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Destiny 2 is one of the most played video games in the industry. The graphics, audio, and versatility of the gaming platforms have become so preferred amongst gamers worldwide. If you hope to find the best Exotic Sidearms in Destiny 2, just read on.

As a player, you will have the option to choose from a wide range of weapons, starting with firearms to bombs, grenades, swords, and so on. However, as the primary weapon option, exotic sidearms are more popular and used the most. 

These weapons are known for their high damage ratio, easy usage, and fewer patterns of recoil. Several sidearms are present in the game, which you can either win from the campaigns or buy in terms of the Legendary tokens. 

Regardless of how you get them, the exotic sidearms are a necessity for a player, especially when you are playing the role of a Guardian. So, to make you more knowledgeable about these weapons, we have listed down the best and the topmost sidearms in Destiny 2. 

Best Exotic Sidearm In Destiny 2 – Rat king 

Rat king

The Rat King is known as the “hidden gem” in the Destiny 2 video game. It is one of the three exotic weapons you will need to kill your enemies in one go. So, make sure you are not letting any opportunity slide away. 

For having this sidearm, you need to purchase it from the Tower in the Exotic Kiosk. In exchange, you need to pay for a lot of things. 100,000 Glimmer, 1 Ascendant Shard, 150 Helium Filaments, and 1 Exotic Cipher will be needed to acquire the sidearm. Make sure you have all four requirements. Failure to do so will make your journey to the Tower in vain. 

One of the main features of this Destiny 2 best sidearm is its ability to make you invisible and repair the damages you have suffered after every kill. So, do not forget to drop down the enemies right on the spot. With the invisibility power, you can wander around the ground and dungeons, usually heavily guarded. 

If you want to get the best out of the firearm, make sure all the team members playing the game have the Rat King. This will give you an upper hand over the PvP duel in the Destiny 2 game. 

Devil’s Ruin

Best Exotic Sidearms In Destiny 2 - Devil's Ruin

The name of the sidearm suggests the damaging power of this weapon. Once you press the “fire” button, a high beam will be generated from the nozzle. It has such an amazing damaging power that it can obliterate almost anything from its path. That’s why it is perfect for use when monsters surround you or your team is on the losing side.

To have this Destiny 2 best sidearm, you need to visit the Tower in the Exotic Kiosk planet. You will have to provide 1 Ascendant Shard, 150 Dusklight Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher, and 100 thousand Glimmer in exchange. If you have planned to get this weapon, make sure you collect all these elements throughout the game. At the Tower, the exchanger wouldn’t hand over the weapon if one glimmer is less. 

Now coming to the specialty of the weapon, it is a hybrid combination between a sidearm and the Trace Rifle. This is why it can fire 300 rounds in one minute. With such high damaging power, you can remove any monster, even the bosses on various planets.

Since no recoil is present, you can kill the weaker enemies in a single shot only. To increase the power of the gun, you will have to switch on the Surprise Attack Combat gaming style. 

Besides, here are the top best exotics weapons in destiny 2 for your reference.

Seventh Seraph SL-2

Seventh Seraph SL-2

Don’t get upset if you don’t have enough dimmers or the Ascendant Shard is missing from your collection. There are several other ways in which you can get the sidearms in Destiny 2. And one such firearm is the Seventh Seraph SL-2. 

You need to unravel the Engrams you will collect in the Legendary World if you want to get this weapon. Engrams might be hard to achieve. But with the campaigns and events going on around the game, you can earn them easily. It was first introduced to the players during the Worthy Season, making it one of the most collected sidearm. 

If you are playing the PvE mission, the Seventh Seraph SL-2 will play an important role. Once the crowd of enemies surrounds you, you can switch on the spawning mode. In this mode, the sidearm will spawn the nuclear cores, which will wipe off an entire army of opponents in a few seconds. 

In addition to the sidearm, use the Dragonfly and the Full Auto Trigger system. Once these modes Re switched on, the weapon will have a higher potential in removing the enemies without letting any harm come to you. 


Best Exotic Sidearms In Destiny 2 - Farewell

When you are playing the PvP mode, the Farewell sidearm will help you a lot in reaching your goals and targeting your enemies. Do not judge the firearm based on its look because the Farewell can create devastating blows for your monsters. That’s why it’s one of the rarest exotic sidearms of Destiny 2 that you can find on the planets. 

While dropping your enemies, you can get the engrams. Once you receive them, make sure they are either the Override or Umbral engrams, as they will only reveal this new firearm introduced in the game. It has become popular because of the Heating Up feature, where you won’t feel the recoil force. 

Even after killing your enemies, you wouldn’t lose stability in your stance or grip on the firearm. In addition, the weapon will be able to shoot accurately, without missing a target, no matter how far it is located. 

With the Hearing Up mode or the Tunnel Vision switched on, you will be able to create far more devastation. In addition, you can also use other features like the Muttkill Clip, the Vorpal weapon, or the Thresh. 



One of the most popular sidearms that you can get in the Destiny 2 game is the Drang. It has a golden trim over the entire body, except for the handbag, where you will have a greyish color. It’s a lightweight firearm where loading and unloading wouldn’t be a problem. If you want to have this weapon, you must visit the Tower where Banshee-44 will be there. 

To buy the weapon, you will have to pay a thousand Glimmer, 25 Legendary Shards, and 35 different Gunsmith products that you can collect in different zones and planets during your game. You can even get these elements from the events and campaigns. 

If we consider the lethality of all the sidearms in Destiny 2, no other weapon will be able to match the Drang. Not only is the firearm lethal in its attack, but it also comes with a high rate of accuracy and precision. You can kill both the weaker and stronger enemies with ease, having no hurdle in doing so. 

You can adapt this firearm as the changing combat style or the planet you are on. This provides an upper hand to the players, which is why the Drang is so popular. It has a zooming range of 14x, allowing you to view the enemies’ positions across the territories. One of the best things about the weapon is its ability to fire from a long-range distance, which will help you keep hidden. You can even carry on with headshots in a row which will help you gain more XP against your character. 

Brass Attacks 

Best Exotic Sidearms In Destiny 2 - Brass attacks

The Brass Attacks is said to be one of the most damaging and lethal weapons in the destiny two exotic sidearm, popular for its aggressiveness and power. You can get the weapon from the Battlegrounds or after unraveling the Umbral Engrams. Hence, the chances of getting the Brass Attacks are far more than other sidearms in Destiny 2. 

It is more of a small weapon, having a brass body. This particular skin makes the weapon damage-proof, no matter who you are competing with within the game. It can shoot multiple rounds in a minute such that you can kill the enemies without having to wait for reloading and making yourself vulnerable. 

It has such a high output damage attribute that winning the missions in the PvE won’t be difficult for you anymore, especially if all the team members have the same weapon. Using the Brass Attacks in the Rampage and the Feeding Frenzy will help you do devastating damage to the enemies. The power of the sidearm is exceptional and can’t be described in words unless you are using it in real life.

If you want to tackle the pinnacles, you can switch on the Rapid Hit or the One for All gaming mode. It will help you to destroy the enemies in one go, without damaging yourself much from opponent attacks. Since it can roll in the Frenzy mode, you won’t have to worry about the recoiling force. 


1. Can I use exotic sidearms in both PvE and PvP activities? Yes, exotic sidearms can be used in both PvE and PvP activities. They offer unique perks and abilities that can be advantageous in various combat situations.

2. Are exotic sidearms difficult to obtain in Destiny 2? Exotic weapons, including sidearms, have specific acquisition methods in Destiny 2. Some can be obtained through quests, while others may require completing challenging activities or obtaining them as random drops from specific sources.

3. Which exotic sidearm is best for close-quarters combat? For close-quarters combat, The Last Word and Crimson are excellent choices. They offer high rates of fire, precision, and unique perks that excel in close-range encounters.

4. Can I use exotic sidearms as my primary weapon? While exotic sidearms are classified as secondary weapons, they can be used as your primary weapon depending on your playstyle and loadout preferences. They provide a reliable and potent source of damage in combat.

5. Can I infuse exotic sidearms with other weapons to increase their power level? Yes, you can infuse exotic sidearms with other weapons to increase their power level. Infusion allows you to sacrifice higher-power weapons to raise the power level of your desired exotic sidearm, ensuring its effectiveness in higher-level activities.

Final Words 

Playing the video game with an exotic sidearm in Destiny 2 is every gamer’s dream. This is why make sure you have all the requirements to either acquire the weapon or buy it from the Tower.

Just make sure you have the right weapon per the opponent you are facing and the planet on which you are currently. As these sidearms, as mentioned above, are the most popular ones, you need to have at least a few of them.


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