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Instagram activity tracker

Social media today has a lot of youth gatherings. These media apps help people connect by sharing their stories and news and creating space for free communication.

There is hardly anyone on earth today who does not have the Facebook or Instagram app on their phones. Right after Facebook acquired Instagram, the photo-sharing app gained more than a billion users worldwide.

Instagram has become one of the most versatile social media apps worldwide. You can upload photos and videos and send messages to your followers/friends. However, as its popularity increased, the app comprised several types of dangers.

For instance, inappropriate content offends a lot of vulnerable people. Young children were able to view content that should be flagged as inappropriate. Any person can send you a message. Hence, it has become a necessity to keep a check on the activities that are being carried out on Instagram.

But the sad aspect of this part is that saying it is much easier than doing it. Keeping track of someone’s Instagram account is not an easy job.

While most would think that it is quite easy to access the target device or simply hack into their Instagram account, they are very difficult to execute and makes monitoring Instagram accounts next to impossible.

How Do You Spy on an Instagram Account via Instagram Activity Tracker Apps?

Instagram activity tracker

Most users can more or less monitor the Instagram activity of other users by scrolling through their activity tab and looking for information; however, this method has not always proven to be effective.

You cannot simply look through a person’s Instagram activity without the aid of an external tool. This is the reason why Instagram activity tracker apps came into existence.

How Do These Instagram Activity Tracker Apps Work?

Once you download the Instagram activity tracker app, you need first to install it. Ensure that you download the app from its official website; this is because there are a lot of fake apps you will see on the Internet, and you do not want to download an app from an untrustworthy source.

Once the installation procedure is done, you need to enter some details about yourself, like your name and email address, and about the person whom you want to keep a check on; this option varies from one app to another.

After that, you will be asked to choose the smartphone device you want to keep tabs on.

Then, you can turn on the Instagram tracking option, and you will be able to access information like sent messages, followers/following lists, likes and comments, etc.

How Do You Track Someone’s Activities on Instagram?

At first, Instagram was conceptualized to only share photos. However, once it started gaining popularity, it soon added many more features like posting videos and stories, writing comments, communicating with each other via messages, and arranging live broadcasting.

If you look closely, you will see a lot of information under each activity. Therefore, it can be complicated to keep track of everything. Possibly, you can scroll through Instagram and read the comments left by people.

Also, you check out which publications the user follows. However, the chances are that you might miss out on several other aspects. Hence, you must install an Instagram activity tracker app.

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How Do You Keep Track of the Tagged Photos with Instagram Activity Tracker Apps?

At times, you can tell a lot about the person by the photos he/she is tagged in. Many parents today are always eager to meet their kids’ friends; however, they are not always in a hurry to make this meeting possible. Tagged photos of their children help parents know who they hang out with.

With the help of a good Instagram activity tracking app, you will be able to gather all the information about the photos in which your child is tagged.

Also, you can dog out some information about the person who has tagged your kid. These apps will help you look through the profiles of these friends and gather the essential details.

How Do You Keep Track of the Content That is Being Shared?

It is not surprising that today’s youngsters store all their intentions, ideas, and thoughts on these social media apps.

They also share a lot of texts and links via direct messages. With the help of these tracking apps, you can keep a check on the content sent by a single person of interest.

Whatever media they might send will be displayed on the panel or the dashboard of the Instagram activity tracker app.

Most users today create a list of best friends on their Instagram accounts. This means that if you are not on the list, you will not be able to check these stories.

These tracking apps will help you look at the stories; you will also be able to view the hidden stories and grasp the activity being done on that particular profile.

What Are Some Capable and Reliable Apps Can You Use to Keep Track of Your Child’s Instagram Activities?

Some of the best Instagram activity tracker apps are:

KidsGuard Pro

Price: The app costs $8.32 monthly and has all the premium features.

KidsGuard Pro is easily one of the top Instagram activity-tracking apps in the market today.

The Instagram tracker app features a visually stunning design and exceptional performance.

It is capable of monitoring the Instagram activity of the target device most effectively and lets you perform Instagram hacker no survey easily.

The Instagram activity tracker app works in 100% stealth mode because the app icon vanishes almost instantaneously after installation.

The best aspect of the app is that you can track the activity of the target device without having to root it.


  • The app helps you keep track of and monitor all sorts of Instagram activities, including information about the images being uploaded, without having to log off the account
  • Even if the target phone has blocked you or is a private profile, you will be able to view the contents
  • You can read the messages that disappear after reading
  • The Pro version allows you to capture screenshots of the target’s Instagram account in real-time
  • You can also check how much time the target is investing or spending on the app daily
  • Lastly, you can also check the status of the Instagram profile by reading the notifications like new comments or likes, who released a new Instagram story, etc.


  • Sadly, the app is currently available for only Android devices; the iOS version is still under development
KidsGuard Pro Instagram activity tracker


Price: The Premium and Ultimate Edition are available for $29.99 per month and $39.99 per month, respectively.

If you feel that KidsGuard Pro is not your cup of tea, you can use another top-grade Instagram activity tracker called mSpy. This app is also considered one of the best Instagram activity-tracking apps and works for iOS and Android devices.

It is packed with the most powerful and effective spying features that allow you to monitor the target’s Instagram activities without hassles.


  • The customer service of mSpy is nothing less than exceptional
  • Installing and operating the app is very easy
  • You can even keep track of third-party messaging apps with ease
  • The Instagram activity tracker app is a great choice for monitoring the Instagram activities of the target without them knowing about it


  • Because of development bugs, you might have to disable Google Play for a stable performance
mSpy Instagram activity tracker


Price: While a free version is available, you can also purchase the paid one for $49.99 per month.

Another famous name in the tracking app business is iKeyMonitor. It is regarded as one of the top Instagram activity tracker apps. It allows you to view the app’s Instagram messages, videos, and photos. You also have the option of taking screenshots.

Apart from being compatible with iOS and Android devices, it can also be used on macOS and Blackberry OS.


  • The app is quite discrete and cannot be tampered with
  • It offers you a vast monitoring capability
  • The details of the monitoring are in-depth
  • The app supports several other languages


  • Compared to others in this list, this app is quite expensive


Price: The Premium version is priced at $68 per month, and the Extreme version is available for $199 for three months.

FlexiSPY is another Instagram activity tracker app that has proved its effectiveness repeatedly. The reliable app can provide you with all uploads, like messages and photos, which you can view in real-time.

It has been rated as the top by users all across the globe. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices; it can also be used on computers.


  • The app is very secure, and you do not have to worry about your details being leaked out
  • The tracking activity is done in real-time, including chats and messages
  • The app is fitted with several other high-end monitoring capabilities as well


  • The app costs a bit higher than other tracking apps
  • Installing the app is time-consuming because it requires rooting for Android devices and jailbreaking for iOS devices


Price: While a free version is available, the paid one can be accessed for $35.99 per month.

Last but not least, XNSPY is a wise addition to the list. The Instagram activity tracker app works great and will provide you with tracking activities with the finest details.

Additionally, you will also be able to read all the deleted Instagram conversations as well. You can switch off the internet filters and remote control devices and find their location.


  • It is one of the best and most effective monitoring apps made for Instagram
  • You can recover deleted messages with ease
  • You can keep track of the online activities going on the target’s device
  • The Instagram activity tracker app is extremely easy to understand and use


  • The app needs to be installed manually
  • For iOS devices, the app needs to be jailbroken; even then, the features offered are limited


  1. Can I track someone’s Instagram activity without them knowing?
    • Instagram activity tracker apps can provide insights into someone’s activity, but it is important to respect privacy and seek consent when monitoring someone’s account.
  2. Is it legal to use Instagram activity tracker apps?
    • The legality of using Instagram activity tracker apps varies across jurisdictions. Research and understand the laws in your region before using such apps.
  3. Can Instagram activity tracker apps hack into accounts?
    • Legitimate Instagram activity tracker apps do not hack into accounts. They gather publicly available information or utilize authorized APIs to provide insights.
  4. Are there any free Instagram activity tracker apps available?
    • Some Instagram activity tracker apps offer limited functionalities for free, but most premium features require a subscription or payment.
  5. How can I protect my own Instagram account from being tracked?
    • Ensure you have strong privacy settings enabled on your Instagram account and avoid sharing sensitive information with unknown apps or services.

Final Words

The above six Instagram activity tracker apps are some of Instagram’s best tracking and monitoring apps.

All of them are guaranteed to work efficiently and will deliver you results. However, it is recommended that you first put your priority on KidsGuard Pro.

If you want to know how to use the app, the steps are mentioned below:

#1: Create an account and purchase the plan.

#2: Download the KidsGuard Pro-Assistant from www.clevguard.net onto the target’s device. Next, log into your account and complete the rest of the instructions.

#3: Lastly, head to the control panel and tap on Instagram on the left-hand side. You will then receive all notifications from the target’s device.

KidsGuard Pro


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