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Does CVS Take Apple Pay in 2023?


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Does CVS Take Apple Pay

Does CVS take Apple Pay? Can you get any cashback offers from Apple Pay after purchasing from CVS?

In this article, we cover everything related to this matter and clear your doubts.

In fact, end-users like the colorful ecosystem that Apple Inc. has built around its products. Payments have never been easier as they’re now that Apple Pay has been available for iOS users since 2014.

It’s gaining popularity and acceptability in the industry. However, the truth is that there’s still a considerable distance to go before it’s widely accepted. This raises the following query:

Does CVS accept Apple Pay? If so, how to make a payment using Apple Pay? And what are the benefits of using Apple Pay at CVS? Don’t worry, as this article covers everything about it.

So, Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

Does CVS Take Apple Pay

Does CVS take Apple Pay? As of the year 2022, CVS stores will recognize Apple Pay to be a form of contactless payment. In fact, they accept this payment mode at more than 8200 locations across the country.

However, Apple Pay is not accepted as a means of payment by the online version of CVS pharmacy. Also, Apple Pay cannot be used with the CVS application.

So, does CVS take Apple Pay? If you intend to shop through the CVS app or its online store, Apple Pay isn’t the best. Cash, the most popular credit cards, and PayPal are the only payment methods accepted at CVS.

Continue reading if you want to find out the method of using Apple Pay when making purchases at CVS. Also, we will explain to you how to use it for online purchases and a lot more information like that!

So, How to Purchase from CVS Using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay must first be downloaded and configured on an iOS device (iPhone) to start the process. You will find it easy thanks to the user-friendliness of the system. The next step is to link an active debit or credit card to an Apple Pay profile. The card you add must be a valid, activated one.

Now, let’s assume that you are prepared to make the transaction at the point of purchase of a pharmacy. Now, all you need to do is bring your iPhone closer to that NFC scanner at their counter.

Then, you should select the Apple Pay wallet as the mode of payment. Next, use either your FaceID or TouchID and confirm authorization. Once this is done, your purchase will be immediately confirmed and finished.

If you want step-by-step instructions to make a payment through Apple Pay, here are the steps. It is a very simple process.

  • First, you should reach the checkout counter, and you should have all the items that should be purchased.
  • Now, open the iOS device (iPhone) and validate the identity using Touch ID or Face ID.
  • After that, you should select the card that you intend to use at the store’s checkout counter.
  • There will be a contactless reader at every CVC outlet. So you can use it to scan your purchases.
Apple Pay

Do They Offer Cashback Offers at CVS?

Does CVS accept Apple Pay? You know the answer now. So, let’s proceed to more information. You are entitled to cashback rewards from Apple if you make payments through Apple Pay Card.

You should also ensure that you purchase from stores that accept it. However, this only applies if you use the card. You’ll receive cashback for an unlimited number of transactions, as there are not any transactional limits applied.

On each and every purchase, you are eligible to receive a cashback bonus of up to 3%. Check the Apple website for the specific terms and restrictions that apply.

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The More You Purchase, the More You Save!

Customers who use Apple Pay cards to make purchases typically receive a payback. In fact, it is applicable for each and every dollar they spend using the card. On the official website of Apple, there is a checkbox you may use to see if you qualify.

If you do a significant amount of shopping, it’s in your best interest to use your Apple Pay Card. If you do, you can earn cash back on each and every purchase you make. This will result in significant cost reductions over the course of some period of time.

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What Are the Benefits You Can Enjoy by Purchasing from CVS Using Apple Pay?

The combination of CVS and Apple is impressive, and they have been working for a pretty long time. Both parties want to add more and more convenience to their customers while securing their information.

So, in general, there are many benefits you can enjoy using Apple Pay on CVS Pharmacies, including prompt transactions.

  • You can experience a plethora of discounts simply by linking your Apple Pay account to your debit card.
  • Apple Pay is regarded for its highly secured transactions and the protection of user data.
  • It does eliminate the requirement of carrying too many cards in your wallet.
  • Your dependency on cash is significantly reduced by using Apple Pay as a mode of payment.
  • It facilitates one-click payment for the convenience of the user.

Is It Possible to Shop Online at CVS Using Apple Pay?

Sadly, the answer is no. Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, and Discover are the only options that can be used to make non-prescription items online. So, keep that in mind if you wish to shop online.

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Is It Possible to Make Payments Using Apple Pay when You Shop with CVS’s App?

Apple Pay is not supported as a means of payment within the CVS app during the checkout process.

On their CVS app, the methods of accepted payment methods are mentioned below.

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Visa
  • Other leading credit cards

However, CVS pharmacy does provide its customers the ability to purchase eGift cards with Apple Pay. These gift cards can then be used through the CVS mobile app.

So, those who wonder does CVS take Apple Pay should know this fact as well.

What Are the Other Payment Methods Accepted by CVS?

In-store or online, CVS takes virtually every major credit card for payment. Including AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, and even Discover.

More than 8,200 CVS pharmacies now accept contactless payments using Venmo and PayPal in response to the statewide outbreak.

Why Did CVS Wait Until 2018 to Accept Apple Pay?

Interestingly, nearly four years after Apple Pay’s introduction, CVS has accepted the payment option. To prevent customers from using Apple Pay, CVS had already turned off the NFC reader devices in retail locations.

Why? Customers use their cell phones as well as the CVS app to pay for their purchases at checkouts. That is after CVS developed “CVS Pay,” which is its own payment option a couple of years later. CVS Pay did use a barcode-related approach.

However, in 2018, they started to consider Apple Pay for purchases. That was a delightful message for everyone who was using Apple Pay. Since then, many users have made their purchases with CVS using Apple Pay.

Bottom Line

Apple Pay is used at the NFC scanner at the checkout at each of CVS’s 8,200 standalone retail stores. The CVS’s online store and their CVS app are not compatible with Apple Pay, at least for now.

On top of that, CVS does not permit Apple Pay customers to collect cash back at the checkout. However, if you link the Apple Pay account and a Discovery Debit card, there’s a cashback reward. In that case, you will receive 1 USD cashback on all purchases that are eligible.

So, that’s the answer to the question, “does CVS take Apple Pay.” If you have any other doubts about this matter, you may leave a comment below. Also, we would appreciate it if you could share your opinion about using Apple Pay at CVS.


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