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Does Subway Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2024)


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Subway Take Apple Pay

Does Subway take Apple Pay as a mode of payment for food you purchase? If yes, can you claim cashback offers? What other modes of payment do they accept? Let’s find out the answers to all those questions.

Apple Pay can be considered a convenient digital wallet service with superb security features. This specific service allows users to pay for goods and services quickly, easily, and risk-freely.

This widely used service functions similarly to a virtual wallet. And maybe linked to either your credit or debit card so that payments can be made.

However, customers of Subway may be curious about whether they may pay for their sandwiches with Apple Pay. Continue reading if you’ve ever pondered a question such as this one!

So, Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

Does Subway Take Apple Pay

As of the year 2024, all of Subway’s retail outlets are equipped to process payments made through Apple Pay. Well, consumers of Subway are able to pay for their food using Apple Pay at each and every location.

They started this process from the year 2014. Recently, Subway expanded the use of an option like Apply Pay to allow contactless curbside orders via their app. This expansion took place more recently.

Continue reading for additional information about payment methods other than Apple Pay that are accepted at Subway locations.

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When Did Subway Start Accepting Apple Pay?

When Did Subway Start Accepting Apple Pay

Subway made the transition to mobile ordering in 2014. Since then, Subway has become one of the pioneering fast-food companies to start accepting payments through Apple Pay.

It is true that Apple Pay was in its infancy at that time. However, Subway already has the necessary hardware and software to support the concept. When Subway first began accepting Apple Pay, the usage was restricted to in-store transactions completed at the register.

After a couple of years, more payment choices became available at Subway. Such methods did not require customers to enter the store and stand in line at the countertop. So, things became exceptionally convenient for customers when they purchased food from Subway outlets.

For those who were looking for an answer to the question, “does Subway take Apple Pay” this’s good news.

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Can You Purchase Food from Subway Curbside Pickup Using Apple Pay?

It’s difficult to argue against the fact that picking up food at the curbside has now become a convenience. It’s an excellent method to enjoy meals without needing to waste your time in long queues inside the restaurant.

The “curbside pickup” service at Subway has become fairly popular and convenient in recent years.

Subway Curbside Pickup

In the past several years, Subway has made things more convenient for its customers. They did it by offering Apple Pay inside the restaurant.

Just lately, though, the restaurant began accepting Apple Pay for orders placed as curbside pickup as well.

What Are the Other Payment Options Accepted by Subway?

Some customers could be curious as to whether or not Subway would accept other types of mobile payments. That is apart from Apple Pay.

Having said that, it seems as though PayPal is accepted at all of Subway’s locations, including the mobile app.

In addition, Subway makes use of a few additional mobile payment solutions. However, it is likely that PayPal can be the most well-known and extensively utilized of these.

So, regardless of the answer to the question “does Subway accept Apple Pay” the above information can be vital.

Does Subway’s App Accept Apple Pay?

The incorporation of Apple Pay as a payment option within the Subway app is a great move. In fact, it stands out as an interesting and recent update made by the company.

Take, for instance, the popular Subway app, which is a service that Subway provides to its consumers. This app allows them to find bargains and promotions.

It is true that Apple Pay is introduced as a payment option within the Subway app. Subway may offer consumers unique deals from time to time.

And that is only applicable to the use of that method (Apple Pay) of payment. These deals may provide customers with discounts on sandwiches or any other food product.

For example, not too long ago, Subway ran a promotion in collaboration with Apple Pay. As per this promotion, customers were able to grab a discount of $2 off of a footlong sandwich.

As mentioned before, this offer was valid only for those who use Apple Pay through the Subway app.

It is Exclusive to Apple Pay Users

It is Exclusive to Apple Pay Users

Customers were only able to make purchases with the Subway app using different forms of payments through mobile wallets. And that was before the upgrade.

PayPal is one of those examples. The change now makes it possible for individuals to utilize Apple Pay on the app.

Subway has made considerable strides in improving the overall experience of buying from its outlets. Also, there is a clear improvement in providing consumers with additional flexibility and alternatives when using Apple Pay.

Is It Possible to Download Subway App for Free?

Those who want to know does Subway accept Apple Pay may also want to know more about the Subway app. It is true that the mobile app of Subway is free and simple to use.

Also, it provides access to a variety of benefits and prizes. For instance, customers can accrue “Subway My Way Points” by using the Subway app.

Additionally, you may place an order via the Subway app and personalize it to your exact specifications. Additionally, selecting the ingredients included in a salad or sandwich is made incredibly simple by the app.

Customers who order through the app receive four points (AKA tokens) for every dollar spent. This applies whenever you use the program “Subway My Way” for purchases.

It is true that these tokens don’t pile up very quickly. However, they can help the buyer, at least to a certain extent.  

The More You Spend, the More You Gain Through the App

Simply put, assume that a customer has spent 50 USD at Subway using the app. In that case, all those customers are eligible to receive $2 back in their accounts. It is no secret that it might not seem that much at a glance.

However, this is a handy function that comes with utilizing the app. As mentioned, utilizing Apple Pay might occasionally earn additional discounts and perks.


And that’s our explanation for the information of those who inquire does Subway accept Apple Pay. There are many vendors that have integrated Apple Pay into their outlets.

However, Subway was definitely among the first fast-food restaurants to do so. That said, Apple Pay has more recently been included as a payment option for clients using the Subway app. That’s something great from an Apple Pay user’s point of view.

So, if you buy food using Apple Pay through the Subway app, you become eligible for many offers. So, it is in your best interest to keep an eye out for any special offers and discounts.

They provide such offers through a partnership between the two services. You may keep all this information in mind when you order something from Subway next time.


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