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Some Interesting & Amazing Ideas for Vine App Related Videos


Written by Jack Lin

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Ideas for Vine

Are you in search of some amazing ideas for the Vine? If you are searching for something like this on the internet, you must be familiar with Vines.

Basically, there are two kinds of users who make Vines. The first ones are those who make Vines for entertainment, whereas others shoot Vines with professionalism.

So, users who fall into the second category move further and bring professionalism into creating a Vine. They usually mesmerize all with their Vines. If you enjoy making Vines, then keep going with your usual Vines.

However, if you are thinking of adding something extra, then here are some ideas for Vines that you can try. These ideas will change the way you shoot your Vines. Now, dive into the article to know more.

20 Best Ideas for Vine App That You Can Try

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YouTube video

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Now, look at different ideas for Vine that you must try.

0#1. Shoot with Your Pets

To begin with, you can shoot Vines with your pets. It is absolutely super fun to shoot cats and dogs. You can make them perform some tricks. Now, all you need to do is to film them. So, this could be exciting.

ideas for vine - Shoot with your pets

02. Hire a Director

If you are looking for some ideas for Vines, then hire someone who can direct you. Nowadays, you will find directors shooting drama series, movies, and short videos too.

Thus, you can also hire a director to shoot your Vines. It will definitely give an edge to your Vines. Also, you can hire a person from your family members.

ideas for vine - Hire a director

03. Shoot Behind the Scenes

All like to present their videos in a compact manner. Therefore, users shoot, then reshoot, and finally edit their complete videos. However, you could be an uncanny one by uploading behind-the-scenes from your video.

So, this is one of the best ideas for Vine. It is super fun when someone films the entire process of creating a Vine. Now, this could give you what you actually desire.

ideas for vine - Shoot behind the scenes

04. Make Use of Audio

As Vine videos are shoot, describing everything vocally plays a significant role in bringing some quality to your video. Here, you can put in a commentary. Or else, you can add noise to a completely white background for making a Vine with audio-only.

ideas for vine - Make use of audios

05. Shoot Nature

Shooting unique sceneries and landscapes can be really exciting and great. So, watch out for some natural scenes and beauties. It could be fun to shoot bizarre or funny animal behaviors. Such ideas for Vine can excite people for sure.

ideas for vine - Shoot nature

06. Get into Controversial Things

You get six seconds to add charm to your Vines. Now, you need to employ this priceless time really well. If you come across some controversial moments, add them to your Vine. However, it does not mean you should do something outrageous. Use controversial moments wisely.

So, for instance, instead of using Porn, you can go with Food Porn to enhance your business. Look out for such controversial ideas for Vine.

ideas for vine - Get into controversial things

07. Use Animation

Have you considered adding animation to your videos? If not, then you should give this a try. Definitely, the animation will take up some time.

However, end results could be very entertaining for your followers and you too. Look for some animation ideas for Vine on the internet to get some ideas.

ideas for vine - Use animation

08. Get into the Vine Mode

Always keep your ears and eyes open. This is because there are lots of things users can perform and then shoot Vines too. So, watch out for some ideas for Vine around your place.

Also, you can shoot some activities and objects for your video. Whenever you feel like you can employ an object, bring out your camera and make a Vine by shooting it.

ideas for vine - Get into the Vine Mode

09. Focus on the Vine’s Final Outcome

To add a professional touch to your Vines, you need to be more creative. For this, users need to devise a plan regarding how and what they will shoot. It really helps when you have a clear and complete outline.

Thus, you can shoot your video smoothly and hassle-free. So, keep these ideas for Vine in mind when you think of shooting something.

Focus on the Vine's Final Outcome

10. Shoot Your Vines in a Unique Way

Now, everyone tells a story in a unique manner. Also, everyone presents a subject in their own manner. Thus, it is important to find your unique style. While creating a video, users should try and think about how they will capture a moment in just six seconds.

Try capturing the Vine in your unique style. This also brings out your personality. Users often get mesmerized by short videos that tell them a story. So, after getting some ideas for Vine, think about how you are going to narrate them.

Shoot Your Vines in a Unique Way

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11. Do Not Put So Many Things Together

It is important that your video should be entertaining. For this, you need to create something entertaining that your viewers will remember for a long. However, there is a ‘but‘ here. Your Vines definitely should be very entertaining but do not put too many things together.

It looks tacky when you place everything in a single video or frame. Deal with one thing at a time, and different ideas for Vine should be placed differently.

Do Not Put So Many Things Together

12. Deal with “The Loop” Gently

In a Vine video, it is quite critical to managing the ‘Loop.’ People would like their Vines to repeat themselves without viewers noticing any change.

For this, they need to shoot short loops perfectly. When you produce infinite loops, people do not notice that your videos are repeating.

Deal with "The Loop" Gently

13. Display Your Skills

You need to display your creative skills in just six seconds. Is it possible to do so? Can you do a fast slam dunk if you are a good soccer dribbler? If so, why do not you showcase it?! So, if you are good at something, show off the talent in your 6-second Vine. Now, think about some ideas for Vine!

Display Your Skills

14. Use Auto Focus

It is not always possible to get a focused video. You can go with autofocus. However, if you are going to use this camera feature, then set up the shot accordingly. Otherwise, the results will not be that promising.

Use Auto Focus

15. Use Light Strategically

When you shoot outdoors in the sun, always consider the amount of light you need your subject to receive. If the light is too much, your Vine will provide a blown-out experience.

On the other hand, if it is too low, your video will be too dark. So, it is best to find the perfect balance.

Use Light Strategically

16. Employ the “Rule of Third”

While shooting your Vines, consider the rule of Third. So, when you think about keeping your subject in the middle of things, rethink your strategy occasionally.

Focusing the camera on a specific subject every time is not quite favorable. So, make use of the surroundings to get some interesting ideas for Vine.

Employ the "Rule of Third"

17. Make use of Tricks

When shooting Vines, make use of additional tricks such as software, lenses, dual cameras, special effects, etc. These tricks will make your videos very popular and unique. For spicing up the Vines, you can even hire a local magician to come up with cool ideas for Vine.

Make use of Tricks

18. Share Vines at a Fixed Time

 When you share your Vines at a fixed time, it boosts your popularity and gets you maximum likes.

Usually, people Vine after returning from work. Also, others like to watch something during that time. However, it is good to be unconventional.

Share your Vines when people start their day. It is good to give them something wonderful before they go to work. Also, you can consider other Vines too to get some ideas for Vine.

Share Vines at a Fixed Time

19. Get Ideas for Vine from Other People

It is a nice idea to follow people who upload and shoot great Vines. You can even discuss ideas for Vine with them and get some tips too. Also, I look forward to what others are doing. In this way, you will get some cool ideas for Vine.

Get Ideas for Vine from Other People

20. Use “Quirkiness” to Your Advantage

In Vine, make use of ‘Quirkiness‘ to create something unique. Using this feature, you can promote a visual joke idea easily. Sometimes, even unfinished Vines are great. So, share the real-time Vines with people.

Use "Quirkiness" to Your Advantage


Q1. Can I still access Vine videos?

A1. Vine’s platform may no longer be available, but many Vine videos have been shared on other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

Q2. How can I make my Vine-like videos stand out?

A2. Focus on creating unique and engaging content. Experiment with different styles, be authentic, and stay updated with current trends.

Q3. What equipment do I need to create Vine-like videos?

A3. You can start with just a smartphone and a good idea. However, if you want to enhance the production value, consider using a tripod, external microphones, and video editing software.

Q4. Are there any alternatives to Vine?

A4. Yes, several short-form video platforms have emerged as alternatives to Vine, such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Q5. How can I grow my audience on Vine-like platforms?

A5. Consistency is key. Regularly upload high-quality content, engage with your audience, and use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.


So, these are some amazing ideas for Vine. Keep these points in mind while creating your Vines. Make your videos more powerful with Wondershare Filmora. This tool features plentiful templates, effects, and layouts.

All this makes your video editing experience more interesting and simplified. So, try its free trial and make some great Vines hassle-free.


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