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Does Michaels Accept Apple Pay for Purchases?


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Michaels Accept Apple Pay

Does Michaels take Apple Pay in any of their outlets?

If not, what are the other payment methods you can use for purchases at their outlets?

Let’s go ahead and find it out.

Overview of Michaels


Michaels, as you may already know, is a popular chain that operates arts & crafts stores. They are based in the United States and Canada. It is one of the major providers of art, frame, flowers, and DIY home decorators.

Moreover, they offer a great deal of other related goods and services. You can find their stores in forty-nine states in the United States. Also, their outlets are located in some provinces of Canada.

It has picked up steam and increased acceptability in the industry. However, it does have a lot more work to do before it can be considered successful. That said, does Michaels take Apple Pay? The purpose of this article is to find it out.

Is Apple Pay a platform that can be used at Michaels, or is it not? How does one go about using the payment services offered at the Target store that is closest to them?

This post addresses all of your questions in great detail. Also, it provides answers to as many of them as we are able to provide.

Well, Does Michaels Take Apple Pay?

Does Michaels Accept Apple Pay

If truth be told, not all of Michael’s outlets accept digital wallets, including Apple Pay. According to workers, we communicated at a few different Michaels stores; some of the stores do accept Apple Pay.

It is true that Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are being accepted by Michaels stores. With that said, the system is still not available at all of the chain’s locations.

According to our latest findings, approximately one-quarter of the establishments we contacted were positive. That means they said that they were able to accept solutions like Apple Pay. It is true that we are currently in the process of implementing the technology.

So, we aren’t in a position to provide an exact number of the stores that take Apple Pay currently. According to representatives working in customer assistance at Michaels, all of the retailer’s stores accept different payment methods. For instance, they accept credit cards, cash, checks, and gift cards.

Well, Why Don’t They Accept an Innovative Payment Method Like Apple Pay?

Up to this point, Michaels has not provided any formal explanation for this situation. They don’t clearly tell why they don’t want to consider Apple Pay to be an option for their customers.

We can only do the guessing. It could be because they plan to introduce support for this way of payment at some point. We believe that they will start accepting Apple Pay in the future. With that said, we cannot overlook the convenience and security that Apple Pay offers.

Michaels strongly encourages their consumers to use any one of the several varieties of credit and debit cards. So, even if they don’t accept Apple Pay, there are many other methods for you to consider.

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How to Find Stores That Accept Apple Pay?

You may use an app called Apple Maps to accomplish this task. You can use it to find out if a specific Michaels location near you accepts Apple Pay. This application ought to have already been loaded into your mobile device. If it is not installed yet, it is available for free download through your Apple App Store.

You can explore a Michaels location on Apple Maps to find out if they accept Apple Pay. Once the results have been displayed, scroll all the way down until you reach the “Useful to Know” area.

If this retailer accepts Apple Pay, you will see the logo of Apple Pay displayed. If not, you can see the phrase “Accepts Apple Pay” in such locations as a clarification.

Accepts Apple Pay

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Do They Accept Google Pay?

Now that you know does Michaels accept Apple Pay, let’s see if they accept other digital wallets. Michaels does not take Google Pay to be a method of payment. 

At Michaels, neither Apple Pay nor Samsung Pay is accepted as a form of payment. It makes no difference if you pay with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to pay at Michaels. Apple Pay is only compatible with Apple hardware and software products.

So, it is like they don’t accept any digital wallets as of this writing. We are not sure if they will start accepting such payment methods in the future. What we explained above is the current situation.

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Will They Start Accepting Apple Pay Any Soon?

It’s possible that Michael’s will start accepting Apple Pay to be a mode of payment in the future. We believe that they will do it as a result of the growing demand for the service.

However, as of right now, we do not know for certain. There are well over 118 million customers in the US who own at least one product manufactured by Apple. The great majority of people who own Apple devices use Apple Pay to make purchases in physical stores.

The same applies to online purchasing as well. So, there is no reason why for Michaels to stay away from it in the future.  


It is true that millions of customers utilize Apple Pay as of this writing. Therefore, Apple Pay is currently accepted by the vast majority of retailers. There are some stores that are continually including this method of payment in their selection.

Taking into account all of the recent statistics and patterns, one could reasonably anticipate it. As a direct consequence of this, Michaels may soon also start taking Apple Pay.

So, that’s our answer to the question, “does Michaels take Apple Pay“. Apple Pay is safe, secured, and fast. Also, it minimizes your cash dependency. As we are heading towards a completely digitalized future, options like Apple Pay are incredibly handy.

Do you have any other doubts about purchasing items from Michaels? If so, please let us know. We will attend to your queries at our earliest.


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