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How to Get Your Banned TikTok Account Unbanned: The Ultimate Guide


Written by Jason

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How To Get Your Banned Tiktok Account Unbanned

Have you ever woken up to find your precious TikTok account banned? As TikTok’s community guidelines get stricter, more accounts face suspensions and permanent bans daily.

Getting blocked from accessing your profile and videos feels devastating, especially for influencers and content creators. But don’t lose hope! With the right techniques, you can get your banned TikTok account back.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through:

  • Common reasons for TikTok bans
  • Different types of bans on TikTok
  • Step-by-step ways to appeal a banned account
  • Tips to avoid getting banned again

Plus, answers to frequently asked questions about unbanning TikTok accounts.

So if you want to regain access to your account, keep reading to unlock the secrets to TikTok ban appeals.

Why Was Your TikTok Account Banned?

Before jumping into solutions, it helps to understand what causes TikTok to ban accounts in the first place. TikTok’s community guidelines prohibit certain types of content and behavior to maintain a safe, positive environment.

Here are the most common reasons TikTok bans user accounts:

  • Underage users – TikTok requires users to be at least 13 years old. Accounts belonging to younger kids often get banned.
  • Illegal activities – Content that promotes dangerous or illegal behavior like violence, drugs, hacking, etc. can lead to bans.
  • Hateful ideologies – TikTok has zero tolerance for hate speech, bullying, harassment, threats, revealing private information about others, etc.
  • Sexual content – Videos with nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit material go against guidelines.
  • Dangerous acts – Content showing dangerous challenges, stunts, or acts that can lead to serious harm or injury.
  • Misleading information – Spreading falsehoods, scams, clickbait, or manipulated media can get accounts banned.
  • Impersonation – Pretending to be someone else, especially a celebrity, violates TikTok’s rules.
  • Copyright violations – Reposting others’ content without permission or using copyrighted materials like songs and videos leads to bans.
  • Artificial engagement – Using bots, likes/followers services, or other artificial methods to inflate popularity.
  • Spam behavior – Posting repetitive comments, mass following/unfollowing, repeatedly posting the same content, etc.
  • Broken rules – Repeated minor violations of any community guidelines can result in bans too.

I’ve seen accounts get banned for even small slip-ups, so it’s essential to be extra careful. Read TikTok’s community guidelines thoroughly so you don’t accidentally cross any lines.

Types of Bans on TikTok

Not all bans are the same. TikTok uses different types of bans depending on the severity and frequency of violations. Knowing which type of ban you’re facing helps select the right appeal method.


A shadowban is like a silent, temporary soft ban where your content’s visibility is restricted. Your profile and videos will seem normal to you, but they won’t show up on other users’ ‘For You’ pages.

Shadowbans are TikTok’s initial reaction to minor or suspected rule-breaks before harsher bans. They usually get lifted within days or weeks if you stop the problematic behavior.

Temporary Ban

Temporary Ban on TikTok

As the name suggests, temporary bans suspend your account for a limited period – usually 24 hours to a couple of weeks. The notification will specify the type of access that’s restricted (posting, commenting, DMing, etc.) and duration.

Temporary bans are applied for first-time violations not serious enough for a permanent ban. They get lifted automatically once the suspension period passes.

Permanent Ban

Permanent Ban on TikTok

This is the most severe ban where TikTok permanently disables your account and removes your profile and videos. Repeat offenders or users who commit severe policy breaches get hit with permanent bans.

Getting a permanent ban reversed is much harder than other bans. But it can be done if you can prove it was a mistake.

Device Ban

In extreme cases like repeated egregious violations, TikTok may outright ban your device. This makes it impossible to access TikTok or create new accounts from that device.

Device bans are rare and used only for the most problematic users trying to open multiple accounts after permanent bans. It’s nearly impossible to lift device bans.

Account Deletion After 113 Days

If TikTok finds an underage user (below 13 years), it will ban their account. However, instead of an immediate permanent ban, the underage account enters a 113-day countdown.

Once the countdown ends, TikTok permanently deletes the underage account. The only way to recover it is by proving your age is actually 13+ and appealing the ban.

Knowing the type of ban you’re facing is key to selecting the right appeal method to get unbanned. Now let’s get into how to actually submit appeals to recover your TikTok access.

4 Ways to Appeal a Banned TikTok Account

If you feel your TikTok ban was unjustified or a mistake, don’t panic. You can appeal banned accounts through TikTok’s official support channels.

Here are the top methods to send ban appeals and restore your account:

1. Appeal From the App

The easiest way to send an appeal for any type of ban is directly within the TikTok app.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the inbox icon to access notifications.
  3. Find the system notification about your banned account and tap Appeal.
  4. Explain why your ban was unfair or a mistake. Provide any evidence that supports your case.
  5. Tap Submit to send your appeal to TikTok.

Once submitted, a member of TikTok’s moderation team will review your appeal and respond within a few days.

I’d recommend checking the app daily for a reply to your appeal. If approved, your account will automatically get unbanned right away.

2. Use the “Report a Problem” Feature

The in-app “Report a Problem” feature allows you to directly reach TikTok’s support team about any account issues or bans.

Here are the steps to use this method:

1. Open TikTok and go to your profile page.

go to your TikTok profile page

2. Tap the three-line menu icon on the top-right.

Tiktok Tap the three-line menu icon

3. Choose “Settings and Privacy” > Support > Report a Problem.

Tiktok “Settings and Privacy” > Support > Report a Problem

4. Tap Account and Profile > Other.

5. Explain your ban situation and why you feel it was unjustified.

6. Upload any supporting evidence like screenshots or videos.

7. Tap Submit to send your appeal to TikTok’s moderators.

Tiktok Report A Problem

You should receive a response within 1-3 days. Keep checking your TikTok notifications regularly after submitting your appeal.

3. Email TikTok Support

Sending a direct email to TikTok’s support team is another option to appeal banned accounts.

Try emailing either of these addresses:

Email Tiktok Support

Explain your ban situation clearly and attach any evidence that can help support your appeal. Polite, concise emails have the best chance of getting help reversing unfair bans.

It may take 3-5 days to receive a reply as TikTok gets lots of emails daily. Follow up at least twice a week if you don’t hear back at first.

4. Use the “Submit Feedback” Form

TikTok provides a “Submit Feedback” form where anyone can report problems faced on the platform.

Follow these steps to use it:

  1. Go to TikTok’s Submit Feedback page.
  2. Enter your registered email address.
  3. Select Account ban/suspension as the topic.
  4. Choose the specific issue type and explain your appeal details.
  5. Attach any supporting evidence.
  6. Tick the declaration boxes and hit Submit.
Tiktok Submit Feedback

Much like emails, it takes 1-3 days to get a response here. But it’s an easy way to send direct ban appeals to TikTok’s team.

Tips to Avoid Getting Banned Again

Getting unbanned is great, but it’s frustrating if your account gets suspended again soon after. Here are some tips to avoid repeat bans:

  • Read the guidelines – Know TikTok’s rules thoroughly and stay far away from violations.
  • Avoid controversial topics – Steer clear of content that can offend like politics, sexuality, racism, etc.
  • Moderate interactions – Don’t engage with trolls or bullies, report them.
  • Credit creators – Always ask permission and give credits if featuring others’ content.
  • Avoid buying bot services – Never use fake engagement tactics or third-party growth services.
  • Watch hashtags – Don’t use banned hashtags or those frequently used for illegal/dangerous content.
  • Don’t redirect traffic – Don’t try to circumvent TikTok by redirecting viewers to other platforms.
  • Be original – Stick to creating your own unique content instead of piggybacking on trends.
  • Secure your account – Use complex passwords and two-factor authentication to prevent hacking.
  • Lay low after unbanning – Avoid posting for a few days after getting unbanned to play it safe.

Staying compliant with all guidelines takes effort but pays off by letting you continue using TikTok freely. I’ve also found it helps to maintain backup accounts in case your primary gets banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions around appealing banned TikTok accounts:

How long does it take to hear back about a ban appeal?

It typically takes 1-3 days to get a response on your appeal through official channels. But it can take up to a week in some cases. Follow up if you don’t hear back within 10 days.

What are the chances my appeal will succeed?

It depends on your ban reason, but first appeals have a decent success rate if you provide proper evidence. Subsequent appeals are much harder though.

What should I include in a ban appeal?

  • Explanation of why you feel the ban was unjustified
  • Account username, email, and phone number
  • Screen recordings of the content in question
  • Screenshots of your guidelines violations notification
  • Links to the specific videos that were flagged
  • Proof of age if banned for being under 13

Can I create a new account if my main is banned?

Usually yes, but don’t try to recreate the same banned account. Use different usernames, emails, devices, etc. to avoid getting the new account disabled too.

Is it possible to get unbanned from TikTok without having to appeal?

Temporary bans get lifted automatically once the suspension period passes. But permanent bans won’t undo without appealing.

What happens if my appeal gets rejected?

If your initial appeal is rejected, you can try sending a new appeal after a few weeks explaining why you believe the ban should be reversed. But repeated rejections mean the ban will stay.

Can someone else appeal to unban my account?

No, only the account owner can send appeals through official channels. But someone else can help draft the appeal content.

Get Your TikTok Account Unbanned Today

I hope this guide gave you a better understanding of how TikTok bans work and the steps to appeal them. Maintaining access to your account does require being extra cautious.

But in case of unfair bans, you now have the right knowledge to get your account unbanned and prevent future issues.

Remember, the sooner you send the appeal, the higher your chances of success. So if your account gets banned, start the process right away using the methods shared here.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments! I’m always happy to help fellow TikTokers keep their accounts safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • TikTok bans accounts for violating community guidelines around illegal/dangerous content, hate speech, nudity, copyright, misleading information, artificial engagement, etc.
  • The main types of bans are shadowban, temporary ban, permanent ban, device ban, and underage account deletion.
  • You can appeal bans directly within the TikTok app, via the “Report a Problem” feature, by emailing support, and through the “Submit Feedback” form.
  • Provide detailed explanations and evidence like screenshots to support your appeal.
  • Getting unbanned takes 1-3 days, but follow up if you don’t hear back within a week.
  • Avoid further issues by being compliant with all guidelines, not buying fake engagement, securing your account, and playing it safe after getting unbanned.


What happens if TikTok bans my IP address?

If TikTok bans your IP address, it will block you from accessing TikTok from any device connected to that network. The only workaround is use TikTok on a connection with a different IP address, like mobile data or a VPN.

Can I get unbanned from TikTok without having to appeal?

You cannot get unbanned from TikTok without appealing in most cases, except temporary bans which get lifted automatically. For shadowbans, permanent bans, underage bans, etc. you must appeal to get unbanned.

What should I do if my TikTok appeal gets denied?

If your appeal gets denied, wait at least 2 weeks before trying again. Gather more evidence to support your case. Explain in detail why you feel the ban was unjustified. As a last resort, you can attempt to reach out to TikTok employees on Twitter to look into your appeal.

Is it possible to get my TikTok FYP shadowbanned?

Yes, it’s possible to be shadowbanned just on your FYP and not have your entire account banned. This means your content won’t show up for others on FYP, reducing reach. To fix it, avoid spam behavior and post more consistently engaging content.

Can someone hack my TikTok account and get it banned?

Unfortunately yes, hackers can get into TikTok accounts and post policy violating content to get the account banned. Always use unique complex passwords and two-factor authentication to prevent the risk of hacking.


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