5 Easy Methods to Earn VC Fast in NBA 2K21 – A Guide for Gamers


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How to Get VC Fast 2k21
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Are you searching for how to earn VC Fast in 2K21? If yes, in this article, we have put out some simple and quick methods of earning VC Fast in NBA 2K21 for you.

What is VC in NBA 2K21?

VC stands for Virtual Currency, a form of in-game currency in NBA 2K21. It’s used to purchase a variety of items and to upgrade the skills of your player.

Importance of VC in NBA 2K21

VC holds significant importance in the game. It helps players purchase in-game items, upgrade player abilities, unlock special features, and much more. Without VC, your in-game progress and overall experience might be slow and less enjoyable.

How to Get VC Fast in NBA 2K21?

We will recommend you to read this full article to understand every important section regarding this topic. If you follow all the guidelines correctly and consistently, you will build VC easily in the NBA. So without further ado, let us straight dive into how to earn VC Fast in 2K21? 

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Method 1: Download the NBA 2K21 App to Earn VC Fast

The best and easiest method regarding your question about how to get VC fast 2K21 is downloading the NBA 2K21 app. After downloading the app, you are just one step behind getting VC in NBA 2K21. It only requires you to daily login into the app and plays the games daily.

Therefore, you can earn VC with the help of your mobile phone by following some simple procedures. You just need an app and the internet to play mini-games in the app and get VC. The whole process can be carried out on your mobile and takes five to twenty minutes daily. You do not need to switch on your console or computer. If you played well in mini-games, you could get up to 400 to 600 VCs.

The app is available on both platforms, Android and iOS. We have kept this method at the top of the list, analyzing the simplicity of the process of procuring VC in NBA 2K21. This is the best way to get VC without actually involving in the NBA game.

Method 2: Provide the Answers to the Questions on 2KTV

Provide the Answers to the Questions on 2KTV

Is it another simple and quick method on how to get VC in 2K21? Answering basketball-related questions on 2KTV does not require a lot of effort. It can be done simply by answering the basketball questions correctly and earning VC without even playing the NBA game. 

In every episode, you would ask some trivia questions, and answering each question correctly will get you 200 extra VC. It also contains survey questions that help you to earn VC in 2K21. The episodes are only about 15 minutes which is not too long. As the game loads, the questions appear, and you need to give correct answers to those questions.    

If you need to maximize your earning points on 2KTV, just Google the questions, and you will get answers to all of them, resulting in earning 1000 to 2000 VC. Like the first method, 2KTV is also a simple and quick method of earning VC in NBA 2K21.  

Method 3: Play for the Daily Rewards to Get VC Easily

Play for the Daily Rewards to Get VC Easily

If you play MyCareer game mode, you will see there are some less time-consuming and fast ways of procuring VC in 2K21. The Daily Rewards is one such way, which provides you free VC. The map in the game will show you the statue of your affiliation. When you click on that statue and choose ‘Claim Daily Reward,’ it will reward you with a few free VC.

Method 4: Test Your Knowledge in Basketball to Grab VC in Daily Pick’em

Although people play NBA games quite often, they still are clueless about some neighborhood rewards. Daily Pick’em is one of those rewards, which is located at Jeff’s 2K Arcade and provides you VC in NBA 2K21. This is another method on how to get VC in 2K21? 

In an NBA game, you just need to guess the player of the day, and on every correct answer, you will get VC. Some days are quite busy during NBA sessions when at least 9 to 12 games are going on; you just need to grab the opportunity and answer the questions correctly; you might end up winning 1000 VC.

It just takes you 3 to five minutes to guess the winning player, and repeating the same process consistently will make you earn decent VC for your NBA game. We have given you another fast way of earning VC in NBA 2K21. Although the chances are 50-50, nothing is you must give it a try at least once.

Method 5: Play Some Mycareer Game to Win VC

Get VC Fast in NBA 2K21

Playing MyCareer mode is the best to earn VC in NBA 2K21. Each game in this mode provides you rewards and coins after winning the game. The bonuses that you win in MyCareer mode games are more profitable than others in NBA 2K22.

In addition, the sponsorships that MyCareer brings more bonuses and rewards on winning the game. As you start winning the game, your score will improve, and you will unlock many incentives and court-off events. As you level up in the game, it gets more challenging, and the incentives and rewards become more appealing.

Play Some Mycareer Game to Win VC

Once you get sponsorship, all the other things will start improving automatically. The more time you spend playing, the more are the chances of you winning the game. When you reach the All-Star level in this mode, you can easily earn up to 1000 VC per day.

We have mentioned earlier, that the MyCareer mode games might be dry, and a bit challenging, but the rewards are indeed satisfying. These payouts will hold you to play games on MyCareer for a long period. Though there are lots of ways of earning coins for VC in NBA 2K21, this is the simplest way to do that.

More Ways of Earning VC in NBA 2K21

Till now, we have discussed five easy and quick ways on how to earn VC fast in 2K21? However, if you want some more methods of earning VC fast, then follow this section.

In this section, you can learn some more methods that will help you to increase your VC earning potential.

Method 6: Play Online Games for Quick VC 

Get VC Fast in NBA 2K21 - Play online games

Apart from MyCareer mode, NBA 2K21 also gives you a chance in ‘Play Now Online‘ mode. This is the straightforward method of earning VC in 2K21. The gameplay is similar to any other online game; you need to select the team members and compete against your opponent. As more games you win in this mode, the more are the chances of earning VC.

Even if you don’t win the game, you get at least 400 VC just participating and finishing the game. The game win will add 150 extra VC to your list. The ranking starts from the freshmen level, and as you start winning the game, you level up in Play Now Online mode.

The best part of this game is the historic team features. This feature will let you play as some of the popular and historic teams like the 2000s Lakers and 90’s Bull. Your capabilities and skillsets will define your gameplay. If you win from a large score against your opponent team, you get a score according to your winning margin.

Method 7: Complete the Daily Challenges to Get Fast VC

Complete the daily challenges to get fast VC

In the MyCarrer game mode, players get multiple daily challenges to complete; however, players do not take these challenges seriously. This is another best and quick method on how to earn VC fast in 2K21? You could find new challenges every day under the ‘The Neighborhood‘ section. The window for completing the challenges is open for 24 hrs. On completing them, you could earn almost 3000 to 5000 VC per day.

If you are well-skilled and equipped, you could complete some tasks with minimum effort and earn VC fast. For instance, if your challenge is to goal ten blocks and ten rebounds, you can complete this in a few games while taking the center position.

This is one example, My Career throws more friendly challenges which are easy to complete. In one challenge, it could ask the player to play four games using a certain mode to win the reward. In a nutshell, the daily challenges are easy to complete and the best way to earn easy and fast VC in NBA 2K21. 

Method 8: Play the Daily Trivia to Earn Million of VCs

Get VC Fast in NBA 2K21 - Play the Daily Trivia to earn million

Well, playing the game on the Daily Trivia can make you a 2K millionaire overnight. At a particular time, every day, MyCareer throws out 2K Daily Trivia events that you can access on your mobile. It is available in the Neighborhood section, and you just need to give the correct answers to move on.

If you answer all the questions correctly and win the last round of the Daily Trivia event, you will receive a pool prize of 1,000,000 VC. The questions differ every time. Some are related to basketball, while others are history, science, and social science. In short, you just need to answer some G.K questions and win the grand prize in Daily Trivia.


1. How much VC can I earn by playing the MyCareer Mode? It depends on your performance, but you can earn several hundred VC per game in the MyCareer Mode.

2. Can I earn VC in NBA 2K21 without spending real money? Yes, all the methods mentioned in the article are ways to earn VC without spending real money.

3. Is the Ante Up feature risky? Yes, while Ante Up can help you earn VC fast, it’s also risky as you can lose the VC you bet.

4. How can I earn VC using the NBA 2K21 mobile app? The mobile app offers daily opportunities like card games and in-app challenges to earn VC.

5. Do promotional offers for VC happen often in NBA 2K21? The frequency varies, but it’s advisable to regularly check for any promotional offers that could boost your VC.


In this article, we have covered all the important and key factors on how to earn VC fast in 2K21? If you have any queries or want to mention some more methods, comment below and let us know.     


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