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How to Open EMZ Files on Mac or PC: A Practical Guide


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Open EMZ File

How to open an EMZ file without noticing any error message?

Should I use a different application for that?

Or is there any other way to do that?

I received such a file as an email attachment and have no way to open it. Please help!

Are you reading this article because you have the same issue and want a solution? If so, you are in the correct spot to find the most practical answers. So, let’s go ahead and learn how to open EMZ files.

What is an EMZ file?

In many instances, we receive emails with various types of attachments. EMZ is one of those file formats you will find, but they are not that popular.

In other words, EMZ files are a pretty unfamiliar file extension. These files can even come with attachments we receive through messaging apps as well.

After receiving an attachment, we want to open it as soon as possible, don’t we?

However, when you try to open an EMZ file, you will not be able to succeed. In other words, you will not be able to open any of your EMZ files easily.

What is an EMF file used for?

Generally speaking, EMZ is a file format that comes as a compressed, enhanced metafile that originates in Windows systems. They often contain graphical data like images. This specific file format is available with MS PowerPoint, Visio, and Word applications.

Even though it is a Windows file format, you can open it even on a Mac and use it.

But the question is that many individuals don’t know how to open EMZ files. The remainder of this article explains how to do it, so don’t worry.

How Do I Open an EMZ File on a Mac or PC?

Ok. Let’s address the main topic.

As mentioned before, EMZ is a Windows-based file system. However, such files can be opened on Mac computers as well.

That means EMZ files are compatible with both macOS and Windows. So, this article becomes useful for you no matter whether you are a macOS or Windows user.

The steps below describe how to open an EMZ file without trouble.

There are different methods to achieve this task; let’s learn what those methods are. You may follow one method at a time and open the EMZ files you might have received now.

PS: if you wonder how to insert PDF into Word, check out this guide.

Solution 1: Use the Suggestions Provided by the System Itself

Sometimes, it is better to stick to the basics without trying advanced methods. So, let’s start with the most basic method.

As per this method, we are supposed to respect the suggestions made by the computer to open the file.

Your computer might already have an application that can open EMZ files. If that’s the case, you can use the suggested app to open it.

How to open an EMZ file on Mac or PC using the application suggested by your computer:

  • First, you should select the file that should be opened.
  • Then, you should perform right-click on it and select open to proceed. Or, you can even perform a double-click to reach the same command.
  • When you click “Open with,” the system will search for the most appropriate (already installed) programs.
  • Then, you can click on a suggested application and check how it works.

If you are lucky, the suggested program might do the trick, and you don’t have to bother anymore.

Solution 2: Insert the EMZ File as a Picture into a Document

Below is another method for those who wonder how to open an EMZ file.

In this case, you should insert the respective EMZ file as an image to a document.

For instance, you can use MS Word to accomplish this task easily. Let’s learn how to do that.

  • First, you should open MS Word, whether it is a Windows or Mac computer.
Run Microsoft Word
  • Then, you should see the menu bar of the application. Just click on the tab called “Insert.”
Insert Menu in Word
  • After that, you should select the option called “Pictures.”
Insert Pictures in Word
  • Then, it would be best to search for the respective EMZ file (that should be opened). After that, double-click it to insert it into the Word file. You can view the content easily, rendering it perfectly within the document.
Insert the EMZ File as a Picture into a Document

This is a pretty effortless method, as you can see. However, if it doesn’t work and you still wonder how to open EMZ files, try the below option.

Solution 3: What Third-Party App Can Open EMZ File?

Let’s learn how to open an EMZ file using a third-party application if the above option doesn’t work.

There is a host of applications that can open EMZ files. So, you can choose one option after performing some search.

But you should know that some applications don’t let you edit the content. Instead, they open and view the file.

However, apps like Quick View Plus and XnView MP are better options. Also, you can do your own research to find an application.

Solution 4: Extract the EMZ File

As mentioned, EMZ is a compressed file format containing graphical content like pictures. So, if you wonder how to open EMZ files, it would be a smart move to extract them.

Then, you can try to open the extracted files. There are various tools to extract EMZ files.

However, you can use a tool like WinZip as a standard option with better reliability. It works on both Windows and Mac systems. 7-Zip is another example.

Extract the EMZ File Using 7Zip

Solution 5: Convert the EMZ File to a Compatible Format

Do you still wonder how to open EMZ files because all of the previous methods failed?

If so, the next resort is to convert the respective EMZ file into a different format.

In this case, you can use a tool to convert images (image converters).

For instance, change those EMZ files to a more compatible version like JPG or PNG.

After that, you can easily open it on Windows or Mac computer.

How Do I Convert EMZ to PDF Online for Free?

With the help of the EMZ to PDF Converter, you can convert EMZ to PDF online for free:

  • Step 1. Go to, and tap ‘Choose Files’ to upload your EMZ file.
  • Step 2. Click the ‘Convert to PDF’ button to proceed with the conversion.
  • Step 3. Click the ‘Download PDF’ button once the conversion is completed.


Handling corrupted EMZ files: At times, EMZ files may become corrupted, leading to issues when trying to open them. To troubleshoot, try using data recovery software or restoring from a backup if possible. If the file is still inaccessible, consider reaching out to a data recovery specialist for assistance.

Dealing with compatibility issues: Compatibility problems may arise when trying to open EMZ files on different systems or software versions. Ensure that you are using the latest software updates and that the EMZ files were created using standard formats. If issues persist, refer to the Microsoft support website or the software provider for troubleshooting steps.

Checking for updates: Keep your operating system, applications, and third-party software up-to-date to avoid any compatibility issues. Regularly check for updates and install them promptly to ensure smooth functioning when dealing with EMZ files.

Best Practices for EMZ Files

Reducing file size: To optimize storage and reduce file transfer times, consider compressing EMZ files further or using other image formats that offer better compression without significant loss of quality.

Security considerations: EMZ files, like any other files, can pose security risks if obtained from unknown or untrusted sources. Be cautious when downloading EMZ files from the internet and only use reputable sources. Scan files for viruses and malware before opening them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I preview EMZ files before opening them?

Yes, you can! Certain programs like IrfanView offer a preview feature that allows you to see what’s inside an EMZ file before opening it.

2. Is it safe to download EMZ files from the internet?

Just like any other file, EMZ files can pose a risk if they come from an untrustworthy source. Always ensure that you’re downloading files from reputable websites.

3. Can I convert EMZ files into other formats?

Absolutely! You can convert EMZ files into various formats, including JPEG, PNG, or PDF, using online tools such as CloudConvert.


Opening EMZ files on Mac or PC can seem like a tough nut to crack. But with this comprehensive guide, we hope we’ve shone a light on this path. It’s a simple matter of having the right tools and following the appropriate steps. Remember, tech obstacles are meant to be overcome!


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