How Much is a TikTok Universe: Pricing, Features, and Benefits


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How Much Is A Tiktok Universe
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In this article, we will explain what you need to know about TikTok Universe’s costs and benefits.

So, if you are an avid TikTok user, this information will be exceptionally handy for you.

So, here’s a guide to understanding TikTok Universe costs.


Donations can be sent by Twitch users to their preferred streamers. TikTok is pretty similar to Twitch in that users can tip their favorite creators. Despite this, many TikTok users are still confused about the value of the TikTok universe gift and other icons.

Well, there’s no need to fret, as you’ve come to the perfect site to acquire this information. Read this post to learn how much presents to authors cost.

Also, we explain also what kinds of gifts you may send them. Simply put, we are exploring TikTok Universe options and pricing.

How Much is a TikTok Universe?

TikTok Universe

For those who have enough cash, TikTok lets you send adorable gifts to other producers during live broadcasts. Exactly one dollar and twenty-nine cents will buy one hundred coins.

In addition, several values are assigned to each TikTok icon. The costs of various presents, such as diamond (how much 1000 diamonds cost on TikTok), the Panda, Rose (how much is a rose on TikTok), and Drama Queen icons, are detailed below for you.

TikTok Universe34999 coins
Drama Queen 5000 coins
I’m Very Rich 1000 coins
Concert 500 coins
Rainbow Puke 100 coins
Sun Cream 50 coins
Love Bang 25 coins
Italian Hands 5 coins
Panda 5 coins
Rose 1 coin

Unlocking the World of TikTok Universes: Pricing and Features (in USD)

Well, the good news is that TikTok gifts can actually support the original creators in real life. In other words, each gift icon has a monetary value as well. However, before that, you should exchange them for diamonds.

So, what is the exact value of 35000 coins (in USD)? Well, as per the official page of TikTok, TikTok Universe Gift has a value of $500. So, if you intend to send a Universal Gift to a creator, you should pay $500.

TikTok Universes: Pricing and Features

Here’s a price list so you will learn how much you should invest in a TikTok Universe.

Number of coinsAmount in USD
13 coinsValue of 0.22 USD
70 coinsValue of 1.15 USD
350 coinsValue of 5.59 USD
700 coinsValue of 11.12 USD
1050 coinsValue of 14.76 USD
1400 coinsValue of 22.23 USD
3500 coinsValue of 55.59 USD
7000 coinsValue of 110.97 USD
17500 coinsValue of 277.67 USD

Beyond that, TikTok’s Diamonds are only worth half as much as coins. This means the platform will keep the other half as a commission. So, let’s assume that you offer someone a 5,000-coin Drama Queen icon. In that case, they’ll get a bunch of diamonds worth around half a cent each.

Also, once you reach 1,000 followers, your viewers can send you gifts to open during your Live. You won’t be eligible for a reward if you have less than 1,000 followers.

What Sort of Impact Does Universe Gifts Make on Creators?

There are many individuals who wonder what sort of impact universe gifts on TikTok make. If you have the same question and want to know the truth, keep reading.

● Creators Get Paid Straightaway

TikTok’s gifting feature provides popular content creators with a straightforward way to monetize their work. TikTok creators can monetize their work and benefit from their audience’s generosity by accepting gifts from their followers. This function gives creators to make interesting and entertaining material another way to monetize their efforts.

● Strengthening Creator-Follower Relationships

TikTok’s gifting feature helps users feel more connected to one another. In order to show their appreciation, fans can send their favorite content providers virtual presents. By doing so, the author and the audience have a stronger emotional connection, which is good for both sides.

● Incentivizing Content Creation

Creators can be encouraged to keep making great videos on TikTok by receiving free gifts. Creators can be encouraged to up their game in terms of output, reliability, and fan interaction.

This is true if they are aware that their audiences will reward them with gifts for their accomplishments. With the possibility of obtaining gifts, producers have even more incentive to do well on the platform.

What Fosters Gifting Culture on TikTok?

The Popularity of Virtual Gifts on TikTok

Mentioned below are some of the factors that foster the gifting culture on TikTok.

1. Social Validation and Recognition

TikTok’s gifting system gives fans a platform to highlight themselves and be noticed by their favorite producers. Sending gifts enables viewers to interact with creators directly and have their identities highlighted during live streams.

In addition to that, it helps to get personalized shout-outs. TikTok’s gifting culture is heavily motivated by users’ need for approval and appreciation from their peers.

2. Emotional Connection & Support

TikTok gifts allow viewers to show their appreciation for their favorite producers. It’s a way for them to thank the creators of content that makes their lives better in some way.

It can be entertainment, education, or inspiration. Fans can show their support for their favorite artists and ensure the continuation of their work by sending gifts.

3. Gamification and Entertainment

TikTok’s giving function is a fun and game-like addition to the app. It adds a thrilling element of surprise that benefits both the author and the viewer. The exchange of gifts adds a fun element to the group and keeps people interested in what’s going on.

Which Creators Are Eligible for Receiving Gifts?

Not every creator is eligible to receive gifts from their viewers. Instead of that, the creators who meet the following criteria will be eligible for gifts.

  • The creator has to be a part of the TikTok Creator Next Program to be eligible.
  • The respective creator must be located in a location in which video gifts are available. As of this writing, video gifts may not be available in some geographical areas.
  • The respective creator should be at least 18 years old. However, in South Korea and Japan, the age limit is 19 and 20 years, respectively.
  • The creator must have 100000 followers at the least if the creator wants to receive a video gift. When it comes to Live Gifts, creators will only need to have 1000 followers.
  • Moreover, the respective TikTok account must be older than 30 days to be eligible for gifts. It should also have a public video.
  • Please note that TikTok Business accounts are not eligible to take part in this sort of campaign.
  • Brand partnerships, stitch videos and duets, ads, promoted posts, and sponsored content cannot receive gifts.

What Are the Differences Between Gifts, Diamonds, and Coins?

TikTok Gifts, Diamonds, and Coins

TikTok Coins are not redeemable for actual money. It’s the same with gift points. Only diamonds can be exchanged for cash. Balance is where you’ll find your current diamond total. The estimated value of a diamond in US dollars is $0.05. However, TikTok takes a cut apart from that.

The worth of a diamond is subjective to TikTok’s developer, ByteDance. Withdrawals start at $100 each week and go all the way up to 1,000 USD. Gift points on TikTok are a good way to bridge the gap between a diamond and a coin.

You can give an emoji to a TikTok artist if you enjoy their videos. This will convert some of your coins into gift points and add those to your account. These reward points can be exchanged for diamonds and, subsequently, at certain rates, for cash.

This is similar to how you have to subscribe to a channel on Twitch and utilize certain special emojis. Like Twitch, Tik Tok has an opt-in donation system. You’re under no need to share your coins with other users, but you should if you appreciate their contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A TikTok Universe isn’t a tangible item you can purchase. Instead, it’s a term encapsulating the entirety of TikTok’s ecosystem, including creators, audiences, brands, and the algorithm that shapes their interactions. It symbolizes the holistic digital environment where countless interactions and transactions occur daily, contributing to TikTok’s overall worth.

As mentioned earlier, a TikTok Universe isn’t a product or service that one can buy outright. It’s an abstract concept representing the entirety of TikTok’s ecosystem. However, by being an active part of this ecosystem – whether as a creator, an advertiser, or an engaged audience member – you contribute and belong to this dynamic universe.

In the context of owning a part of the TikTok Universe, the benefits vary based on your involvement. As a creator, you can gain popularity, influence trends, and earn through content. As a brand or advertiser, you gain access to a vast, diverse, and engaged audience, allowing for innovative marketing strategies. And as a user, you get unlimited access to a variety of content and the opportunity to engage with a global community.

While the term ‘TikTok Universe’ applies to the entirety of TikTok’s ecosystem, it can be compartmentalized into various ‘sub-universes.’ These could include the Creator Universe (creators and their content), the Brand Universe (brands and their marketing strategies), and the Audience Universe (the user base and its behavior). Each sub-universe holds its distinct value and dynamics within the broader TikTok Universe.

Assigning a monetary value to the TikTok Universe or its ‘sub-universes’ is a complex task due to its intangible nature. It’s more about the value they generate or hold. This value can be gauged indirectly through TikTok’s parent company ByteDance’s market valuation, the ad revenue generated, or the earnings of top creators. However, these figures only scratch the surface of the TikTok Universe’s holistic value.


Knowing how much is a TikTok Universe is handy for any TikTok user. As you already know, you can use Universe or other gifts to support your favorite creators.

In fact, coins are considered to be the currency in TikTok. Apart from that, TikTok has various other gifts that represent various icons. Each of those gifts has a specific value. In fact, those gifts come with real-world monetary value. We have mentioned those values in our article.

Moreover, TikTok will keep 50% value of each gift sent to creators. After all, sending gifts to your favorite creators is a nice gesture of appreciation. Such an approach can encourage them to create more content.


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