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How Much is a Rose on TikTok? Exploring TikTok’s Virtual Gift Economy


Written by Jack Lin

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How Much Is A Rose On Tiktok

With over a billion users worldwide, TikTok has rapidly become a cultural phenomenon.

One aspect of TikTok that has garnered attention is its innovative monetization strategies, particularly its virtual gift economy.

This article aims to explore this concept, with a focus on the cost of a virtual rose on TikTok.

Understanding TikTok’s Virtual Gifts

What Are Virtual Gifts?

Virtual gifts on TikTok are digital items that users can purchase & send to their favorite creators during live streams. They are a unique way of showing support and appreciation.

TikTok's Virtual Gifts

The Value of Virtual Gifts on TikTok

The value of these gifts varies. They start from a few cents and can go up to several dollars. A certain portion of these proceeds goes directly to the creators, providing them with a steady income stream.

Types of Virtual Gifts

TikTok offers a wide array of virtual gifts, from love hearts and roses to even more exclusive gifts like “I’m very rich,” which costs a whopping 1,000 coins.

Besides, if you wonder, how much is 1000 diamonds on TikTok, here is a comprehensive guide on purchasing and utilizing them for you. Gain valuable insights on earning and wisely utilizing diamonds within this popular video app.

The Cost of a Rose on TikTok

The Cost of a Rose on TikTok

In the TikTok universe, a virtual rose gift, alongside others like a tennis gift, a love letter, a soccer ball, a gag item, a mini speaker, a coffee mug, an ice cream cone, a TikTok symbol, or a barbell, holds a value of a single coin.

Currently, the price for one TikTok coin stands roughly around 1.3 cents in the U.S. market. Therefore, the cost of a single TikTok rose would amount to approximately 1.3 cents.

Moving onto a larger scale, what if you wish to send 500 roses on TikTok? Given the aforementioned TikTok coin value, 500 roses, equating to 500 coins, would set you back approximately $6.49.

Now, let’s double that. How much would 1,000 roses cost on TikTok? Simply put, if you can purchase 500 roses for $6.49, then logically, 1,000 roses would require you to spend about $12.98. It’s a simple matter of doubling the cost for 500 roses.

However, the exact cost might vary depending on the region.

What’s the Price of TikTok Coins?

Here’s a quick look at the current pricing for purchasing coins in the U.S. TikTok app. It’s worth noting that when these coins are sent as gifts, creators receive roughly 50% of this value.


Comprehensive Price Guide for TikTok Gifts

Below you’ll find an exhaustive list of all the present virtual gifts available on TikTok, along with their respective costs in coins.

GiftPrice In Coins
Love Letter1
Mini Speaker1
Ice Cream Cone1
Heart Finger5
Magic Letter7
Hand Waving7
Bottle of Hope9
Musical Notes169
Witch’s Hat177
Ski Goggles199
Padlock & Key199
Rock N Roll299
Bridal Veil299
Boxing Gloves299
Balloon Joget300
Tumpeng Rice300
Sweet Dreams399
Marine Trap400
Money Rain500
Ice Machine538
Record Player600
Love Balloon699
Gold Mine1000
Mirror Flower1000
Gaming Chair1200
BomBom Car1288
Flower Arrangement1500
Drinking Time1777
Tree House1799
Fast Boat1888
Magic Album1999
Makeup Box1999
Autumn Candle1999
South Korea2020
Music Box2399
Old Famous Car2999
Spilled Flowers4000
Pirate Ship4888
Private Jet4888
Pool Party4999
Race Car7000
Match Trophy7999
TikTok Universe34999

Buying Virtual Gifts on TikTok

How to Buy Virtual Gifts?

Purchasing virtual gifts is simple. All you should do is go to the gift panel on a live stream, select the gift you want to purchase, and use your TikTok coins.

How to Send a Virtual Gift?

After purchasing, sending the gift is just as easy. Just click on the gift icon during a live stream and choose the gift you want to send.

Also, if you are looking to buy a Galaxy on TikTok and wonder How Much is a Galaxy on TikTok, let’s learn about the price, benefits, and process of purchasing a Galaxy, and how you can gift it to other TikTok users. Explore the advantages of owning a Galaxy on TikTok.

How TikTok Creators Benefit from Virtual Gifts

How TikTok Creators Benefit from Virtual Gifts

Earning from Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts have become a significant income source for TikTok creators. When fans send gifts during live streams, a portion of the gift’s cost is credited to the creators.

Impact of Virtual Gifts on TikTok Creators

The introduction of virtual gifts has had a profound impact on TikTok creators, enabling them to earn money directly from their fans, fostering a sense of community, and making content creation on TikTok more sustainable.

TikTok Gift Point System

What is the TikTok Gift Point System?

TikTok’s gift point system allows users to earn points by purchasing virtual gifts. These points can then be used to send gifts during live streams.

How to Earn Gift Points on TikTok?

To earn gift points, users have to buy TikTok coins using real money. These coins can be used to purchase virtual gifts, which, when sent to creators during live streams, earn the sender gift points.

Exchanging Virtual Gifts for Real Money

Creators can exchange the virtual gifts they receive for TikTok’s digital currency, known as “diamonds.” These diamonds can subsequently be exchanged for actual cash, making virtual gifting a viable income stream for creators.

The Popularity of Virtual Gifts on TikTok

The Popularity of Virtual Gifts on TikTok

The rose is among the most popular virtual gifts on TikTok due to its universal symbol of appreciation and admiration. Other popular gifts include the “Concert” and “I’m Very Rich.”

Why Send Virtual Gifts?

Virtual gifts are not only a way for fans to support their favorite creators financially but are also a way to engage and interact with them during live streams. It fosters a stronger bond between creators and their audience.

Exploring the Virtual Gift Economy on TikTok

The virtual gift economy on TikTok has flourished thanks to the platform’s vast user base and the unique way it allows users to show appreciation to creators.

This economy is continually growing and evolving, providing creators with new opportunities to earn and interact with their fans.

Tips to Become a Successful TikTok Creator

Becoming successful on TikTok requires a unique blend of creativity, consistency, and engagement. Consistently posting high-quality, creative content is key.

Interacting with your audience through comments and live streams can also help boost your popularity. And don’t forget, making the most of the virtual gift economy can be an effective way to monetize your content!


Virtual gifts on TikTok are digital items that users can buy and send to creators during live streams as a way of showing support.

You can buy virtual gifts on TikTok by going to the gift panel on a live stream, selecting the gift you want to purchase, and using your TikTok coins.

A rose on TikTok is estimated to cost around 1 TikTok coin, but the exact cost might vary depending on the region.

The money TikTok creators make from virtual gifts varies depending on the number and type of gifts they receive. A portion of the cost of the virtual gift goes directly to the creator.

Yes, creators can exchange the virtual gifts they receive for TikTok’s digital currency, known as “diamonds.” These diamonds can be exchanged for tangible currency.


TikTok’s virtual gift economy has revolutionized how creators earn on the platform, giving them a new avenue for income and deepening the connection between them and their fans.

Whether it’s a rose or an “I’m Very Rich,” these gifts are more than just virtual tokens; they’re a manifestation of the support and appreciation that fans have for their favorite creators.


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