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MKV to DivX

You may want to perform the MKV to DivX conversion because the DivX format is the best enabling support for various files. The incompatibility of MKV files may also encourage you for the same.

However, format conversion gives rise to the risk of quality degradation. This is not going to be the case here as we are going to give you the top effective solutions for MKV format conversion.

About The DivX Plus HD Format

The files of the DivX Plus HD format have high-quality video of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC high definition specifications and surrounding sound audio of the AAC or Advanced Audio Coding quality. There are many advantages of this format that make the whole viewing experience much better.

The DivX format videos have high definition quality, multi-language track support, subtitle support, chapter support, and multiple other content specifications. These files are easily identified by the MKV file extension.

The DivX format files with the DivX codec technology allow one to compress longer videos into smaller segments that are easily comprehendible. This video compression is a high advantage.

At the same time, the visual quality of the videos remains completely the same. All these advantages make compression technology very popular. It is also to be known that the technology was built to enable high-quality video watching and creation for the users.

Wondershare UniConverter – The Best Way to Carry Out MKV Conversion to DivX

The amazing qualities of the DivX format, as mentioned above, can make one want to convert MKV to DivX. However, this conversion is not an easy task. The operation requires a reliable and powerful converter tool that ensures the maintenance of the file quality during the conversion.

Thus, we will introduce the best conversion tool available in the market, the Wondershare UniConverter.

Originally called Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, this is one of the best conversion tools to perform all the major format conversions.

  • The best thing is that the best MKV player software can operate on Windows and Mac. It supports various Windows versions, including Vista/XP/7/8/10/11, and macOS versions, including 11, 12, etc.
  • The software allows direct conversion of file formats and can support more than 1000 formats, including MKV, DivX, MOV, AVI, MP4, and others. It can convert ISO to MKV format, IFO to MP4, VOB to MKV, and YouTube to AAC.
  • You can burn your files in MKV format to make them DVD supportable. This can let you enjoy MKV files on a DVD player too. Also, the conversion happens at 30X speed which delivers the fastest results.
  • The speed of this software is much higher than all the other tools available. You can expect the results to occur at speed 30 times faster.
  • This software’s toolkit is vast with other functions, including media metadata fixer, GIF maker, VR converter, screen recorder, and many others.

Steps of Operating Wondershare Uniconverter to Carry out the MKV to DivX Conversion:

1. Begin with downloading and installing the software on a PC. Once you are done with that, launch the tool.

2. Hit on the button Add for importing the video file for conversion. Then browse for the file and hit the button Import. Alternatively, you can import the video file by dragging it from the target PC folder and dropping it on the software’s main interface.

Wondershare UniConverter

3. Now, you will need to select the format of the resultant video. You can do so by clicking on the button Output Format on the bottom of the screen. Select the DivX format here.

Wondershare UniConverter

4. After making all the changes, you can go ahead with the conversion. Hit the button Start All to trigger the conversion operation. Wait until the conversion finishes, and you will be notified after the task is done.

Wondershare UniConverter

That’s it! Your MKV files will be converted to the DivX format now. You can enjoy the video in a high-quality version and edit it the way you want with multiple support formats.

Other Converter Tools to Convert MKV Files to the DivX Format

We have already given you the best tool to carry out the conversion of file format. However, if you want to know more options for the same purpose, we will facilitate that too. We will now tell you about three other top converter tools, along with the steps to operate them.

Online MKV to DivX Uniconverter

If you want a converter that can carry out the format conversion of files swiftly, Online MKV to DivX Uniconverter is the right tool. This is the best tool for converting the format of small-size files. The software has a limit for the file upload size, which is 200MB.

However, it allows one to carry out multiple format conversions at the same time. Another advantage of this software is that it supports all the major formats for conversion.

Let Us Now Give You the Steps to Operate This Software for MKV to DivX Conversion:

  1. Open the website of the software. Drag the target MKV file on its interface for starting the file upload. Alternatively, you can hit the button + for the same purpose and then add the file.
  2. Click on the section To. You can select the target format here, which is DivX.
  3. Hit the button Convert to start the conversion process.
Online MKV to DivX Uniconverter


The next amazing software that we will introduce to you goes by the name Convertio. This is a special tool because it has got a very highly intuitive user interface, an easily accessible website, and a plethora of customizable settings.

All of these qualities make it the top choice for users that look for convenient format conversion. There is a limit on the file upload size with this software which is 100MB. Thus, for converting small video files quickly into the DivX, try the tool Convertio.

Let Us Now Give You the Steps for Operating This Tool:

  1. On the main interface of the software, hit the button Choose Files. The next window will have all the files listed there. Select your target video file.
  2. Set the final video format to be DivX. For further conversion settings that you would want to change, hit the button gear.
  3. Finally, hit the button Convert for the changes to take place.


Onlineconvertfree is our third amazing recommendation if you are looking for a smart MKV to DivX format converter. It doesn’t change the format of videos only but images, eBooks, documents, etc.

And it supports more than 2000 file formats for conversions. It also allows users to upload files from various platforms, including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Let Us Now Give You the Steps for Operating This Tool:

  1. Hit the button Choose file followed by selecting the target file and uploading it on the interface.
  2. In the next menu To, set the format as DivX for the conversion.
  3. Hit the button Convert, finally, to start the conversion process. You can do the same for converting more files of different types.

Method of Streaming the MKV Files on the DivX Media Server

The DVD player comes with the DivX media server that allows the users to play and stream the MKV files too. This is cross-platform streaming where you can play the movies on one platform and view it on another.

We mean that the DivX media server lets you stream videos on Windows or Mac PC and play them on other platforms. This includes PlayStation 5, Android devices, and Xbox360. Other benefits include the ability to share, stream, add folders, and much more.

Methods for Operating the DivX Media Server for MKV File Streaming on Different Platforms

On PlayStation 5

  1. Open the menu Video and select the DivX media server.
  2. Click on the target MKV file folder, followed by the Play button.
  3. The server will then transmit the file to the PS5, and you can play it there.

On the Android Devices

  1. Get a suitable DLNA client application.
  2. Click on the target MKV file folder, followed by the Play button.
  3. The server will then transmit the file to the android device, and you can play it there

On Xbox360

  1. Begin with downloading the FFmpeg extension on the system, followed by extracting the file. Open the settings of the DivX media server and set the right path for the ffmpeg.exe file.
  2. In the Xbox360 menu, open the section of TV & Movies. Click the options of My Video Apps and then System Video Player.
  3. Select DivX server, followed by selecting the target MKV file. The server will then transmit the file to the Xbox 360, and you can play it there.
Method of Streaming the MKV Files on the DivX Media Server

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I convert MKV to DivX without losing quality?

Yes, it is possible to convert MKV to DivX without significant quality loss by using reputable video conversion software or online converters. Adjusting the conversion settings appropriately can help maintain the best possible quality.

Q2. Are there any limitations when converting MKV to DivX?

The limitations may vary depending on the software or converter you are using. Some limitations to consider include file size restrictions, limited supported formats, and the conversion speed of the software or converter.

Q3. Can I convert DivX back to MKV?

Yes, you can convert DivX files back to MKV using video conversion software or online converters that support this conversion. The steps are similar to converting MKV to DivX.

Q4. Are there any free video conversion software available?

Yes, there are several free video conversion software options available, such as HandBrake, Freemake Video Converter, and VLC Media Player. These software programs provide reliable conversion features without any cost.

Q5. Where can I find DivX-compatible devices?

DivX-compatible devices can be found in various electronic stores or online retailers. Look for devices that mention DivX support in their specifications, such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, and some smart TVs.


This was all about the different ways in which you can carry out the MKV to DivX conversion. We recommend using the Wondershare UniConverter to give the most professional conversion service. Share with us any method you know or any query you have. Thanks for reading!


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