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How to Change Text Message to iMessage Background Easily


Written by Jason Lin

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How To Change Text Message To Imessage

Apple has outdone the most popular mobile devices with the release of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. These have grasped the awe of people from all over the world.

In this guide, we are set to discuss an iPhone-related query many users have asked. In particular, we will discuss apt ways to change text messages to iMessage.

Are you looking to change the color of your text bubble on the iPhone device? Are you looking for viable ways to change your iMessage background on the iPhone device? The native operating system of the iPhone does not let you adjust the Messages app background.

On the other hand, with the use of a third-party application or jailbroken iPhone device, you can achieve this easily. This blog post will display exactly how to change text messages to iMessage on iPhone, either with jailbreak or without jailbreak.

In addition, we are also offering you a unique and remarkable program for your use in your attempt to accomplish these iPhone device tasks.

Follow the parts below to know how to change text messages to iMessage and other day-to-day device tasks using an apt toolkit.

Part 1: How to change text message to iMessage on iPhone devoid of Jailbreaking

Given that Apple does not put forward an application, which can modify your SMS background for your use, you will require a third-party application if you would prefer to customize all the colors of your message bubbles.

Step 1: Tap on the App Store button on the Home Screen of your iPhone device and opt for the search tab at the base. Click on ‘color text messages‘ and hit on ‘Search.’

search app

Step 2: In this, you can find several apps made for designing cool messages, along with tremendous effects, such as cursive fonts, colored texts, background, textured and colorful bubbles, and all that.

color text message app

Step 3: Go for any one of them for installation on your iPhone device, and you can now put the desired background on your iPhone messages.

colored message

PS: How to hack iPhone text messages and fix iPhone text messages out of order.

Part 2: How to change your SMS background on any Jailbroken iPhone using Cydia

Among the prime reasons why many users tend to jailbreak into their iOS devices is the reason for customizing it.

Amid a jailbroken iPhone device, you can go on to download, install, and launch the Desktop or Background SMS app via Cydia.

This free-of-charge app lets you easily change the background of your Messages on the iPhone device.

Follow the step below to learn easy ways to use the program to your benefit.

Step 1: Click on “Cydia” on the iPhone device and click on “Search,” and then type in “SMS/Desktop Background.” Finally, you must click on “Install” and hit the “Confirm” icon to allow the application to get installed.

Step 2: Hit “Settings,” and choose “Wallpaper.” Finally, select the wallpaper that you wish to make use of.

Step 3: Tap on the “i” button on the upper-left portion of the picture you have selected. This will alter your SMS background to the distinct wallpaper that you have otherwise selected.

change message background


Personalizing the background of your text messages in iMessage can add a unique touch to your conversations. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily change the text message background on your iPhone and make your messaging experience more visually appealing.

Remember to have fun with the customization options and choose backgrounds that reflect your personality or match the theme of your conversations. Experiment with different colors and images to find the perfect background that suits your style.

Get creative, and enjoy the enhanced visual experience that customizing your text message background brings!


FAQ 1: Can I use any image as a background for iMessage? Yes, you can use any image from your photo library as a background for iMessage. However, make sure the image is appropriate and visually appealing.

FAQ 2: Why can’t I see the option to change the background in my Messages settings? If you can’t see the option to change the background in your Messages settings, ensure that iMessage is enabled in your iPhone settings. If the issue persists, try restarting your iPhone or updating to the latest iOS version.

FAQ 3: Will changing the text message background affect the recipient’s view? No, changing the text message background only affects the appearance of your messages on your device. The recipient will see the messages in their default iMessage view, unless they have also customized their own background settings.

FAQ 4: Can I change the text message background on iPad or Mac? The option to change the text message background is currently available only on iPhones. iPad and Mac users do not have this feature in their iMessage settings.

FAQ 5: How do I revert to the default background in iMessage? To revert to the default background in iMessage, follow the steps to change the background and select the default background color or choose the “None” option if available. This will remove any custom background settings and restore the default appearance.


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