Best Android SMS Recovery Software Online for You

What is Android SMS recovery software? It is software created to help people restore their deleted or lost text messages.

Unintentional things happen every day. You might hand over your phone to your adorable kid, but he deletes our important messages by curiously touching a button.

Unfortunately, it’s a DELETE button. Maybe you are playing the game on your smartphone and a message comes, you don’t notice it and click the DELETE button accidentally.

And so many DELETE tragedies perform in our life usually show, and as we know the high technical touching screen smartphone almost takes no time to finish this deleting procedure.

But the messages are so necessary for us that we don’t want to lose them. What should we do? This is what I said at the beginning about why the Android SMS recovery software comes into this world and what it is created for.

This software would get people rid of the troubles if they realized the vital messages were gone.

The Available Top 5 Android SMS Recovery Software

When facing the SMS deletion problem, people will go to the digital product shop to find out a useful Android SMS recovery software or they might search the keywords online to get the software they need.

The truth is though you might find out lots of SMS recovery software, most of them are flawed and hardly help you to get your messages back.

Getting a really useful recovery software is the difficulty that makes people get troublesome on such occasions.

Here I will introduce you to some practical and effective SMS recovery software, the Top 5 SMS recovery software, to help you quickly restore your original messages.

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1. UltData – Android Data Recovery

UltData Android Data Recovery is the most widely known Android SMS Recovery Software in the market. It has two versions both for macOS and Windows. This amazing recovery software can not only help you restore your lost SMS, but also other data like contacts, videos, audio, and so on. It’s a superb recovery software for Android users. I list some of the great key features this software equips below:

1. The first one, is an easy-to-understand interface. Its interface is very simple without specious parts that can make the users view the whole program straightly. So the users can enjoy a very fast and immediate recovery experience. It’s the best software for SMS loss users.

2. The second one, is the available preview feature. This feature gives the user provisions to view the lost SMS or other lost files before being recovered. The users can check the lost files and select which one they want to recover individually. It’s a very important feature of this software.

3. The third one, is the extensive compatibility. This feature means it supports numerous different model Android devices including smartphones and tablets which come from different brands such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Sony, etc. More than 6000+ devices in the world can be matched with this software.

4. The fourth one, is 100% data security. When people recover their data, they might worry about whether the data might be leaked to other users. It might happen. But UltData Android Data Recovery promises it will never happen when you use this software to make your data recovery. It’s 100% secure for your privacy and never leaks your files without your permission.

5. The fifth one, freaking high speed. Nobody wants to waste time waiting. This software solves this problem with its very high recovery speed. Works with its preview feature, people can save time without needless data and enjoy fast recovery speed.

Get UltData Android Data Recovery

2. dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android) is another good Android SMS Recovery Software that provides easy operation and guaranteed results. This software is professional to restore lost files such as contacts, lost files, data, audio, video, SMS, and Whatsapp history. The user can find back their lost contents with ease.

3. Recuva

This app is aiming for recovering all types of lost data including audio, SMS, video, contact, email, and other documents for Android devices. Recuva provides Android users with the fast recovery speed and low restoring space required.

4. Undeleter for Root Users

Undeleter for Root Users is a totally free recovery tool for Android users which is perfect for temporary data recovery. The recovery data type could be SMS, contacts, videos, images, and other records. Also, it helps to save recovered files and could recover files from other compatible interfaces. However, it doesn’t equip advanced recovery functions.

5. MyJad Android Data Recovery

MyJad Android Data Recovery is software that deals with the Android data lost. The recovery data type it supports includes images, audio, videos, contacts, SMS, and other files.

This pro version is user-friendly and welcomed by Android users. But the time for the first time to install it is a little bit longer.



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