Does Kohl’s Take Apple Pay in Any of Their Stores?


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Does Kohl's Take Apple Pay
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Does Kohl’s take Apple Pay for the purchases you expect to make?

Can you pay with Apple Pay for online purchasing as well?

Are there any cashback rewards for such transactions?

This article will explain all that information and make everything clear.

More and more users are switching to an entirely digital world. When it comes to the digital world, contactless payments such as Apple Pay play a vital role.

As of today, there are many Apple users, and they always want to know if merchants accept Apple Pay.


Apple Pay

There is no doubt about the popularity and trustworthiness of Apple Pay as a mode of payment. It is an excellent digital wallet that comes under the ever-reliable industry giant Apple Inc.

It introduces a superior ecosystem for consumers to enjoy. This specific mode of payment was launched back in 2014, and now it has become exceptionally popular. As of today, Apple Pay is regarded as the standard mode of payment for Apple.

So, if you are an iOS device user and are looking for a reliable digital wallet, consider Apple Pay. It is safe, convenient, and fast. So, let’s find out more about it.

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Kohl’s is Famous Across the US

Kohl's is Famous Across the US

The department store chain Kohl’s can be found in more than 1100 locations in the US.

Kohl’s has a strong focus on clothes, and as a result, the retailer collaborates with a number of high-end brands and retailers. Some of these brands and companies include Vera Wang and Dana Buchman, amongst many more.

This goes to show how committed the firm is to provide a satisfying experience for its clients. It is true that even well-known figures would have their personally branded clothes sold at Kohl’s outlets.

For instance, celebrities like Tony Hawk and Britney Spears do that. In addition to competing department shops, Kohl’s has put a strong emphasis on making customer convenience a top priority.

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They Are Flexible in Accepting Payments

So, is Apple Pay accepted at Kohl’s, or does the retailer not use it? How exactly does one go about making a payment at the Target location that is closest to them?

This post addresses all of your concerns in great detail. Then it’ll provide answers that are accurate to the fullest possible extent.

Does Kohl’s Take Apple Pay?

You might be reading this article probably because you wonder does Kohl’s take Apple Pay. We should not keep you any longer without an answer; well, THEY DO ACCEPT APPLE PAY!

But what you should know is that Apple Pay is not accepted on purchases done through online shopping. In other words, you can use Apple Pay only in offline stores.

However, if you use Kohl’s mobile app on iOS devices, you can add Apple Pay to it. In fact, Kohl’s started accepting Apple Pay in 2015.

So, the relationship between Kohl’s and Apple Pay is pretty old, steady, and strong. So, that’s the answer if you wonder does Kohl’s take Apple Pay.

What Are the Steps to Follow if You Want to Shop at Kohl’s Using Apple Pay? 

Now that you know, Kohl’s accepts Apple Pay. Let’s learn the steps to complete a purchase using it.

Well, the general guideline is pretty similar to all the merchants if you use Apple Pay. It all starts with adding your credit card to the iPhone Wallet regardless of the merchant.

  • Kohl’s lets all of its customers use Apple Pay as a mode of payment in their stores. If your iPhone is already linked with a proper billing method, you can pay in a couple of seconds. All you need is to carry your iPhone for shopping.
  • In order to pay using an iPhone at a physical shop of Kohl’s, just use the power button. Just hit the power button that is located on the right-hand side of the device.
  • After that, you should move your device to the point of sale (checkout register). Wait for a second or two, so the payment will be completed.
  • Once that is done, you will notice that the payment is successfully completed.

Using Apple Pay with Apple Watch to Make Payments at Kohl’s

Those who own an Apple Watch are in a fortunate position. That is specifically because they don’t need to alter their routine in any way. We all know that there was a public health emergency caused by the pandemic recently.

As a result, some points of sales might still maintain social distance. So, users who use Apple Pay on their Apple Watches may resort to using alternative payment methods instead.

Unfortunately, you cannot use your Apple Watch to pay for items. This is applicable when you are using the Kohl’s app on your iOS device.

Is It Possible to Claim Cashback Rewards Through Apple Pay?

Cashback from Apple is available if you’re using an option like Apple Pay at authorized stores. No matter whether the merchant accepts the card, this is the case. Moreover, there are absolutely no transaction limits on the cash back.

Because of that, you can get it for as many transactions as you like. For each and every transaction, you are entitled to a cashback benefit of up to three percent. Take a closer look at Apple’s terms of service.

Take a closer look at Apple’s terms of service before proceeding, however. Refunds for purchases that are made with Apple Pay Cards are frequently available to customers.

The official Apple website will let you know if you’re eligible for the discount. Use your Apple Pay to get cash back on every purchase. Cost savings will be substantial in the long run.

What Are the Benefits That Are Available for Apple Pay Users when Shopping with Kohl’s?

Well, it goes without saying that both Kohl’s and Apple consider their reputation seriously. They always want to ensure the best user experience for their clients. So, there’s absolutely no doubt about the overall convenience they deliver.

As a result of the combination of Apple Pay and Kohl’s, you can experience effortless transactions with improved security. That said, mentioned below are the most obvious benefits you might be able to experience by using Apple Pay.

  • It is possible to access a lot of discounts simply by linking your debit card and Apple Pay. That will save a considerable amount of money in the long run.
  • Apple Pay has pretty impressive security measures to prevent your transaction details from third parties. Even the merchants will not have access to your card details, and that’s an indication of its strict security.  
  • You don’t have to carry so many cards in your wallet when you shop using Apple Pay. All you need is to carry your iPhone. That brings absolute convenience.
  • Apple Pay brings speed to your payment process. It delivers significant speed with every payment made. Also, it reduces overall cash dependence.
  • It is possible to use one-click payment through Apple Pay, and that saves plenty of time. That will eventually save everyone’s time, including the ones behind you in the queue. This is very useful, specifically when you shop during rush hours.

What Are the Other Modes of Payments Accepted by Kohl’s?

Apple Pay is not the only option you have when you shop at Kohl’s. In other words, they have several other options in terms of payment.

For instance, they take debit cards, major credit cards, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc. That is in addition to the traditional modes of payment they accept. They take checks, cash, and even money orders.


Having read this, you should have a thorough understanding of how to use Apple Pay at Kohl’s. The answer to the question “does Kohl’s take Apple Pay” is a YES!

Thanks to the digital wallet revolution, transactions at Kohl’s can now be conducted in an exceedingly streamlined manner. The transaction can be done in a risk-free manner.

You should make use of Apple Pay whenever you can because it is becoming more and more commonplace. It is possible to use Apple Pay as your only means of payment.

In fact, it will eliminate the need for cash and credit cards in your everyday routines. It’s better to call ahead and double-check before visiting a merchant. If not, you should carry an alternate form of payment with you at all times.


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