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Does KFC Take Apple Pay in Any of Their Outlets?


Written by Jack Lin

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Does KFC Take Apple Pay

Does KFC accept Apple Pay for the food you purchase? If so, is it accepted in every outlet? Are you eligible for cash back rewards? Let’s find it out!

As of today, contactless transaction methods have become popular across the globe, and Apple Pay is one of them.

If you wish to buy some food from KFC and wonder, “does KFC take Apple Pay“, keep reading. We will explain everything from scratch.

Does KFC Accept Apple Pay?

Does KFC Accept Apple Pay

If you love KFC food and want to pay using Apple Pay, we have good news for you. They do accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment.

In addition to that, they do take Apple Pay even for their online deliveries. You can even pay using Apple Pay at KFC when you order under the drive-thru.

However, this mode of payment may not be available at every outlet. Therefore, it is best recommended to contact the respective outlet and get confirmation about accepted payment methods.

Besides, if you wonder, “Does Mcdonald’s take Apple Pay?” Here, we intend to answer that question briefly and show you steps about how to do it in its app or stores.

Different Types of Payment Methods Are Accepted

The good news is that Apple Pay is not the only mode of payment accepted by KFC. They accept various other modes of payments, including digital wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

That is in addition to regular payment methods such as Visa cards and Cash. We believe that KFC will embrace more innovative modes of payment in the near future. So, the options are not limited when it comes to paying for what you purchase at KFC.

If you are a regular customer of KFC, you already know what payment methods they accept. However, if you want to find out more about how they accept Apple Pay, keep reading.

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Can You Pay Using Apple Pay at KFC Drive-Thru?

If you have the question “does KFC take Apple Pay” at their drive-thru, here’s what you should know. They do accept Apple Pay even at their drive-thru outlets.

Do you want to make a payment through Apple Pay at a KFC drive-thru outlet? If so, you can simply perform a double-tap on the lock button. It is located on the right-hand side of the phone. You should then place the finger on its sensor so it will display a “Done” message.

However, if you have an iPhone that uses Face ID for verification, you should authenticate it accordingly. That means you should look at the device’s screen to unlock it.

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How to Use Apple Pay on an iPhone when Purchasing from KFC?

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, you can easily make payments after purchasing meals from KFC. You can use them at KFC as well as drive-thru outlets.

If you want to pay using Apple Pay, just follow the steps that are mentioned below. Let’s go ahead and find it out.

  • First, you should go to your App Store and look for the option called “Apple Pay“. Download the app and install it to proceed.
  • Once you have done that, go to the “Settings” of the device to go to the next step. Then, select “Wallet and Apple Pay” to proceed. After that, hit the “+” icon.
  • Select the option called “Add a Card” and choose “Continue“. After that, select the respective mode of payment. You can enter debit or credit card information.
Add a Card
  • You should then agree to the terms & conditions of Apple. After that, verify the cards that are saved in the Apple profile.
  • After the verification process is completed, your bank will proceed to approve the card details. Then, you can use Apple Pay.
  • If your iPhone has a Touch ID, just perform a double-tap. You should do it on the home screen. If not, you can do it with the lock button located on the right side. Then, you should rest the finger on the device’s sensor, so it says “done“. That means your card is approved.
  • If the iPhone has a Face ID, you should verify it accordingly. Just look at the device’s screen. If not, you can simply enter the password.

How to Pay at KFC Through Apple Pay Using an Apple Watch?

It is always possible to use an Apple Watch to pay for your KFC orders. You can use it at their drive-thru as well as their restaurants.

If you want to configure an Apple Pay account, just go through the following steps.

  • First, you should go to the option called “My Watch“. You can see it as a different tab on your iPhone.
  • After that, you should select the option called “Wallet & Apple Pay” to proceed.
  • Enter the details to complete the process.
  • Tap the option called “Next” to proceed.
  • You should wait for a while until the verification is completed.
  • Perform a double-click on your side button once the bank verification is completed. Then, you will be able to see your card is appearing.
  • As the final step, you should provide the password and then rest your finger on the Apple Watch. Place the Apple watch over your payment reader; you can hear the beep noise.
  • That’s it. If you want to add more than one account, follow the steps that are mentioned above again.

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Using Apple Pay to Pay for Online Deliveries from KFC

As you already know, there are several benefits you can enjoy using Apple Pay at KFC. One of the most significant benefits is that Apple Pay is compatible with KFC’s app as well.

So, if you want to use Apply Pay when ordering online from KFC, you should follow the steps below.

  • First, you should sign in by providing your credentials to the mobile app provided by KFC. If you don’t have one already, just download the app from your App Store and install it. If not, you can even shop as a guest.
  • Now, you should select the preferred outlet (restaurant). Then, you should select a pick up time as well to move to the next option.
  • Now, add a meal of your preference to the app’s card.
  • You should then confirm the order by clicking on the card. After that, click on the option called “Continue to Payment”.
  • As the final step, you should provide the details like delivery address and contact information. When it comes to the payment method, it should be Apple Pay.

How Safe is It to Pay at KFC Using Apple Pay?

At every KFC store, using Apple Pay is a risk-free transaction. For instance, assume that there’s an area or country that supports contactless payments. In that case, you can use Apple Pay to conduct business in that region. Well, you can use it in a way that is safe, simple, and anonymous.

Because the app was developed with your security and privacy in mind, as of today, it is considered a safer alternative to using physical versions of prepaid, debit, or credit cards.

Apple makes use of one-of-a-kind transaction codes. That is in addition to device-specific identifiers in order to protect the confidentiality of your information.

Customers have been able to use Apple Pay for some time now without encountering any problems. Mobile wallet services are becoming increasingly commonplace in countries all over the world, including the USA. This is due to the perfect safety feature that it possesses.

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Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Now that you know does KFC take Apple Pay or not, let’s proceed with more information. There are many reasons for a user to choose Apple Pay as a preferred mode of payment.

The main reason, however, is that they offer excellent security. Your payment information and personal information are well protected with Apple Pay.

You don’t have to carry many cards if you want to pay with Apple Pay. All of your cards are integrated into a single account, so the convenience is there.

In addition to that, Apple Pay is exceptionally fast in terms of making payments. So, there is no waiting time, and that makes everything easier, even for the others behind you.  

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  1. Does KFC take Apple Pay in every country? While KFC accepts Apple Pay in many countries, the availability can vary. It’s recommended to check with your local KFC.
  2. Can I use Apple Pay for KFC delivery orders? Yes, you can use Apple Pay for KFC delivery orders placed through the KFC website or app.
  3. What other digital wallets does KFC accept? KFC accepts a variety of digital wallets. The specific options may vary based on location.
  4. Is Apple Pay secure for use at KFC? Apple Pay is considered one of the most secure mobile payment options due to its encrypted transaction process.
  5. Can I use Apple Pay for large orders at KFC? Yes, Apple Pay can be used for any amount, as long as it doesn’t exceed the card’s limit.

Conclusion on Does KFC Take Apple Pay

So, that’s basically it if you wonder, “does KFC accept Apple Pay“. KFC, like many other global merchants, accepts Apple Pay for obvious reasons.

However, some of their outlets in some areas may not accept digital wallets like Apple Pay. Therefore, it is best to contact them before placing an order and know about the payment methods.


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