WhatsApp Sexting – Every Parent Must Know What It is

WhatsApp sexting can be disastrous for your children due to obvious reasons. It may end up ruining your child’s future and lead them to various unrecoverable issues.

So, knowing what exactly it is and taking necessary preventive measures is important for any modern-day parent.

It’s no secret that WhatsApp is regarded as a convenient way to stay in touch with loved ones. The quickness, simplicity, and DIY potential of this app have contributed to its continued success.

Many people now use WhatsApp to share files with their pals because of the app’s vanishing message function. Sexting via WhatsApp is now a concern as a result.

That said, this article explains how to track WhatsApp sexting and prevent your kids from it.  

Introduction to WhatsApp Sexting 

Most adults would want their children not to be involved in sexting, but teenagers are experts at it. WhatsApp sexting refers to the practice of exchanging explicit sexual content using the ubiquitous messaging service.

And they weren’t just limited to WhatsApp for their sexting activities. Teenagers are capable of finding a wide variety of sexting applications online, not just WhatsApp.

It’s a sort of sexual conversation between two users that don’t follow any rules. This is a sort of cyberbullying that can cause problems for both relevant parties. Everyone, dating or single, is susceptible to sexting on WhatsApp.

When conventional means of interaction are unavailable, it might be used to convey information and slake sexual desires.

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Part 1: Why Do Teens Tend to Sext Using WhatsApp?

Teenagers are a generation that we don’t fully comprehend. To make sense of the world, they explore it in many ways.

Why Do Teens Tend to Sext Using WhatsApp

However, the following are three of the most common justifications given by researchers for sending sexts.

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01. They Are Curious

As their bodies change from the inside out, it’s normal for children to have confusion about their sexuality. They also wonder about their place in the world between the ages of 11 and 16. Assume that your kid didn’t receive sex education properly.

In that case, they may be curious about sex and look for other ways to learn about it. As well as enlisting the aid of these buddies and the World Wide Web.

To further their sexual education, they engage in sexting, even with an unknown partner. They consider it virtuous to educate themselves on the subject of sexuality.

02. Popularity Factor

Teens’ new popularity gauge seems to be the frequency with which they swap naked images with one another. A lot of kids develop unhealthy obsessions with being the center of attraction as they get older.

Teenagers, like everyone else, want to be liked by their peers. If the famous children at school do sexting, then others are likely to follow suit.

03. Fun

Teenagers today often engage in the “fun” activity of sexting. Many young people enjoy the intimacy that comes with sexting, despite the risks associated with it.

When they feel secure, teenagers send and receive sexts. Imagine a situation where two people engage in sexual conversation. So, either one of them may get a false impression that the information being sent and received is safe.

That said, the other party is sexting too. Such naïve trust may be especially perilous for teenage girls who send a sext.

Part 2: What Measures Can You Take to Prevent Your Kids from Sexting Via WhatsApp?

If you want to prevent your kids from WhatsApp sexting, the below methods will help you.

Solution 1: Use KidsGuard for WhatsApp

For this reason, we suggest a third-party program called KidsGuard. This specific application serves as a WhatsApp surveillance app that may help you monitor your adolescent.

More importantly, it can prevent him from engaging in WhatsApp sexting. You may use a tool to monitor WhatsApp and keep tabs on your kids’ chats on any messaging service.

In addition to viewing previously deleted content, this software also displays the sender’s name, the time, etc. Nobody can expect their secrets to remain safe for long. You can check the message’s attachments, including any photographs or videos and their location.

Thanks to the smart functionality of KidsGuard, you can access the target’s information anytime, from anywhere. Below are the steps you should follow to monitor your kid’s WhatsApp activities through KidsGuard.

01. Sign Up

The obvious first step is to create an account for you in KidsGuard. Make sure that you visit the official website of KidsGuard and sign up. Also, provide a valid email address.

If you want to experience all the features of KidsGuard, you should go for a premium package.

02. Download KidsGuard

After creating an account, you can see a different page called “My Products & Order Management.” Then, select the option called “Setup Guide.” Complete the steps on the Android device you intend to monitor. If everything goes well, the process will be completed in 3 minutes.

Download and Install KidsGuard

03. Start Monitoring

After the installation is completed, you should click on “Verify Setup“. Now, you will be directed to the dashboard of KidsGuard. That’s basically it.

All you need now is to monitor the WhatsApp data on the target device easily.

Start Monitor WhatsApp Chats

Main Features of KidsGuard

Here are some of the main features associated with KidsGuard.

  • It allows you to view all the sent and received messages on the target device.
  • You can read the target device’s WhatsApp status, images, phrases, thumbnail videos, etc. The best thing is that you can see them anonymously. Also, you can see removed and expired statuses.
  • This app will not delete any WhatsApp conversation, image, video, or document on the target device.
  • It takes screenshots of the target device so you can collect proof of any activity on the device.
  • You can view the contact list saved in the target device. It also views the duration, date, and time related to each call.
  • It is possible to record WhatsApp calls as strong proof of their conversations.

Solution 2: Talk to Your Teen Openly

We all know that sexting may get adolescents into trouble. However, it can also be used as a conversation starter on serious topics like sexuality.

Take time out of your day to talk to your kid openly. This is useful if you’re worried that they’re getting into trouble by using their phone. 

Some teenagers even don’t know if they are doing anything wrong while WhatsApp sexting with a stranger.

So, explaining everything clearly about sexting is a very good approach for every parent who has teenage kids.

Talk to Your Teen Openly

Solution 3: Delete Any Photos and Messages That Are Inappropriate

You can get rid of photos and messages by simply erasing them. We’re not referring to children who have a crush on somebody.

Instead, we’re referring to children who are sexually harassed by their classmates. This is exactly why you should be concerned if your child sends inappropriate texts or images.

So, here’s exactly what to do if you see your kid sending an inappropriate text or photo on WhatsApp. “Just delete it immediately!

What if you catch them sending or taking a photo that you find objectionable? Just press Delete so the evidence will be permanently erased.

Delete Any Photos and Messages That Are Inappropriate

Solution 4: Set Some Limits

If the aforementioned strategies don’t work, boundaries need to be established. Communicate your expectations to your adolescent and lead by example. If they refuse to listen, firm rules must be implemented.

Put in place proper restrictions that will allow them to maintain close relationships with their family and friends. This is done while protecting them from unwanted texts and issues.

Solution 5: Explain the Importance of a Healthy Sexuality

If things haven’t changed, it may be time to have a conversation about sexual health with your kid. Children often rely on their parents as their most trustworthy and valuable resource for knowledge.

Your adolescent probably won’t feel awkward discussing this with you. That’s because you’ve established a bond based on mutual care and trust.

Reassure your adolescent that sexual exploration is a normal part of coming of age. Still, it’s important to underline the significance of sex confidentiality.

Part 3: Dangers Related to WhatsApp Sexting

Knowing the potential dangers associated with WhatsApp sexting is important for any modern-day parent.

Dangers Related to WhatsApp Sexting

Mentioned below are the dangers your kids may face with sexting.

01. Risk of Getting Blackmailed

Teenagers can put themselves in danger of blackmail because of an accidental naked photo sent. Some recipients of such photos have threatened to shame the sender publicly.

When teenagers are threatened in this way, they often give the blackmailer what they want. Oftentimes, they are just too embarrassed to ask for assistance.

02. The Child’s Reputation is at a Stake

Sending messages with sexual content to another user is a very bad idea at any stage. Sooner or later, such photos can damage the sender’s reputation severely.  

03. Your Teen Will Be Exposed to a Whole World

Your youngster can’t control who sees the photo after they send it. It is not uncommon for a teen to discover that personal photos have been passed around.

Also, in some cases, posted online. After the picture is uploaded to the internet, molesters may view it. Your child might be at risk of being sexually exploited if you do this.

04. Legal Issues

Your child’s sexting could lead to him or her being arrested and added to the Sex Offender Registry. The harshest penalties are reserved for those who make the request or who provide the image.

Your kid’s school has the right to discipline them and anybody else involved, regardless of age, even if they’re not breaking the law.


Is Sexting Common?

Yes. WhatsApp sexting has become common across the globe among all age groups.

What is the Best Way to Monitor Sexting?

It is better to install a monitoring app like KidsGuard Pro to monitor your child’s WhatsApp activities, including sexting.


So, that’s all about WhatsApp sexting. As you may know, sexting can make various negative impacts on your child’s future.

So, you are supposed to take all the necessary precautions and protect your child from it. To make it happen, you can use a tool like KidsGuard Pro, which we mentioned in the above article.



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