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[EXPLAINED] Can You Get Cash Back with Apple Pay?


Written by Jack Lin

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Can You Get Cash Back with Apple Pay

There are many individuals who have the question, “can you get cash back with Apple Pay“.

If you have the same question and are looking for an answer, here’s a great write-up for you. Let’s go ahead and learn about it from scratch.

Can I Get Cash Back with Apple Pay?

If truth to be told, with Apple Pay, you can earn cashback in some cases. That means when you pay with Apple Pay at some retailers, you may be eligible for cashback.

Apple Pay is not accepted in all stores because its acceptance is not mandated by store policy. Nevertheless, the good news is that it is accepted in the majority of stores in the United States.

Cashback is offered by many of the stores that use Apple Pay. Customers will possibly receive payback ranging from 1 to 6 percent. And that will happen based on the overall amount paid for their purchase.

If you make a purchase using Apple Play, you are eligible for exclusive deals and benefits at selected retailers. Assume that your financial institution offers a cashback incentive for using a bank card. I

f that’s the case, Apple Pay may enable you to receive this specific incentive. So, that’s the answer for those who ask, “can you get cashback with Apple Pay”.

How Much Can I Claim As Cashback with Apple Play?

When using Apple Pay to make a purchase, most customers are only eligible for a one percent cashback discount. Assume that you make your purchase with options like American Express cards and Apple Pay.

In that case, you may be eligible for a sizeable cashback, probably around 5 percent.

Besides, if you wonder, “Does Mcdonald’s take Apple Pay?” Here, we intend to answer that question briefly and show you steps about how to do it in its app or stores.

Conditions You Must Fulfill to Receive Cashback from Apple Pay

Well, there are a couple of conditions you should fulfill if you want to get a cashback. Mentioned below are those conditions for your reference.

  • All the customers are supposed to link their debit cards with their respective Apple Pay accounts. If not, they should have been using an Apple card.
  • Customers can claim cashback if the respective stores in the US accept Apple Pay payments.
  • Customers are eligible for Apple Pay cashback only if the respective stores offer it.

As long as you meet the above requirements, you might get Apple Pay Cashback. So, keep that in mind if you wonder, “can you get cashback with Apple Pay”.

Also, if you’re not sure does Starbucks accept Apple Pay, then read the complete article to figure out the answer as well as how to use Apple Pay at Starbucks.

What Exactly is the Process You Should Follow to Get Cashback from Apple Pay?

There are a couple of important steps you should follow to get cashback from Apple Pay. So, let’s go ahead and learn what they are.

  • When a customer uses an Apple card, they are eligible to receive cashback. Customers who make purchases in the store can earn cashback credited to their Apple Pay accounts. They can do that simply by swiping their Apple credit or debit cards at the register. They receive a rebate in the form of cash if the merchants accept Apple Pay.
  • Customers have another option for earning cashback. In fact, as per that, they can link their debit or credit card to the respective Apple Pay account. You will need to add the information for your debit or credit card to the Apple Pay wallet. If you pay with American Express cards at the cashier, you will be entitled to cashback on the transaction.

An Overview of Apple Pay

Here’s an overview of Apple Pay for those who are yet to use it. This overview is presented in point form for your convenience.

  • You’re given the option of downloading an application called Apple Wallet if you are using an iPhone smartphone.
  • If you have it, the information that pertains to your credit cards and debit cards will be saved.
  • Assume that the respective information is stored on your smartphone. Because of that, you’ll have the ability to perform transactions using it.
  • You only should sign in to your Apple Pay account in order to make a payment. In this case, all you have to do is sign in using the password associated with your account.
  • You also can sign in to your Apple Pay account using your Touch ID. And, all the reader has to see is your device before it will take payment from you.
  • Whenever it is required to perform a transaction with contactless technology, Apple Pay is a fantastic option.
  • The positive aspect of Apple Pay is that there is no restriction on payments. But there’s an exception when a store itself sets a limit on the amount that can be paid.
  • You have the ability to pick and choose the kind of card you want to use. To do that, you can simply look through the available options in your wallet.
  • You also have the option of setting up a preferred card.
  • The technology known as communication will be present on all of the devices. That is irrespective of the fact that each one may have a different form. The processing of the payment will be made possible thanks to this technological advancement.
  • In fact, both the iOS device and the card reader are equipped with smart technology. That is to make it possible for them to communicate with one another and make the transactions smooth.
  • This is a good perk in general. That is because it ensures that you won’t have to pay for items that you don’t desire.

Is It Secure to Use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

To prevent unauthorized access to users’ private information, Apple uses digital tokens. Your information is recorded when you use a token.

And afterward, in order to recognize the payment details, it is given a combination of random numbers and letters.

In a way, it is useless in the form of a token. Well, assume that it was ever to come into the custody of another person. So, there’d be no way for them to access the transaction information or card numbers stored on it.

It cannot be reverted to its previous state under any circumstances. Assume that you misplace your device due to some reason or another. In that case, you won’t need to worry about having to cancel any of your credit or debit cards.

That is because you can easily suspend any recurring payments. That’s what you should know if you wonder, “can you get cash back with Apple Pay”.

In addition, let’s figure out why does Apple Pay say pending and how long does Apple Pay stay pending, as well as how to accept it.

How to Avoid Potential Scams on Apple Pay?

With Apple Pay, scamming attempts can happen just like with any other payment method. Scammers trick you into sending money to an account they control via Apple Pay.

So, it is important to take necessary measures and avoid such unpleasant, risky situations.

Social engineering is a technique used by cybercriminals to pose as a family member or friend and solicit money. In fact, they can get in touch with you via social media and messaging apps.

It is not uncommon for them to demand payment through a bogus online business. The money is sent to a false charity or funds transferred directly to their bank account.

That said, mentioned below are simple steps you can take to avoid potential scams that might happen.

  • Avoid transferring money or making payments to random, unknown websites.
  • Be sure to check your payments before completing the transactions.
  • Always ask recipients for more information (perhaps something personal).
  • Block strange individuals who request money from you.

Things You Can Do if Someone Scammed You Through Apple Pay

What if you were already scammed? Here are some steps you can take to mitigate the damage.

  • Try to find the transaction made by a scammer. You can do it through your Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Then, you can tap the respective transaction entry in order to cancel it.
  • Contact the technical support staff of your bank card and provide them with the details of the scam.
  • Make a request to the bank to cancel the respective payment.

In addition, if you are experiencing the “Apple Pay services are currently unavailable” issue, don’t worry; this article explains the causes & solutions to fix it quickly.

To Open a Dispute

  • First, go to the transaction and choose the “Report an Issue” option.
Report an Issue
  • Then, you should select “Dispute Charge“.
  • Now, select the “Reason for Dispute” option.
Reason for Dispute
  • Define the type of the issue.
  • Describe the situation in the chat.


1. Can I receive cash back directly from Apple Pay? Apple Pay itself does not offer a cash back feature. However, some financial institutions or retailers may provide cash back rewards or promotions associated with using Apple Pay.

2. How can I obtain cash using Apple Pay? While Apple Pay does not directly provide cash, you can link your Apple Pay account with peer-to-peer payment services like Venmo or PayPal, allowing you to transfer funds and withdraw them as physical currency.

3. Is Apple Pay secure for making payments? Yes, Apple Pay prioritizes security and privacy. It uses tokenization technology, biometric authentication, and does not transmit actual card numbers to merchants, reducing the risk of fraud.

4. What are the advantages of using Apple Pay? Apple Pay offers convenience, enhanced security, and compatibility with numerous merchants. It eliminates the need to carry physical cards and simplifies the payment process.

5. Are there any drawbacks to using Apple Pay? Not all merchants accept Apple Pay, which may limit its usability in some situations. Additionally, some users may prefer physical cards or have concerns about relying solely on their mobile devices for payments.


In conclusion, while Apple Pay does not provide a direct cash back feature, it offers a convenient and secure way to make payments using your Apple devices. Although some financial institutions and retailers may offer cash back rewards for using Apple Pay, it is important to check with your specific bank or credit card issuer to determine if such benefits are available. If obtaining physical cash is a priority, alternative methods such as peer-to-peer payment services can be used in conjunction with Apple Pay.


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