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Xnore Spy App

If you are curious about the Xnore spy app, this review is just for you.

This article will explain the functionality, features, and other valuable information about the Xnore spy app.

Part 1. Complete Xnore Spy App Review

Introduction to Xnore Spy App

In simplest terms, Xnore is tracking software for cell phones. This special tracking software has become very popular among parents and business owners due to its impressive features.

For parents, an Xnore spy app is a handy tool that can monitor their kids’ online activities. On the other hand, for business owners, Xnore is a tool to track the mobile-based activities of employees.

Xnore Spy App

When it comes to subscription plans, Xnore offers you several options. This powerful spy app lets you enjoy various features to match different requirements.

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How Does Xnore Spy App Work?

To enjoy the benefits of the Xnore Spy, you should install it on the target device.

The term target device is used to identify the device you monitor. Soon after the installation, Xnore Spy will start to monitor the device.

How Does Xnore Spy App Work

One of the best features associated with the Xnore spy is that it has a remote monitoring feature. That means it captures the data of the target device and transfers it to you.

You will be able to monitor the transferred data through a control panel located remotely. This control panel can be accessed through any web browser on any computer that is connected to the internet.

It can capture data like Facebook activities, call logs, or even the device’s real-time location. The control panel you monitor will be constantly updated with the captured data.

You should log into the control panel with credentials to access the data displayed on the control panel.

No one else can view the information displayed on the target device unless they have your username and password. You don’t have to worry about the data collected by Xnore. They assure that the personal data collected are perfectly safe and secured.

You cannot get the Xnore spy app shipped to your doorstep. Instead, you can download it. When you register for an Xnore account, you will get an email with a link to download the software. The installation guidelines will also be added to this email.

However, there is a downside to this handy spy app. You cannot install this monitoring tool on the target device remotely. To install this app, you should gain physical access to the device and unlock it.

You should enter the download link through the email and install it on the target device. However, you can start monitoring the device pretty conveniently once the installation is done.

Once the installation is done, you will see the app icon on the home screen of the target device. If you need it, you can hide it or leave it. If you hide it, the app will not be noticeable to the user. Such a feature can be useful if you monitor a device secretly.

Do You Need to Root the Target Device to Install Xnore Spy App?

To install Xnore on a target device, you don’t need to root it. However, some of the features of Xnore require a rooted device to work smoothly.

If you need to make the best use of Xnore, you have to root the target device. This can be another downside for some users.

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Does This App Work in Any Part of the World?

Xnore spy app has no limitation in terms of country, region, or cell phone carrier service. That means this software works anywhere in the world.

However, you must remember that Xnore can spy on a target mobile device only if there is an internet connection. Without the internet, this app cannot necessarily transfer data to your control panel.

Is Xnore a Legitimate Software?

The purpose of developing software like Xnore is to let parents monitor their kids. As we are aware, it is not illegal for a parent to use a parental control app on kids. We should make it simpler for you by mentioning the instances that are not illegal to use Xnore.

  • You use Xnore to keep track of the device your underage child uses.
  • You need to monitor the devices that your employees use. However, the respective employees should be informed that they are being monitored.
  • You intend to track your own mobile device with Xnore.

You may face legal issues if you use the Xnore app for any purpose other than what is mentioned above. In most countries, violating someone’s privacy is a serious case.

What Are the Features of the Xnore Spy App?

We will now look at this app’s most notable features.

SMS Tracker

One of the most useful features associated with the Xnore spy app is its SMS tracker. With the assistance of this feature, you can monitor all the SMS sent and received on the device. If the target device’s owner has deleted the text, Xnore can also track them.

However, Xnore cannot necessarily recover the SMS that was deleted prior to installing it.

By reading your kid’s text messages, you can get a good idea about her behavior. Also, it gives you an idea about the people that communicate with her.

It is true that many kids use social media to communicate. But many of these kids send text messages at least once in a while.

So, if you’re a parent who wants to assure your kid’s safety, you may read her SMS. After all, keeping track of your daughter or son is not unethical.

Track the Real-time Location of the Kids

With the assistance of Xnore, you can easily monitor the kid’s real-time location. Also, it comes with a geofencing feature. Whenever the kid enters an area defined by the geofencing feature, Xnore will record it.

However, you must know that this geolocation feature needs an internet connection to function. Whenever the device is disconnected from the internet, the location will not be recorded on the list.

Also, many users complain that the geolocation feature makes the battery drain fast (which is true). Despite those minor drawbacks, the geolocation feature is exceptionally helpful for any busy parent.

That is a superb way to track the whereabouts of your kids. You can use this feature to know where your kid spends more of her day.

Tracking the Phone Logs

Xnore has a very impressive feature called log tracking. With this feature, you can track a variety of important details. For instance, it can track all the call details (both inbound and outbound).

In addition to that, it will record missed calls as well. The duration of the call, phone numbers, time of the call, etc., will be recorded by this software.

Accessing Photos

Xnore also allows you to record all the photos stored in the photo gallery. This app can easily collect all the photos taken through the camera and save them from external sources.

In addition, it can record the photos shared through Facebook and send them to friends. This is a very handy feature to determine the interests and behavior of your child. Most of the kids love to share the pictures they take.

However, if they share the photos with an ill-intentioned person, the consequences can be ugly.

As a parent, you can monitor those actions through Xnore and take necessary actions. You can use the gallery of photos as evidence of their behavior.

Kids can have stuff like photos of the parties they attended or places they have visited without telling you. Also, kids tend to take photos of the activities they are engaged in.

For instance, consuming alcohol or drugs can be captured and saved on their phones. In addition to that, they may have inappropriate photos in their gallery. For instance, phonographic photos might be there.

In fact, if your child starts to watch pornographic content too early, that is a very bad sign. It can become a habit and eventually ruin your kid’s life.

So, with the assistance of Xnore, you can easily monitor the gallery and keep your kids away from danger.

Monitor Your Kids from a Remote Location

You can use this Xnore spy app to monitor kids remotely. That means you don’t have to hold their phone physically in hand to monitor it. Instead, you can track all the data on the target device remotely.

The control panel of Xnore can be accessed from any desktop computer of your preference. All you need is to log into the Xnore account using the credentials used to create the account. You can then view the control panel, where a lot of options are displayed.

As long as your computer is connected to the internet, you can gain access to the target mobile device.

As you may notice, Xnore spy app comes with various features to monitor your kids remotely. Apart from that, you can use the same app to monitor the employees of your organization. However, when you monitor the employees, you should be more careful than with kids.

That means making sure that the employees know that you are watching them. You can install Xnore on the company phones you provide for employees and start monitoring their behaviors. Such an approach might become handy for keeping your company secrets.

Part 2. mSpy: an Alternative to Xnore Spy App

As you may realize, Xnore is a great option to consider if you need to monitor your kids. However, Xnore is not the only spy app available in the market.

There are several other spy apps in the market to consider if you need to monitor someone’s phone.

mSpy is one of those tools that come with really impressive features. Get to know more about the best spy app for Android undetectable.

Xnore Spy App alternative mspy

Features of mSpy

Let’s take a quick look at the features associated with mSpy.

  • You can easily track social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc.
  • It can track all the activities related to VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, etc.
  • mSpy can monitor call logs and SMS sent and received on the target device
  • The location tracking feature linked to this software can monitor the target device’s real-time location
  • It can view all the photos and videos saved on the target device
  • You can use it to view the internet browsing history of the target device
  • More importantly, it comes with a keylogger that can track every keystroke typed (including passwords) on the target device
  • It is developed to be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms

If you need to access the premium features of this Spy app, you should root or jailbreak the devices. Also, you will need to gain physical access once to the target device when you install it on Android.

All in all, mSpy is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective monitoring apps.


No matter whether you use the Xnore spy app or mSpy, your intention should be clear and decent. Don’t ever try to interrupt someone’s privacy using these spy apps.

Make sure that you use them for the greater good. We highly recommend you use these apps to monitor your kids and protect them.


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