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If You Delete TikTok, Will It Delete Your Drafts?


Written by Jack Lin

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If You Delete Tiktok Will It Delete Your Drafts

If you delete TikTok, will it delete your drafts? Or will those drafts be retained so you can access them after reinstallation?

There are many individuals who have these questions and are looking for reliable answers. Well, look no further, as this article answers this question.

So, If You Delete TikTok, Will It Delete Your Drafts?

Without further ado, let’s jump into the main question; if you delete TikTok, will it delete your drafts? Well, as per our research, the drafts get deleted when you delete the TikTok app.

But what if you have deleted the TikTok app unintentionally and want your drafts back? Or, in other words, what if you wonder how to find saved drafts after deleting TikTok?

We will explain everything in this article, including a way to retrieve your drafts after reinstalling TikTok.

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There is an Alternative Method

Also, there is another solution to find out the drafts simply by tapping the Draft menu.

TikTok Draft

With the help of the Draft menu, you can see all the drafts that are already saved. On the top of that, you will see a message that “Only you can see your drafts. Uninstalling TikTok will discard all drafts“.

TikTok Draft

All the drafts are deleted when the uninstallation is completed. In fact, TikTok drafts are not stored on their servers. Instead of servers, they are saved on the physical device.

So, if you delete the TikTok app from the device, the documents and files will get deleted. And that’s why TikTok drafts disappeared after deleting the app.

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Is It Possible to Delete the TikTok App While Retaining the Drafts?

The above paragraphs provide an answer to the question, “Will deleting TikTok delete my saved drafts?”

So, you may wonder if it is possible to delete TikTok without necessarily deleting drafts.

Well, the truth is that there are a couple of methods to do that. You don’t have to worry anymore about TikTok drafts missing after reinstalling the app, thanks to these methods.

Solution 1

As per this way, you are supposed to offload the TikTok app without deleting it. Now, we explain how to do it without much trouble.

01. Open the “Settings” of Your Device

Numerous people often ponder, “How can I backup TikTok drafts on my Android device?” With the method highlighted below, you can conveniently distance yourself from TikTok without having to delete it altogether.

Here are the simple guide you need to follow to accomplish this. Please note that these methods work on Android and iOS devices.

02. Navigate to the Storage Settings of the Device

When the device settings are opened, you should select the option for storage settings.

For iOS devices, tap “General” to proceed. After that, tap “iPhone Storage“. Scroll further down.

iPhone Storage

Then, you will see an option that represents TikTok.

iPhone Storage -> TikTok

After locating it, you should tap it.

03. Offload the TikTok App

Now, you can see an option that allows you to offload the TikTok app. The steps to offload this app on Android and iOS devices are pretty similar. If you are ready, you should tap the button that represents the option “Offload App“.

offload the TikTok app

Then, you can confirm the decision simply by tapping on “Offload App” once again.

Confirm to offload the TikTok app
What Exactly is Offloading?

When you offload an app, you remove it from your smartphone but keep any associated files and data.

If this happens, your TikTok draughts will stay on your smartphone even after you remove or uninstall TikTok. Everything will be preserved when you reinstall TikTok.

This covers all TikTok accounts you’ve ever used, as well as any drafts you’ve saved on the app.

However, this has the drawback of requiring you to keep the drafts and other data on your device. In fact, this is an inconvenience for many users. This will use up space that may be used by other software. However, you are free to remove the files and information whenever you see fit.

For iPhone users, it’s possible to examine the storage settings of the app. This will allow you to discern the amount of space that the app’s files and data are occupying.

04. Reinstall the TikTok App

If you have other thoughts and you want to go for reinstallation of TikTok, here’s what to do. In fact, the reinstallation process is not difficult at all. Please just go back to storage settings (the place you offloaded TikTok).

After that, you can go to storage settings again and tap it. Then, you will see the option called “Reinstall App“.

Reinstall the TikTok App

This step reinstalls the TikTok app. Then, you will have to install the TikTok app once again. Then, you can place the data back once again. That means you can reacquire all the data available on your iPhone.

Disable Offload Unused Apps on Your iPhone

Let’s assume that you are an iPhone user. iPhones have an option that frees up space simply by deleting apps that aren’t used. So, if this option is enabled and you haven’t used TikTok for a long time, TikTok will be deleted.

Therefore, it is mandatory to disable this option on your iPhone so TikTok won’t be offloaded. Otherwise, TikTok will be identified as an unused app by “Offload Unused Apps” on your iPhone.

Even after offloading, the TikTok icon will remain in the system. So, your search iPhone option will download it from App Store again. However, you will not see any drafts on the app even if you log in.

To prevent this, you should disable the option called “Offload Unused Apps.”

Below is how to turn off this feature on your iPhone.

  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Tap on the option called “App Store“.
  • Scroll and deactivate the option called “Offload Unused Apps“.
App Store Settings on iPhone
Offload Unused Apps

Solution 2

In the second approach, we show you how to upload your drafts secretly to your profile. So, no others but you can see them.

However, because they are saved on the servers of TikTok, they’ll remain accessible even if you uninstall the app. This is a useful trick for people who wonder How to back up TikTok drafts on Android.

01. Open TikTok

Firstly, open TikTok. Then, log in or switch to the respective profile.

02. Find the Draft That Should Be Saved

As the second solution, you should find the specific draft that should be saved. To view the TikTok drafts, tap the profile button.

TikTok profile button

After that, an option related to your drafts will be visible. Tap it so you can see the drafts.

TikTok Draft

Once you have done that, find the first draft that should be saved or posted privately. Then, you can preview the video. After that, make any edits you may need. This is not compulsory, though. Tap “Next“. Then, go to “Post“.

Find the Draft That Should Be Saved

03. Post Privately

You should look for the option “Visible“. This is available with a “lock” icon. It may appear with “Visible to everyone“. Just tap it to proceed.

TikTok Visible to everyone

After that, choose who is able to watch the video. Just choose the setting “Yourself“.

Who can watch this video to Yourself

After that, post your video. Then, no one but you can see that. And that’s the answer if you wondered, “Can you save TikTok drafts before deleting the app?”.

This process can be repeated for each unfinished video you intend to publish to your channel. You can save them to your phone, then upload them to TikTok for editing and sharing whenever you choose.

Let us assume that your uploaded movies are stored on the servers of TikTok. In that case, they will remain accessible even if you deactivate the TikTok app.

Please note that videos that are marked as “Yourself” as the audience can only be viewed by yourself.

TikTok lock icon

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Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Drafts?

The reality is once TikTok drafts are deleted, they can’t be recovered. This holds true regardless of whether they were deleted automatically or manually.

So, bear this in mind whenever you contemplate “How to retrieve TikTok drafts on a new phone”. So, can I recover TikTok drafts after uninstalling the app? Not unless you have saved them.

TikTok draft videos are stored locally on the target user’s smartphone, as you probably already know. Unless you publish it, it won’t be sent to the TikTok servers. If that video is erased from the device for the exact same reason, there’s no way to recover it.

Many users recommend utilizing file recovery programs to retrieve deleted TikTok drafts. The problem is that they were never actually stored on the phone; thus, retrieving them is impossible.

We recommend making a cloud-based copy of your TikTok drafts in case you ever delete them by accident. If you accidentally erase the draft on TikTok, you can still get it back via the archive.

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Unfortunately, once the app is deleted, any drafts that weren’t saved externally cannot be retrieved. This is because they are stored locally on your device and not on TikTok’s servers.

When you delete the TikTok app, the drafts that are stored locally on your device are likely to be deleted. However, any content that was posted or saved to your device separately should remain intact.

Yes, if you uninstall the app, the drafts that are stored locally on your device will most likely be deleted. To prevent losing your drafts, consider saving them to your device or a cloud service before uninstalling them.

Absolutely! You can save your TikTok drafts directly to your device’s gallery or camera roll. Alternatively, you can upload them to a cloud storage service for safekeeping before you uninstall the app.

Once TikTok drafts are deleted, they cannot be recovered unless they were saved externally before deletion. Therefore, it’s a good practice to save your drafts to your device or a cloud service before uninstalling the app.

And, here, let’s discover how to turn off active status on TikTok to boost your online privacy. By following our step-by-step guide, you can enjoy a more managed and customized TikTok journey.


If you delete TikTok, will it delete your drafts? Yes, it will. However, there are some solutions to try to avoid this.

What do you think about this content? Please keep us posted. Your feedback is immensely helpful.


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