How to See Who Shared Your TikTok Video?

The question of ‘how to see who shared your TikTok video‘ is becoming increasingly proper. Social media platforms like TikTok are greatly influencing youngsters these days.

People are heavily consuming content on the TikTok platform. This has contributed massively to its engagement.

TikTok Videos

Everyone wants to outshine others by creating an influential identity of their own. You may want your pictures and videos to go viral, making you an overnight sensation. It has become important to influence your followers positively on TikTok to grow.

You can write articles in your posts, but that will hurt your engagement rate. The old methods of writing long texts and messages no more excite people. The demand for content that consumers can enjoy is increasing.

You have to find new ways to engage them. One such way is to post a short video or clip. People love to watch such digital content. And, if they admire it once, they won’t hesitate to share it and recommend your profile to others.

With all this being said, you will be very excited to know how to see who shares your TikToks. 

You can make use of the ‘how to tell who shared your TikTok video‘ feature to drive your engagement rate to the desired target.

Follow all the steps we’ve outlined in the article to achieve the same.

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How to See Who Shared Your TikTok Video?

People are inspired to post content on TikTok due to the engagement they receive. Engagement can be in the form of likes and comments. It may also increase when people share your clips with their friends and followers.

TikTok does not provide the feature to view the username and details of the one who has shared the video. What it tells you is the count of people who has shared your videos.

You may have tried to find how to see how many shares your TikTok has in the past by browsing through the entire settings.

However, we will provide you with a few simple steps you can take to find how to see how many shares your TikTok has:

  • Launch the TikTok application on your device.
  • Input your credentials to sign in to your account.
  • Visit your account homepage and tap on the ‘Me‘ logo.
tap on the 'Me' logo
  • Move to the top right corner of your display and tap on the three small sleeping bars.
tap on the three small sleeping bars
  • The app will take you to the ‘Settings and Privacy‘ page.
Settings and Privacy on TikTok
  • Tap on the ‘Manage Account‘ button.
Tap on the 'Manage Account' button
  • You will find several options beneath that. Hit on the ‘Account Control‘ option.
  • Next, you have to tap on the ‘Analytics‘ option.
  • Beneath the ‘Analytics‘ option, you will find three buttons: Overview, Followers, and Content.
TikTok Analytics
  • Beneath the engagement logo, you can see several details of your shared post. These details include comments, likes, and the number of people who watched your story.
  • Please tap on the ‘Share‘ button to know the number of people who have shared the content. But, there is no option for you to see the names of those users.

By following these steps, you can access the analytics and stats feature of TikTok to figure out ‘how to see how many shares your TikTok has’. We expect by now, you will know how to see who shared your TikToks.

Engagement is the key to success on any social platform like TikTok. The more people share your content, the more followers you will gain.

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How to Let Other Users Share Your Video on TikTok?

If you’re confused about the sharing option on your TikTok posts, take the given steps to achieve the same:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your device.
  • Input your credentials to sign in to your account.
  • Visit your account homepage and tap on the ‘Me‘ logo.
tap on the 'Me' logo
  • Move to the top right side of your display and tap on the three small sleeping bars.
tap on the three small sleeping bars
  • The app will take you to the ‘Settings and Privacy‘ page.
Settings and Privacy
  • Tap on the ‘Privacy and Safety‘ option.
Tap on the 'Privacy and Safety' option
  • Next, tap on the ‘Private Account‘ button.
tap on the 'Private Account' button
  • Check the status of your account. If it’s set to private mode, only those users whom you’ve added as friends can see and forward your content. If you disable the private account mode, any TikTok user is allowed to explore and share your clips.

This should answer the question of how to find out who shared your TikTok? If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to toggle the private account option as you wish.

With the private mode ON, you certainly get more privacy. But that affects the reach of your content adversely. You can choose to keep your content public, also. This will ensure your content reaches as many people as possible over the platform.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article and understood how to see who shared your TikTok video. TikTok provides a variety of features for users to keep track of their engagement rate.

People can use the features to modify and tweak their content. If you find anyone struggling with the issue of how to see who shared your video on TikTok, you can refer them to this article.


Excepting knowing how to tell who shared your TikTok video, below we’ve mentioned a few questions related to the TikTok platform for you:

How to Save a TikTok Video on My Device?

TikTok is a video-sharing app that you may use to entertain yourself. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download a video on TikTok:

  • Launch the TikTok app. The logo of the TikTok app symbol resembles a white, blue, and red music note. This may be found on your Start menu, in the application launcher, or you can find it by searching.
  • Go to the clip you would like to send and click it. You may either explore Home or use Discover to look for a specific keyword.
  • For instance, the image named example.png can be shared by tapping the share icon. Image may be found near or beneath the clip on the right-hand side.
  • Based on the most common mode of sharing the photo, the symbol may switch to a little Instagram or Facebook logo.
  • Click on the Save Video option. You will find this beneath the options you use to share TikTok content on other platforms.
Save a TikTok Video
  • The application will ask for the storage folder before starting the download process.
  • On your notification center, you can keep track of the status as your video is being downloaded. Once the download is complete, you can choose to share it with others. For this, use the share button present in the lower right corner of the display.

My Account is Blocked by TikTok, and I Can’t Access It Anymore. What Can I Do to Remove This Block and Get My Account Back?

No user can bypass the ban once TikTok decides to block their account. This is to keep a check on any kind of misconduct or breach of community guidelines by any individual.

However, if you feel your account has been blocked due to a mistake, then there are alternate ways to evade this ban. You can try creating a new account if your old account is no longer accessible.

The procedure to create a new account is the same as how you created your primary account on TikTok.

For this, you will need an alternate mobile number it an email id which you will be used to sign up for your new account. If you have an account on Facebook, you can even use that to sign up.

However, make sure you don’t try to provide your old credentials again. This may lead to your account getting blocked once again, or it may even get reported in rare cases.



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