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How to Recharge Your TikTok Wallet: The Complete Guide


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How To Recharge Tiktok Wallet

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. The app lets you create and share short videos, follow trends, and connect with creators and brands worldwide.

One fun feature on TikTok is its digital wallet, which lets you send and receive virtual gifts. To send gifts, you’ll need to recharge your TikTok wallet by purchasing TikTok coins.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about recharging your TikTok wallet, from buying coins to troubleshooting issues.

Overview of TikTok Coins

Tiktok Coins

TikTok coins are the virtual currency used on TikTok to purchase gifts to send to your favorite creators. Here are some key things to know about TikTok coins:

  • Purchasable – You can buy TikTok coins with real money by adding funds to your TikTok wallet. Prices range from $0.99 to $99.99.
  • Redeemable – Each coin you purchase can be redeemed for gifts, emoticons, and more on TikTok. The conversion rate is 1 coin = 1 virtual gift.
  • Transferrable – Coins you purchase are tied to your TikTok account. You can’t transfer coins between accounts or users.
  • Non-Refundable – Any coins you purchase are non-refundable according to TikTok’s terms and conditions. Make sure to only buy what you plan to use.

Now that you understand the basics of TikTok coins, let’s look at how to recharge your account.

How to Recharge Your TikTok Wallet

Recharging your TikTok wallet simply means purchasing coins that get added to your account balance. Here is the step-by-step process to add money and buy coins on TikTok:

Step 1: Open your TikTok Profile

  • Open the TikTok app on your mobile device
  • Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner
  • This will bring up your TikTok profile page

Step 2: Tap on the 3-Dot Menu

  • On your profile, look for the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner
  • Tap on the 3-dot menu to open additional options
Recharge Your Tiktok Wallet

Step 3: Select “Balance”

  • In the drop-down menu, choose “Balance
  • This will open your TikTok wallet page
open your TikTok wallet page

Step 4: Tap “Recharge”

  • On the wallet page, tap on the “Recharge” button
  • This will launch the recharge or top-up flow
tap on the "Recharge" button

Step 5: Select a Coin Package

  • You’ll now see coin packages ranging from 70 coins to 17,500 coins
  • Choose the package you want to purchase based on your budget
  • Popular amounts are 350 coins for $3.99 or 700 coins for $7.99
Recharge Your Tiktok Wallet

Step 6: Choose Your Payment Method

  • Select your preferred payment method
  • Most people use a debit/credit card or mobile payment like Apple Pay
  • Enter your payment details if it’s your first purchase

Step 7: Confirm Purchase

  • Double check the coin package and payment details
  • Tap “Buy” or “Purchase” to confirm

Once completed, the coins will instantly be added to your TikTok wallet balance! It’s that quick and easy.

Where to Find Your TikTok Coin Balance

Once you’ve recharged your wallet, you may be wondering where to find your TikTok coin balance.

Follow these steps to view your coins:

  • Open your TikTok profile
  • Tap the 3-dot menu and choose “Balance
  • On the wallet page, you’ll see your current coin balance
  • Underneath, it shows coins spent and transaction history

Checking your balance lets you see how many coins you have available to redeem for gifts.

Now let’s go over how to actually use coins on TikTok.

How to Use TikTok Coins

TikTok coins allow you to send virtual gifts during TikTok live streams. Here is how gifting works:

  • When watching a live stream, tap the gift icon
  • Browse the available gifts like flowers, sunglasses, pizza, etc.
  • Select a gift and the quantity (1, 5, 10)
  • Confirm to send the gift, deducting coins from your balance
How to Use TikTok Coins

The streamer will get notified of your gift during the live video. Sending gifts is a great way to show support and appreciation for creators you love!

Some other uses for coins include:

  • Sending emojis and stickers in comments
  • Unlocking exclusive emoticons
  • Purchasing cell phone themes and backgrounds
  • Donating to TikTok accounts raising money for charity

So remember to spend those hard-earned coins on gifts, emojis, and more!

You can also check out how many gifts you need to send likes on TikTok live.

TikTok Coin Packages & Pricing

TikTok offers a wide range of coin bundles when recharging your wallet. Prices will vary slightly by country.

Here are the standard TikTok coin packages and pricing:

Coin PackagePrice (USD)
70 Coins$0.99
350 Coins$3.99
700 Coins$7.99
1,400 Coins$14.99
3,500 Coins$34.99
7,000 Coins$69.99
17,500 Coins$169.99

Larger custom packages are also available through TikTok’s website, up to $500 at once.

As you can see, the more coins you buy at once, the lower the per-coin rate is. For heavy TikTok users who send a high volume of gifts, the largest packages give you the best deal.

Occasionally TikTok will offer special promotional pricing or bonus coins, so keep an eye out for those limited deals.

How to Get Free TikTok Coins

While purchasing coins is the main way to get more, some free options do exist to score some extra coins here and there:

  • Invite friends – Under the “Invite Friends” section of your profile, you can invite new users via text/email. You get 50 coins per person who signs up.
  • Link accounts – Go to Settings > Link Accounts to connect your TikTok to Facebook, Instagram, etc. This nets you up to 100 coins.
  • Treasure chests – During some live streams, senders open “treasure chests” allowing viewers to claim a small number of coins.
  • Holiday gifts – Occasionally around major holidays, TikTok gives users free coins as gifts.
  • TikTok contests/campaigns – Participating in branded hashtag challenges may reward coins.
  • Promo codes – Rarely, TikTok releases promo codes that give coins when redeemed.

While you likely won’t rack up thousands of free coins, these tips can give your balance a nice boost! You can also check out guides for getting more views and engagement on TikTok:

Recharging TikTok Wallet on iPhone vs Android

The process for recharging your TikTok wallet is nearly identical on iPhone and Android.

The only key difference is the payment method:

  • iPhone – Uses Apple Pay when available as the default payment option. Can also use a saved card.
  • Android – Uses Google Play billing system. Save your card to Google Pay for easy repeat purchases.

Other than that minor difference, the steps to buy coins, find your balance, and use gifts are the same. Recharging works seamlessly across platforms.

You can also enable TikTok dark mode on Android for a better experience.

Does TikTok Accept PayPal?

At this time, TikTok does not directly accept PayPal as a payment method when recharging your wallet in the app.

However, you can use PayPal to purchase TikTok coins through two workarounds:

  • Buy a TikTok gift card from PayPal, Amazon, or another retailer. Redeem the gift card code in your TikTok wallet.
  • Use PayPal as your connected payment method through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When you recharge in TikTok, choose Apple/Google as the payment option which will charge your PayPal balance.

So while not natively supported, integrating your PayPal account still lets you use it for TikTok purchases.

Is There a TikTok Coin Generator?

Some shady websites claim to offer TikTok coin generators that give “free unlimited coins.” However, these generators are 100% fake and should be avoided.

Any website offering free TikTok coins is a scam. The coins hold monetary value, so TikTok makes it impossible to exploit or hack coins for free.

Stick to legitimate recharging methods only for getting TikTok coins. Never enter your account credentials into any coin generator site, as it will steal your info.

You can also learn how to watch TikTok anonymously to be more secure.

TikTok Recharge Failed? Troubleshooting Tips

Despite the simple recharge process, you may occasionally run into errors when trying to add coins to your TikTok wallet.

Here are some common issues and fixes if your TikTok recharge failed:

  • Payment Declined – Verify your card details are correct. Contact your bank to approve the transaction if flagged as suspicious. Try a different card or payment method.
  • Insufficient Funds – Check that your payment method has enough funds to cover the coin package purchase. Add money if needed.
  • Age Restriction – TikTok requires you to be 18+ with a valid form of ID verified to make purchases.
  • Region Lock – Some countries restrict adding funds due to local regulations. Use a VPN if blocked.
  • App Update – An outdated app version can cause issues. Update TikTok to the latest version.
  • Server Errors – Temporary outages can prevent purchases. Try again later.

If problems persist, contact TikTok Support for help troubleshooting and completing your coin recharge.

You can also refer to this guide on how to change your age on TikTok if you get an age restriction error.

TikTok Recharge FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about recharging your TikTok wallet with coins:

How long does it take to receive coins after recharging?

TikTok coins are delivered instantly upon successful payment. The new coin balance should appear in your wallet within seconds.

Can you get a refund for unused TikTok coins?

Unfortunately, all TikTok coin purchases are final and non-refundable according to their terms of service. Be sure to only recharge what you plan on spending.

What’s the maximum amount of coins you can buy at once?

In the TikTok app, the largest bundle is 17,500 coins for $169.99. On TikTok’s website, you can purchase up to $500 worth of custom coins in a single transaction.

Do TikTok coins expire?

No, coins you purchase do not expire. TikTok coins will remain in your account balance until used. There is no time limit for spending them.

Can you transfer TikTok coins to another user?

No, it’s not possible to transfer or gift coins to other TikTok users. The coins remain tied to the account that purchased them.

Is there a discount for buying coins in bulk?

Yes, purchasing larger coin bundles saves you money per coin compared to smaller packs. See the pricing chart above for the best value packages.

How much does a TikTok Universe cost?

A TikTok Universe gift costs 35,000 coins, equivalent to around $375 USD based on typical coin bundle prices. See how much a TikTok Universe costs here.

Key Takeaways

  • Recharge your TikTok wallet by purchasing TikTok coins, the virtual currency used for gifts
  • Open your profile, tap the 3-dot menu, select “Balance”, then tap “Recharge”
  • Pick a coin bundle, enter payment details, and complete purchase
  • Coins are instantly added to your balance to redeem for gifts and emojis
  • Only buy coins from legitimate sources; avoid “free” coin generator scams
  • Troubleshoot payment issues by verifying your details and contacting support
  • Consider the bulk coin bundles to maximize savings on TikTok purchases

Recharging your TikTok wallet is a quick and straightforward process on both iPhone and Android. With this guide, you have all the key information needed to easily buy TikTok coins, track your balance, send great gifts, and resolve any issues that pop up.


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