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Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay and Offer Cashback Rewards?


Written by Jack Lin

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Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay

Does AutoZone take Apple Pay?

Is it possible for customers to claim cashback rewards with their Apple Pay purchases and AutoZone?

What other benefits can a customer enjoy by using Apple Pay?

We answer all those questions in this article. So, keep reading if you are an Apple Pay user.

Introduction of Apple Pay

Apple Pay

A mobile payment service provided by Apple is called Apple Pay. Apple has dubbed the service “Pay” in the same way it did for the Apple Watch. However, the corporation also calls it “Apple Pay“.

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra devices can utilize Apple Pay. They can make one-tap purchases in apps that have implemented the API of Apple Pay. And, the service is now available on the internet.

Do you have an iPhone 6 or newer? Or iPad Air 2 or newer, or iPad mini 3 or newer? If not, do you have any iPad Pro versions or Macs featuring Touch ID?

The good news is that Apple Pay is compatible with all of those devices. The “Secure Element” integrated with Apple Pay is embedded in NFC controllers on all of these devices. That ensures that client information is protected.

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Apple Adds More Security to the Concept of a Digital Wallet

In 2017, Apple introduced the ability for iPhone or Apple Watch users to send money. Apple users can do that using Apple Pay to another iPhone or Apple Watch user.

Users can transfer money to friends and relatives in the U. S. with Apple Cash. In addition to the Wallet app and Apple Pay, the company unveiled its own card in August. It is called the Apple Card.

With the release of versions like the iPhone X or newer, things changed a little. Face ID face recognition has replaced Touch ID authentication for Apple Pay. In fact, the new device uses facial scans instead of fingerprint scans to authenticate payments.

Apple’s “tokenization” technology prevents the transmission of actual card details over the air, ensuring the security of all transactions. Face ID or Touch ID compatible iPhones and continuous skin contact with Apple Watch are also used by Apple.

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What is AutoZone?

What is AutoZone

Both a store and a supplier of automobile parts, AutoZone is a company that’s based in the United States. It also specializes in the accessory business and is regarded as one of the most influential companies in its sector.

In addition to that, the corporation is situated in the United States. It has over 6400 locations in countries all over the world and was established in 1979.

It is true that it has made waves and gained broader popularity throughout the business already. However, it still has a pretty long way to go before reaching its full potential.

This raises an obvious question; does AutoZone take Apple Pay? If not, is the wallet named Apple Pay accepted by AutoZone, or is it not? How exactly does one go about making a payment at the Target location that is closest to them?

This post addresses all of your concerns in great detail and provides answers that are very accurate. 

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So, Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

Do you wonder, ‘does AutoZone take Apple Pay’? And do you want a straightforward answer? Well, it is “YES!” That means AutoZone does take Apple Pay as a mode of payment.

If you use an iOS device and want to make a secured payment through that, that’s good news. So, you can take your device to AutoZone stores and complete your purchases without any hassle.  

However, things can be difficult when you deal with some stores. In some stores of AutoZone, they don’t accept Apple Pay.

In addition to that, you cannot use Apple Pay to pay for the goods that you purchase online. So, you cannot expect AutoZone to accept Apple Pay all the time.

It is Always Better to Verify the Accepted Payment Methods in Advance

If, by any chance, your closest AutoZone store doesn’t accept Apple Pay, you can pay using a different method. However, we always suggest our readers contact the nearest store and know what they accept as payment methods.

Usually, AutoZone staff is very helpful, and they will provide you with all the required information. Moreover, if they accept Apple Pay and you still need guidance, they will help you.

The best option is to use Apple Maps to find the closest location and start shopping with no hassle. You can open Apple Maps on your device and perform a search for AutoZone. Then, the results will appear along with the modes of payments accepted.

You should scroll down until you see the option called “Useful to Know“. Tap on that so you can see if the respective store takes Apple Pay or not. For instance, if they accept Apple Pay, the result will be displayed with the Apple Pay logo. It will be highlighted as a mode of payment.

Useful to Know

So, How to Use Apple Pay?

Now that you know does AutoZone take Apple Pay or not, let’s get to know how to use it. In fact, using Apple Pay is not that difficult. All you need is to follow the instructions carefully.

You can learn how to use it simply by visiting an AutoZone outlet that accepts Apple Pay. The representatives will explain how to use this payment.

But before visiting the respective outlet, you are supposed to keep the Apple Account configured properly. Once the setup is completed, you can get the payment done easily in an approved outlet.

Is It Possible to Get a Cashback Offer with Apple Pay when You Buy Goods from AutoZone?

Now that you know how to use Apple Pay. Let’s learn the benefits you might experience with it. In fact, one of the most noticeable benefits associated with Apple Pay is cashback offers. When you shop around at an outlet where Apple Pay is accepted, you become eligible for cashback.

The best thing about Apple cashback is that they don’t have any transactional limits. And, it is always possible to claim those offers whenever you shop. So, in the long run, you are likely to save a considerable amount of money as cashback.

For each transaction, customers are eligible for a cashback of 3%. So, you can check the terms and conditions of Apple before starting shopping at a specific store. Those who regularly shop with Apple Pay will see piled-up rewards after some time.

Reasons to Use Apple Pay when Purchasing Goods from AutoZone

The combination of AutoZone and Apple has made things very interesting for every customer. That said, mentioned below are the reasons for an individual to shop using Apple Pay.

  • It is possible to claim various discounts when your debit card is added to your Apple Pay account.
  • Apple Pay comes with excellent security to avoid the exposure of card information to third parties.
  • Apple Pay is highly secure compared to traditional payment methods. They do avoid the unwanted hassle of having several cards with you.
  • It adds superb speed to your payment process and minimizes the dependence on cash.
  • The one-click payment adds more convenience to your purchases.  

What Are the Other Payment Methods Accepted by AutoZone?

As of our writing, they accept MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, gift cards, and AutoZone loyalty cards are accepted by them. That’s in addition to cash and other debit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AutoZone universally accept Apple Pay?

No, AutoZone does not universally accept Apple Pay at all their locations.

Can I use other digital wallets at AutoZone?

AutoZone’s acceptance of digital wallets can vary by location. Always check with your local store.

Are there other ways to pay at AutoZone?

Yes, AutoZone accepts various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and AutoZone gift cards.

How can I use Apple Pay?

If the store accepts Apple Pay, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader and confirm the payment.

Why couldn’t I use Apple Pay at an AutoZone store?

Not all AutoZone stores have the necessary equipment to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay.


That concludes our guide on utilizing Apple Pay at The resolution brought to you as a digital wallet has made transactions at AutoZone much easier and more secure.

Take advantage of the simplicity of Apple Pay, which is becoming more and more popular as a payment method. When it comes to making purchases, Apple Pay is your one-stop shop.

It’s best to phone them ahead of time to be sure. Otherwise, you can have a backup payment method on hand. And that’s our answer to the question, “does AutoZone take Apple Pay“.


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