Top 5 Instagram Private Profile Viewer Apps


Written by Janice

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Instagram Private Profile Account Viewer

Nowadays, there are lots of Instagram Private Profile viewer applications out there.

Using this Instagram profile viewer, you can check all videos and photos without following and becoming someone’s friend.

These Instagram viewer apps allow you to check private Instagram profiles or accounts.

To use these Instagram profile viewer applications, you just require the URL or username of the Instagram profile you like to view.

Here, we have listed some of the best five Instagram viewer applications available online.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer

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List of The Best Instagram Private Profile Viewer Apps

#1 – KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is best suited for users who like to keep track of someone’s private account on Instagram. It can be their family members, friends, or other loved ones.

When we talk about the success rate, this application stands very high. Once you have installed this application on the target phone, the success rate comes closer to 95%.

You can view all uploaded videos and photos, chat history, screen activity, and other user interactions using this incredible Instagram profile viewer.

It takes just about 5 minutes to complete the installation process. Thus, you do not need to worry about being suspected.

What Makes KidsGuard Pro Unique Than Other Private Instagram Viewer Applications?

  • This Instagram profile viewer allows users to view all uploaded private pictures on Instagram.
  • This tool allows users to check all their Instagram chats, including outgoing, incoming, and deleted messages.
  • KidsGuard Pro helps you check the activity by reading the push notifications, such as new uploads and followers’ interactions. Plus, you get to know who commented or liked their Instagram posts.
  • This private Instagram viewer functions in stealth mode. After you have installed this app on the target device, you do not need to access that device to view the target Instagram account activity.
  • It comes with an automatic screenshot feature. Using this feature, you can analyze Instagram activities. With real-time screenshots, you browse the live interface of their accounts.

It is really simple to examine someone’s private profile on Instagram with KidsGuard Pro. To know how to do this, keep on reading further below.

Steps to Use This Instagram Profile Viewer App:

Step 1: Sign up

Firstly, users must sign up using their email ID and receive a legal license from KidsGuard Pro’s official website.

KidsGuard Pro
Step 2: Visit the Website

On the monitored device, visit and get the assistant application. After successfully downloading the application, log into your account.

Configure the monitored device by following the screen instructions. Next, the application icon will disappear automatically.

Download KidsGuard Pro
Step 3: Choose ‘Instagram’

In the dashboard panel online, users can view all the activities. You have to visit the website and connect the monitored device.

From the menu, choose ‘Instagram.’ If you like viewing the uploaded pictures, choose ‘Photos‘ and click on the album saying ‘Instagram.’

Instagram private profile viewer by KidsGuard

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#2 – mSpy

All you have to do to spy on someone’s device is have access to their Smartphone long enough so you can download an app on it without them knowing. 

mSpy is also another excellent spying app that has the people’s vote.

mSpy can do many other things apart from acting as an Instagram private account viewer, like spying on their pictures, contacts, videos, etc.

By spying on these areas, you could also know how people use their Instagram accounts. You could also read their Instagram chats, messages, or call history.

Here are the steps that you should follow if you want to use mSpy as an Instagram profile viewer or if you want to spy on other stuff like pictures, videos, etc.

Steps to View Other’s Instagram Private Profile:

1. Purchase the app’s premium version by visiting the official website of mSpy.

order mspy

2. Create your account. Once you have successfully done that, you will need to gain access to the device that you are targeting.

3. You will have to download/install the app on the person’s target device. Once the download is complete, give them access to all the information they need and permit them.


4. After all these steps, you can directly download the online dashboard of the app, mSpy, and have access to all the information you need.

5. You must go to the Social Media section to access the Instagram private profile viewer.

This way, you could not only have access to the pictures and the videos. But you would also be able to view the comments, etc.

mspy instagram

This is how you could use mSpy as an Instagram private account Viewer.

#3 – Instagram Profile Viewer

Only some apps exist that can keep a directory of the accounts on various social media.

If someone took their profiles off the private, the crawler could copy all the pictures and videos onto their database.

Most of these apps are available for free, while some ask you to complete a survey.

If you plan on trying this out, make sure that your website is safe so you don’t fall for a scam.

There are many Instagram private account viewers like: 


You could also use a proxy or even a VPN for added security. This is how a lot of the tools work.

1. You first have to find a reputable Instagram profile viewer to avoid getting ripped off.

One such example of a reputable Instagram viewer is InstaSpy. Once you visit the profile, you can start the process.

InstaSpy home

2. You will have to write in the username of the account. It has been to correct the person that you are trying to hack.

instaspy enter username

3. You can also customize what information you want to access, like pictures, comments, or likes. You can choose to download the information or view it.

4. The process can begin once you have filled out all the details. You may be asked to authenticate yourself.

#4 – InstaLooker

InstaLooker is another popular spying account you could use as an Instagram profile viewer. To use this app, you are not required to download any third-party app.

It is a web-based app that can be accessed from a mobile phone or a laptop. It works fine most of the time. But, some of the users have had complaints.

1. Go to the official website. There are different languages available as well.

2. Press the Spy Now button to see access to the Instagram private account Viewer.

InstaLooker home

3. Type in the username of the person you want to hack, click on Check Account, and click on continue once you know the account exists.

Enter Instagram Username to InstaLooker
Check Instagram Account with InstaLooker

4. You will be taken to the server. Do not close the window. Once the process completes, you can view the pictures of that account.

Hacking Instagram Using InstaLooker
hacked instagram via InstaLooker

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account Directly

There is always the option to hack the person’s Instagram account directly. Follow the steps to avoid the hassle and directly hack someone.

1. Go to InstaHack’s official website and click on the Start Hacking button.

Instahack instagram private profile viewer - Instahack

2. When the pop-up message comes on the screen, click the Hack button.

Instahack username

3. You will have to wait as the interface goes through all the steps. Do not close the window.

hack instagram using Instahack

4. A text file will be generated with the password of the person you want to hack. Just download it.

Download IGPassword.txt

You can view the pictures and videos of the person without any hassle. You could use any of the mentioned apps to get the desired result.

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Top Online Instagram Private Profile Viewer Tools

There are various Instagram viewer applications online. These applications are perfect for people who want to know the Instagram username of others.

When we talk about the success rate, it’s not much effective for all of them. Some private Instagram viewer applications require you to finish some surveys online to see the results.

Using these applications, one can view all the basic account information, private videos, and photos on Instagram. So, let’s learn about some Instagram profile viewer applications online!

#1 – Private Insta

This application is a great tool for seeing private profiles on Instagram. Private Insta is also capable of extracting posts from private Instagram accounts.

Here, all you have to do is to copy the profile’s username and then paste it on the Instagram viewer online.

After entering the username, tap on the Submit icon to begin the search procedure.

Once done, you have to participate in a survey. After answering all the questions, you can see all the posts of the specific Instagram account that you were looking for.


  • Simple to use
  • It shows all the uploaded videos and photos
  • It even assists you in viewing the comments, likes, or shares
  • It only requires the profile name for extracting information from an Instagram account


  • Sometimes; surveys could be difficult to answer

#2 – InstaLooker

It is another interesting Instagram profile viewer, where users are only required to enter the username of the target profile.

After you have entered the username, you have to click on ‘Continue.’ Next, you have to finish some surveys.

Once done, you are all set to view and even download videos and photos of that specific Instagram account. It is so simple to use this Instagram viewer application.


  • Download videos and photos hassle-free
  • View the Instagram account before completing a survey


  • On copying or typing, the username could be incorrect.

#3 – Watch Insta

This private Instagram viewer works perfectly fine for viewing private accounts on Instagram. This tool shows you all the pictures posted by the target profile user.

The functionality and working of the Instagram viewer will take around five minutes. After completing a brief survey, you must enter the target user’s name.

Once done, you can view all the posts and download them effortlessly.


  • The entire process takes a few minutes
  • Requires only the username for viewing the Instagram profiles


  • Surveys take some time

#4 – Insta Dp

The Instagram profile viewer program possesses the simplest user interface. This application enables users to get the task done hassle-free and very easily.

To see a private account on Instagram, you need to copy and paste the target Instagram profile’s username.

Once pasted, you need to tap on the icon ‘Search’ present. It follows up with a short survey, where you have to answer some easy questions.

This will direct you to the target Instagram profile. Here, you are free to access all the Instagram posts.


  • Features only basic survey questions
  • You only need to enter accurate usernames of Instagram profiles


  • Sometimes, you cannot download from the monitored Instagram profile

Please note that all these applications help you in viewing private Instagram profiles. However, you can come across several issues.

You have to be careful while using these Instagram viewer applications. While completing online surveys, you must enter email IDs on some sites.

If you do so, you will receive junk mail in your inbox. So, it takes some time and hard work on your part to view private accounts using these applications.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer - Insta DP

Different Methods to View Private Photos on Instagram

There are other methods to see private profiles on Instagram. These methods are good for people who dislike using any private Instagram viewer application.

These applications’ success rate is comparatively low compared to other methods.

Using these methods, you can see everything on Instagram accounts after you have received permission.

1. Ask the Instagram User Directly

It is an easier way of viewing private profiles on Instagram. You have to ask the other person directly by offering the following request.

If you like to follow an Instagram user or view their private pictures, it is best to follow their accounts. One can even send private messages to express feelings.

Please note that you must be genuine so the other user feels good about you. These things will impress them, and they might think of talking to you.

2. Create an Instagram Account

If you like to view private accounts on Instagram, it is best to create an Instagram account that seems real.

This way, the target user will trust you and accept your request. You can make the account private, so the other user will be curious.

Finally, send a follow request and a private message to the other user. Next, you need to wait for a reply from the target user.

Create an Instagram Account


  1. Do Instagram private profile viewer apps really work? No, most of these apps don’t work as they claim and can pose security risks.
  2. Is it legal to use Instagram private profile viewer apps? It’s not illegal, but it’s against Instagram’s terms of service and can result in the suspension of your account.
  3. How can I view a private Instagram profile ethically? The best and most ethical way is to send a follow request to the user.
  4. How can I protect my Instagram profile? Understand and use Instagram’s privacy settings effectively. Be mindful of who you allow to follow you.
  5. What’s the difference between a public and private Instagram account? Public accounts are visible to all Instagram users, while private accounts are only visible to approved followers.

Conclusion: Privacy, Respect, and Digital Etiquette

Navigating Instagram’s private and public spaces can be tricky, but it’s important to remember to respect each other’s privacy. Using apps that promise to break this privacy is not only unethical but can also put your data at risk. Always consider digital etiquette when using social media platforms.

Now, you know how to view private profiles on Instagram hassle-free. It is best to go with KidsGuard Pro if you like to scan every activity of the Instagram account of your loved ones.

Here, you do not have to complete any annoying surveys. So, download this Instagram profile viewer now!


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