in India

Those who wonder how to use TikTok in India after the ban can consider this as the easiest solution. In fact, this is a one-click solution for you.

With the help of iCareFone, you will be able to download any banned app in India. Well, the best thing about this app is that it offers a one-click operation. No illegal actions are involved with this tool.

In fact, iCareFone is a one-stop solution for anyone who is looking for a tool to manage iOS data. With this tool, a backup feature for free. In addition to that, you will be able to install ten banned mobile applications on the device.

Below is how you can perform this action.

  • First, you should download the Tenorshare iCareFone application on your PC and get it installed. After that, you should connect the iPhone to the same PC and open the application. Tap on the option called “Manage“.
Tenorshare iCareFone
  • Tap on the option called “Apps Download“.
  • Several apps that are banned (but downloadable) will appear. You can select the option called “TikTok” from that list. Then, the app should be downloaded on the iPhone that is connected to the PC.
Download TikTok via iCareFone

Please note that this specific method works perfectly only if you have downloaded TikTok through the same Apple ID.

Solution 02: Change the Country/Region of Your Apple ID (a Complicated Method)

This is another effective way if you want to know how to use TikTok in India after the ban. Despite its effectiveness, this method is relatively complicated and time-consuming.

Also, you cannot use local features as well. For instance, if you switch to a country like the US, you cannot download apps made only for India.

It takes a very long time compared to the previous method. However, if you still want to give this option a try, mentioned below are the steps you should follow.

  • First, you should open “Settings” on the device.
  • Tap on the respective Apple ID.
  • Select the option called Media and Purchases. Then, hit the option called “View Account“.
  • Then, select “Country/Region“, and you may follow the instructions displayed online to find a different location. If you don’t have a desired country, you can select the US as the country.
Change the Country/Region of Your Apple ID
  • You are supposed to provide details like credit card information, address, or a contact number as well. In this case, you can find such information through a Google search.

Solution 03: Use a VPN (a Factory Reset is Needed)

Use a VPN

Here’s another solution to consider, but this one is a little trickier than other methods.

As per this method, you should apply a good VPN on the network and create a fresh Apple ID.

This ID should have a different region when you create it. Mentioned below is how you can do it.

  • First, you should connect a different phone to the same VPN. After that, share the personal hotspot along with the device.
  • Perform a reset on your iPhone.
  • When you configure the device, it will ask for a network connection to proceed. Just select the hotspot as the network.
  • Follow all the steps accurately to create a newer Apple ID. You must ensure that another country is selected other than India. You may prefer the USA at this stage.
  • Once the device is configured, open your App Store and install TikTok again to continue.

And that should work if you wonder how to use TikTok in India after the ban.

In addition, here, we will unveil the mystery: how many reports for a TikTok ban, delve into the intricacies of the platform’s reporting system, and equip yourself with valuable knowledge on avoiding account suspension.

Part 4: Downloading TikTok on an Android Device

Those who want to know how to use TikTok on Android devices in India can consider the below options.

Solution 01: Download TikTok APK

The first solution to try if you want to install TikTok on an Android is to use an APK. You may use an APK provider like APKMirror to find such APKs for TikTok.

Below is how to perform this workaround step-by-step.

  • First of all, you should search for the option called TikTok APK on the browser of the device.
Download TikTok Apk
  • Then, you can select a good APK provider as you wish. These APKs can be found among the top couple of options of the search results.
  • Then, you can download a suitable APK, depending on the choice.
  • Get the APK installed once it is successfully downloaded (through the notification area) to continue.

Solution 02: Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Use a Virtual Private Network

Here’s another method you can try if you want to use TikTok in India. As per this method, you have to use a VPN.

You will have to start with a fresh Google profile through the VPN to make it happen. Through your VPN, you can pretend that you are accessing TikTok from a different location other than India.

Below is a guide to doing that.

  • First, you should install a good VPN service on your Android device and get it connected. Then, select any country but India.
  • Get rid of the current Google profile.
  • Clear your Play Store’s data.
  • Go to the “Accounts” option located under “Settings“. Then, create a Google account again.
  • Go to the Play Store. After that, search for the TikTok app.
  • Download it and use it.
Download TikTok via VPN

Part 5: Is It Illegal to Use TikTok in India?

Despite being outlawed, TikTok is perfectly legal. So, utilizing TikTok in the aforementioned ways on your mobile device is not illegal.

You should switch the region associated with your Apple or Google account before you can download TikTok. Perhaps missing out on several other interesting aspects of the area.

Let’s assume that your Apple ID is set to the United States, for instance. However, you cannot access the App Store to download any apps that are restricted to users in India.

  • TikTok users who use VPN to connect to the service may be putting their personal information at risk. However, a VPN that you acquire from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store is reliable. Such apps will not share your information.
  • If you accidentally install a hacked version of TikTok without realizing it, it could compromise your computer’s security. Downloading APKs from reliable sources, such as APKMirror, will help you avoid these kinds of issues.


1. Is it legal to use TikTok via VPN in India? Using TikTok via VPN or any other banned app is against the law in India. Users should refrain from accessing banned apps through VPNs to avoid legal consequences.

2. Can I access TikTok through alternative apps? Yes, several alternative apps emerged after the TikTok ban in India. Platforms like Instagram Reels, MX TakaTak, Moj, and Josh provide similar short-video experiences.

3. What safety precautions should I take while using TikTok? To use TikTok safely, ensure you have strong and unique passwords, avoid sharing personal information, report inappropriate behavior, and adjust privacy settings as per your preferences.

4. How did the TikTok ban impact Indian content creators? The TikTok ban had a significant impact on Indian content creators. Many lost their source of income and fan base. However, it also led to the rise of new creators on alternative platforms.

5. Will TikTok be reintroduced in India? The potential reintroduction of TikTok in India is uncertain. Factors such as data privacy measures and compliance with Indian regulations will influence any future decisions regarding TikTok’s return.


So those are the options you can try if you wonder how to use TikTok in India after the ban.

As you can understand, Tenorshare iCarefone is the best solution you can use for iPhones to download TikTok. It is a safer and easier method compared to others.


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