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10 Best Black Cards, Creatures for MTG Commander, Ranked

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Written by Timothy

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Best Black Cards MTG

In this article, we listed the ten best black magic cards and best black creatures for MTG Commander for you. The powerful abilities that they have will not disappoint you.

Being one of the most popular formats, Commander is a multiplayer format with 100 card singleton decks and a legendary commander. Commander decks focus on a single color, and decks are focusing on all five colors.

Black is the color of death, madness, and ambition and is famous on many decks. If you wanted a black commander deck and are curious about the best commanders you can possibly have, here are the ten best black creatures for MTG Commander, all ready to fight.

Top Black Cards for MTG Commander

1. Bloodgift Demon (CMC:5)

Best Black Card MTG - Bloodgift Demon (CMC:5)

Costing five mana for a 5/4 stats and flying trait is not bad. Not very powerful, but a good start. Its ability is the thing that makes its way up to this best MTG black card list.

On each of your upkeeps, someone is going to pay one life to draw a card. Usually, the player who uses that ability will be you, peculiarly with commander games, in which you have a high life total.

Additionally, when other players want to borrow this ability, you can strike a deal with them. You don’t have to target yourself anyways.

Using this black card for MTG Commander can first prevent you from having a no-card-left-to-play situation.

When you have more cards, there will be more opportunities and choices for you. You can plan the combos and how you will use the cards in your hand before any player can have that many cards.

If you are worried about the amount of life you lost, consider putting some lifelink cards in your deck, they will surely bring back your lost life after a few attacks.

2. Carnifex Demon (CMC:6)

Carnifex Demon (CMC:6)

Another demon on the list! As stated before, some cards need the right deck for them. Carnifex Demon will be the right card for the decks that love counters and proliferate, for example, the Atraxa deck, which will soon spread a banquet of -1/-1 to all the creatures on the battlefield.

Costing six mana for a 6/6 stats is just balanced. As a bonus, he can fly, as many other demons do. Even though he enters the battlefield with two -1/-1 counters, paying one black mana can take its counter off and give a -1/-1 on every creature on the battlefield.

Carnifex Demon can do a great job of weakening creatures. Especially when your opponent has many weak creatures that will be annoying if not countered.

Simply pay one black mana and put a -1/-1 counter on all of them. After they are all debuffed, a Carnifex Demon with 6/6 stats will slay your opponent’s creatures in seconds.

As a reminder, when using Carnifex’s ability, don’t put too many creatures of your own. After finishing the two rounds of -1/-1, put powerful creatures and slay your enemy’s army. One of the best black cards for MTG Commander? Sure.

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3. Crypt Ghast (CMC:4)

Best Black Card MTG - Crypt Ghast (CMC:4)

Wanting black mana? Crypt Ghast will bring you a significant amount of mana that will card will not be enough for your mana.

This best black magic card costs four mana to cast and has a stat of 2/2. People may think that it is not worth it, but it shines in its abilities.

His first ability is simple: pay black mana whenever you cast a spell, and each opponent of yours loses one life, and you gain that much life. Great for healing and not bad for doing minor damage. His second ability is wild. If you tap a swamp for mana, you gain black mana.

Liliana if the Dark Realms will surely be a great combo with Crypt Ghast. Being a planeswalker, Liliana allows your swamps are tapping for double black mana.

With Crypt Ghast’s ability to bring you mana, surely it is going to be on the list of the best black magic cards.

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4. Rune-Scarred Demon (CMC:7)

Rune-Scarred Demon (CMC:7)

Being another quintessential black creature on the list, Rune-Scarred Demon won’t disappoint you. It cost seven mana, and it is a 6/6 flyer. It seems like another flying demon that is decent on the battlefield.

When Rune-Scarred Demon enters the battlefield, you can search your library and put a card from your library in your hand. Then reshuffle your library.

Like scry, you can simply get one card from the library without paying life to sacrifice creatures(looking at you! Viscera Seer! And you ! Bloodgift Demon! And you! Erebos!)!

Rune-Scarred Demon will be the perfect card to cast when you are highly in need of something, whether you need something to counter an opponent creature or something to combo with your creature.

As stated, this process does not cost you anything. After using its ability, you still got a 6/6 flying demon that is ready to fight.

5. Sheoldred, Whispering One (CMC:7)

Best Black Creatures MTG - Sheoldred, Whispering One (CMC:7)

The first praetor on our list of the best black magic cards MTG, and it is legendary! Being a commander is just the thing for Sheoldred.

It cost seven mana in exchange for a 6/6 stats and swampwalk. Swampwalk made Sheoldred unblockable if your opponent has swamp as a type of land.

However, again, its ability is really the thing. At the beginning of your upkeep, you can return a creature from your graveyard to the battlefield. His second ability is also very decent. At the beginning of each enemy’s upkeep, they will have to sacrifice a creature.

Sheoldred can give you a bonus as well as let your opponents suffer. However, this makes Sheoldred a huge target, so be sure to provide Sheoldred with a pair of Lightning Greaves or Swift Boots to prevent it from dying so quickly.

6. Erebos, God of The Dead (CMC:4)

Erebos, God of The Dead (CMC:4)

A four mana cost for a 5/7 indestructible is insane. Unlike Sheoldred, Erebos is a god. It can become a creature if your devotion to black is five or higher.

Erebos is an excellent counter against life-gain decks, in which one of its abilities is that your opponents can’t gain life. And it allows you to pay two life and draw a card, another classic black mana ability!

Erebos can prevent your opponent from healing too much, as well as allow you to gain cards. It is better for you to use lifelink cards that can bring life to you and your cards. That’s why it is one of the best black commander cards in MTG.

7. Viscera Seer (CMC:1)

Best Black Card MTG - Viscera Seer (CMC:1)

Viscera Seer is a weak vampire that will not likely hold on to combats. However, don’t judge a card just by its stats. Viscera Seer’s ability is the thing that really matters.

Its ability can allow you to sacrifice a creature and let you scry one card, which means that you can look at the top card of your library and may put that card to the bottom.

In decks that have infinite tokens, you are able to scry through your entire library; if you find the card you want, you can stop. This allows you to find the card that will best benefit you as soon as possible. Unlike other players, they will have to wish for the card they want, and it’s likely not going to happen until several rounds.

Viscera Seer allows you to have a quicker pace than other players. As a bonus, you can easily find the card that best counters your opponent’s giant scary monster.

For example, a spell can exile creatures. Its insane ability allows Viscera Seer to be one of the best black cards for MTG Commander.

8. Captivating Vampire (CMC:3)

Captivating Vampire (CMC:3)

Some of the creatures in this list of the best black magic cards MTG can’t be by themselves; they need the right deck for them to shine.

Captivating Vampire, for example, works best if you have a vampire deck, such as the one based on Olivia Voldaren or Edgar Markov. Not the best for attackers, but you are not going to kill stuff with this buddy.

Captivating the Vampire costs three mana for a 2/2 stats and two abilities. In other vampire creatures, you are controlled to get a slight buff of +1/+1 because of its first ability.

It’s a little buff for a single Vampire but a massive benefit if you have an army of vampires. Its second ability is the insane one. Tap five vampires, and you lure one of your opponent’s creatures to your army, transforming it into a vampire too.

Captivating the Vampire itself might seem useless, but with a whole crowd of vampires? Yeah, he’s the guy. Taping five vampires for any creatures your opponent has is decent. See that big scary guy your opponent has?

Now it’s a vampire, and it’s yours. Its second ability may be easier to activate when you got cards that generate vampire creatures tokens; Bloodline Keeper would be a great choice of the best black cards MTG.

9. Massacre Wurm (CMC:6)

Best Black Creatures MTG - Massacre Wurm (CMC:6)

I bet you don’t hate wurms! Massacre Wurm costs six mana to cast and have stats of 6/5 when it enters the battlefield; all creatures that your opponent control gets a -2/-2 for that round. Minor debuff, but enough.

Another ability that the Massacre Wurm have is that whenever an opponent creature is put in the graveyard, that player loses two life. Whether because of the -2/-2 effect or whatever reason, they lose two life!

The debuff that Massacre Wurm brings when entering the battlefield is the key, so be sure that you have the correct timing when casting it.

After all, the opponent’s creature gets a -2/-2; simply just attack. They are all but weak creatures with low life and low power. Once killed, your opponent loses two life! What a great trade!

10. K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth (CMC:7)

K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth (CMC:7)

Last but not least, K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth. The best black creature MTG you could possibly ask for is a black commander.

Like Erebos and Sheoldred, K’rrik is legendary. Some players might not be familiar with Archvilliain Yawgmoth, but they can make friends with his son K’rrik!

K’rrik starts with small stats but costs a lot. A seven mana cost for a 2/2? Are you kidding? Don’t panic. He won’t disappoint you. Once played, you can pay black mana with two life.

This ability can really speed the game up if you have life to spare. But don’t worry; he synergizes himself. A lifelink can easily make up for all the life that’s paid for spells. For every black spell you play, K’rrik gets a +1/+1 counter!

K’rrik is a pretty recent card that just came out, but he’s really doing some work. He definitely outshines his old dad and rules the battle if played.


What makes black cards so powerful in MTG Commander?

Black cards in MTG Commander offer powerful abilities such as creature removal, life drain, card advantage, and graveyard manipulation. These characteristics allow players to disrupt opponents, control the board, and maintain a steady flow of resources, making black cards a force to be reckoned with.

Are these black cards expensive to acquire?

The prices of black cards can vary depending on their rarity, demand, and overall utility. Some of the cards mentioned in this article may have higher price tags due to their power and popularity. However, there are budget-friendly alternatives available for players who wish to build competitive decks without breaking the bank.

Can I use black cards in decks of other colors?

Yes, you can include black cards in decks of other colors as long as the deck’s commander allows for it. The color identity of your commander dictates which colors of cards you can include in your deck. If your commander has black in its color identity, you are free to include black cards in your deck alongside cards of the other allowed colors.

How can I improve my MTG Commander deck using black cards?

To improve your MTG Commander deck using black cards, consider the specific strategies and synergies you want to focus on. Evaluate your deck’s strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where black cards can enhance your overall game plan. Experiment with different combinations of black cards, adjust your mana curve, and fine-tune your deck to achieve the desired balance.

Are there any budget-friendly alternatives to these black cards?

Yes, there are budget-friendly alternatives to many of the powerful black cards mentioned in this article. While they may not provide the exact same level of efficiency or impact, they can still offer valuable gameplay options at a more affordable price. Explore online forums, community resources, and budget deck-building guides to discover cost-effective alternatives that suit your playstyle and budget.


That’s pretty much it for the ten best black creatures for Commander. Those creatures have all kinds of abilities.

Some have classic black creature abilities, such as paying life to draw cards. Others have brand-new abilities that are also powerful.

That’s it for the ten best black cards for MTG Commander, and I hope you enjoy it.


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