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Does Petco Take Apple Pay for Purchases?


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Petco Take Apple Pay

Does Petco accept Apple Pay?

Can you purchase any of their items using other digital currencies?

This article is written explaining such situations for your information. So, let’s keep reading and learn everything about it.

Since the launch of Apple Pay, it has become one of the most prominent options in terms of payments. Well, as of this writing, it has received an excellent reputation across the globe.

The main reasons behind the extraordinary popularity of this app are its convenience and impressive security. Apple Pay is linked to your iPhone, so there’s no struggle to take numerous cards.

Does Petco Take Apple Pay?

Does Petco Take Apple Pay

Now, let’s pay attention to the main point of this article; does Petco accept Apple Pay? Well, there’s good news for you. They do accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment.

However, on the other hand, their online stores don’t accept this mode of payment. So, if you wish to do some physical shopping at Petco, you can use Apple Pay.

Did you know that Petco was among the first merchants that started accepting Apple Pay? Well, they started taking Apple Pay soon after the initial release.

With that said, let’s take a look at the other important information about this matter.

Besides, if you are experiencing the ‘Apple Pay services are currently unavailable‘ issue, don’t worry; this article explains the causes & solutions to fix it.

Can You Use Apple Pay to Pay at Petco for In-store Shopping?

Apple Pay is accepted at all of Petco’s locations. Since 2014, the corporation has implemented the technology at both the primary stores as well as the Petco Unleashed locations.

When Apple Pay first became available, Petco was among the first retailers to begin accepting it. And they started accepting it across its chain of stores. In other words, Apple Pay became available in all Petco stores at the same time.

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Petco Likes Embracing New Technology

The CEO of Petco smartly made a statement that the company was eager to implement the technology. He further stated that it is required for the company to focus on providing prompt service. They wanted to do it without jeopardizing the security of their clients, so Apple Pay is perfect for that.

Prior to this, Petco had previously implemented a system required for wireless modes of payments. In fact, that was somewhat analogous to this one.

Customers were able to touch their credit cards or cellular phones at checkout terminals. This is implemented thanks to a technology called NFC (Near Field Communication). This service was embedded in some mobile phones and credit cards, and mobile phones.

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Can You Pay for Using Apple Pay for Online Shopping?

According to the findings of our investigation into the types of retailers that offer contactless payment choices throughout the checkout process, Petco doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment for their online shopping. 

This information was published on the page back in 2020, and it is possible that it is no longer accurate; however, Petco has not mentioned the availability of Apple Pay on their website.

As a result, it is reasonable to presume that you are unable to make use of it. So, if you wonder does Petco take Apple Pay, the official answer is no.

There’s a Workaround Though

You may still use the service called Apple Pay to purchase from Petco’s website with a workaround. To do this, you should download a third-party program called Zip, which was originally known as Quadpay. Fortunately, this workaround is still available for you.


At the time of checkout, a virtual (digital) Visa card is generated for the customer. And this card can only be used for that specific transaction.

We’ve discovered a workaround to make use of it to perform additional functions in addition to its primary purpose. In this case, the process is required to protect the actual debit card information (number) you usually use.

Steps to Follow if You Want to Use This Method to Pay Using Apple Pay for Petco Online Shopping

  • First, you should download Zip through App Store and install it on your device.
  • Now, you should go to the App that is installed and select “Cards” (it appears as a tab).
  • Then, you should click on the option called “Get a Card“.
  • You will see a list of terms & conditions as well. Just go through them before accepting them.
  • Now, you should link Apple Pay and Zip to proceed.
  • Go to the home screen of the app.
  • You should search for the option called “Petco” that appears in its list.
  • You can now shop as you would usually do.
  • When you have reached the checkout, it is possible to select the option called “Pay with ZIP“.
  • Now, you should confirm the transaction so you can get the payment completed.

This specific step will allow you to pull the required cash from the linked Apple Pay. You can use that to shop online with Petco. The technology involved in this process gets a one-time visa card. That is because the company does accept debit cards.

So, if you wanted to know “does Petco accept Apple Pay”, the above is an alternative.

Is It Possible to Use Apple Pay when You Shop for Petco Curbside Pickup?

Once again, the answer is a “No“. That means they don’t take Apple Pay as a mode of payment when you shop using a curbside pickup. You already know that customers can’t use a method like Apple Pay at Petco while shopping online.

Well, you can’t use that payment method to acquire the curbside pickup option too. The only way to access that curbside pickup feature is to place your order through the corporate website.

So, What Sort of Payment Methods Are Accepted by Petco?

Mentioned below are the options you can use as modes of payment when shopping at Petco. You can consider any of these methods of payment in place of Apple Pay.

  • Cash
  • Debit cards, Credit cards, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, AmEx, etc.
  • Personal checks
  • Petco Pals rewards
  • PayPal
  • Physical gift cards and electronic gift cards offered by Petco

Petco does accept different options in terms of payments (such as buy now & pay later). Such methods are implemented as a result of their new implementations.

Linking Your Apple Wallet with the Petco Card

You may already know that it is not possible to link a Petco card with an Apple Wallet. That is because they don’t support such options now.

Nevertheless, there is a third-party option you can consider. In this section of our article, we explain the process of adding a third-party service to the card.

The most impressive third-party alternative is Pass2U. It is a pretty impressive app that can accept any card that has a barcode. Then, you can add it to the respective Apple Wallet. This is true even if the respective card is not supported.

  • First, you should download Pass2U and install it on your device. This option is available in App Store.
  • Then, you should grant the required permission to the app to access the device’s camera. As a result, the app can access the device’s camera. That will allow you to scan the barcode printed on the card.
  • Now, you should aim the camera of the device toward the barcode and scan it. Then, you can click on the icon that appears like a pencil. It is located at the bottom, so you can input the number manually.
  • You will see a popup menu to confirm your action. You should tap on “Yes” so the system will convert that barcode into Apple Wallet Pass.
  • Now, you will see a list of pass types. Just select “Generic” or “Store Card” to proceed.
  • You can name the card you have entered. That will allow you to select a given card at any moment if you have several other cards. As a general guide, we suggest you name it “Petco“.

Once you have followed all those steps, you can customize the options further using a logo or colors. Also, you can add more, but that is not mandatory at all.

Pass2U, on the other hand, doesn’t want you a sign up for a user account. Because of that, you can easily configure the cards simply after the installation process is completed.


If you wondered, “does Petco take Apple Pay“, you should have a clear answer by now. With that said, you cannot necessarily use an Apple Card to pay for online shopping.

In addition to that, Apple Pay is not accepted for purchases done through curbside pickup methods. There are many other individuals who wonder if Petco accepts other modes of payment as well. The good news is that they accept several other payment methods rather than Apple Pay.

For instance, you can use PayPal, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and even rewards points. So, those are the options you can consider if you wonder, “does Petco accept Apple Pay“. If you do have other doubts pertaining to this matter, please let us know.


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