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WhatsApp Cheating – Methods to Reveal Cheating Partners


Written by Jack Lin

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WhatsApp Cheating

It is quite heartbreaking to find out if your partner is WhatsApp cheating on you. However, is it fine to look away even when you have suspicions? It is another thing to overcontrol everything.

However, there is a difference between being jealous and being dubious about the faithfulness of your partner.

So, are you looking for a way to verify whether your loved one is WhatsApp cheating on you or not?

Today’s technology offers a lot of incredible ways to find out someone’s secrets discreetly. Learn about some of the most reliable and effective WhatsApp cheating solutions here.

Using a WhatsApp cheating app, it is easier to be sure about your suspicions rather than accusing the other person directly.

Now, look at some proven ways to reveal your cheating partner.

How Rare is WhatsApp Cheating?

All deceptions leave some traces. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint some lies. However, it has become harder for users to commit online infidelity without leaving some signs. Thanks to modern-day technology!

As studies show, WhatsApp cheating is pretty common in the United States. Infidelity acts to taint about 40% of relationships and 20% of marriages.

Now, are you thinking that men commit WhatsApp cheating the most? The same studies reveal that the gap between women and men cheaters is narrowing down every year. They both are almost caught up!

Cheating through WhatsApp and other social messengers is more complicated. This is because it is not physical contact. The WWW enables users to partake in infidel activities without having actual sex.

For instance, there are various chat rooms for cybersex and flirting. Today, there are more popularized versions, such as sexting through smartphone tools like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

Now, why is there a focus on smartphones and particularly WhatsApp cheating?

To Know the Answer, Go Through the Following Unnerving Statistics.

  • Today, half of the entire world’s population has mobile devices. In the case of the United States, only less than one-third of Americans do not use smartphones actively in their regular lives. That’s the reason smartphones are the most common method to flirt for both men and women online.
  • Basically, approx. 22% of the world’s population is addicted to their smartphones. In the United States, one out of five is glued to the phone screen, whereas half of all check their devices a couple of times every hour.
  • Today, one out of ten real-life relationships starts online. Later on, about 40% of online cheating through WhatsApp typically becomes physical.
  • WhatsApp is a widely popular social application. This is the second most-used application, with more than 1.5 billion users. Currently, it is being topped by Facebook Messenger only. This is because it is implemented in the biggest social network in the world.

Depending on the popularity of WhatsApp and smartphones, WhatsApp cheating is immensely widespread among people. Its popularity features some advantages too.

For instance, there are various proven methods to find out whether your partner is WhatsApp cheating on you or not.

How to Know If Your Partner is WhatsApp Cheating on You

Have you gotten hold of your girlfriend’s smartphone? If yes, and you are now wondering how what to do with it, keep reading. The good news is that you do not necessarily have to be a professional engineer.

It is sufficient to have basic knowledge of iPhone or Android functionality. This is all you need to confirm whether your partner is faithful or not through a WhatsApp cheating app. Well, you also need access to your partner’s phone having WhatsApp.

Now, assume that your partner’s phone is with you. Now, you have about 10-20 minutes to scan through it. What should you do next?

Here are some comprehensive ways to catch your unfaithful partner hassle-free. Let’s find out whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not through messaging tools.

1. Discover Your WhatsApp Cheating Partner Through WhatsApp Chats

In the first place, you are obviously going to browse their chats. Begin with the WhatsApp chats on top, as these are some contacts your partner talks to the most.

Look for the user your partner talks to having many deleted WhatsApp messages.

Beware that you will not come across any signs of deleted messages in some messaging tools like Telegram or Instagram Direct. These deleted messages will appear as blank conversations if you tap on them.

In such cases, you need to pay special attention to vacant chat rooms that appear at the list’s top.

Now, are you thinking about a way to restore these deleted messages? Actually, it is possible to restore them.

To check out Deleted Messages on the Whatsapp Cheating App, You Should:

1: First, uninstall WhatsApp.

2: Install the WhatsApp tool again from Google Play Store or App Store.

3: Follow the text prompts and select the ‘Terms and Conditions.’

4: Enter your partner’s mobile number.

5: If there’s a prompt to restore previous texts from a backup, tap on ‘Restore.’

For checking out deleted messages on the WhatsApp cheating app

Restoring Deleted Texts on WhatsApp Through a WhatsApp Cheating App

If you are ready to go through such a hassle, it is better to look for alternatives. There is an amazing alternative for revealing a cheating partner through a WhatsApp cheating app.

Use a third-party tool like mSpy for reading every text sent and received on the target device, including the deleted ones.

2. Have a Quick Glance at the Contacts

Next, you should check the contact list and address book inside every messaging tool on the target device.

This lets you learn much about your partner’s secrets by analyzing their contacts. Give attention to how names are assigned to their contacts!

1. Firstly, you should note the chats at the messenger’s top. These are the chats of the users your partner interacts with the most.

2. Next, you have to consider a few things listed below:

  • Secret contact names – is there a name that seems odd? There could be some friends that are assigned “code” names by your partner. In that case, your partner may not want to tell you about them. Or maybe they do not want to reveal how often they talk to these people.
  • Weird WhatsApp status – Have a quick glance at the WhatsApp status. If it seems strange, then it is something worth investigating.
  • Emojis or special symbols – Smiley faces and emojis are not a good sign, particularly when you see a lot of red hearts next to some guy’s contact.
  • False contact names – Girls can assign made-up names to the WhatsApp contact of their lovers. However, they sometimes forget to forge their identities in the default address book of their smartphones.
Have a Quick Glance at the Contacts

How to Look for “False” Identities on the Target Device

1: Initially, look for suspicious people in the contact list.

2: Now, take note of the contact number of that person on WhatsApp.

3: Look for that contact number among the phone’s default contacts.

4: Next, look for the same contact on your smartphone if you know anyone by that number.

If something matches, then there is a chance that your partner is WhatsApp cheating.

3. See All Multimedia Files

On WhatsApp, all incoming photos and videos are directed to the dedicated folder in the target device by default.

There is an option to change it in the settings of WhatsApp. However, most users do not touch anything in the setting menu.

See All Multimedia Files

Check Content Through WhatsApp’s Settings Menu

Users can go through the content sent to their partners through WhatsApp in the following manner:

On iOS, everything automatically shows up in the corresponding section of ‘Photos.’

On Android OS, photos and videos get saved in the folder ‘WhatsApp/Media‘ on the internal storage of the target device. Some smartphones save them on external storage by the same name.

Check Content Through WhatsApp's Settings Menu

How to Check WhatsApp Folder

Users sometimes delete the message history on WhatsApp. However, they forget that the lewd photos they receive end up in the ‘Photos‘ folder automatically.

4. Go through Social Networks

As you know, WhatsApp is not the only popular messaging tool. Many others, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

So, do you like to be sure about whether your partner is cheating on WhatsApp with other people behind your back? If so, then you need to go through different social networks.

However, it could be difficult to do so. As you know, social messaging tools are locked behind passcodes. Most apps use two-factor authentication for logging in. Mobile tools for several social media tools tend to feature an extra PIN code.

So, is there a way to get past everything? Yes, there is a practical way to expose WhatsApp cheating partners. Using a WhatsApp cheating app, you do not need to do anything.

How to Reveal Cheating Partners Through a WhatsApp Cheating App – mSpy

So, if you like to be sure whether your partner is cheating on you, using a monitoring tool is a must. Such a professional spy tool is mSpy.

This WhatsApp cheating app is a leading WhatsApp hacker tool that lets you monitor the target device.

With the help of mSpy, users can track all smartphone activities of the target user. This WhatsApp cheating app allows you to see outgoing and incoming texts, check calls, and monitor real-time GPS location.

For Revealing Your WhatsApp Cheating partner, Go Through the Following Instructions:

1: In the first place, users have to create an account on mSpy’s official website.

2: After that, choose your partner’s smartphone’s OS (operating system).

3: Now, buy a subscription plan from the option available. Then, verify your email address.

4: Next, you need to access your partner’s smartphone. On that device, visit ‘Security‘ and then go to ‘Settings.’ From there, choose ‘Device Administration‘ and allow ‘Downloads from Unknown Sources.’

5: Once done, download mSpy and install the same on the target device.

6: Once installed, you need to hide the icon of this application when prompted. This way, your partner will not discover that they are being spied on.

For revealing your WhatsApp cheating partner with mSpy
Config mSpy for Android

With mSpy, deleting messages and sneakiness won’t help. This monitoring tool allows you to check everything on the target device in real time.

So, download the app to reveal your cheating partner using the WhatsApp cheating app.


The legality of using spy apps varies depending on your jurisdiction. It is essential to research the laws in your area before considering the use of such apps. Additionally, it’s crucial to respect someone’s privacy and consider the potential consequences before engaging in any monitoring activities.

FAQ 2: Can WhatsApp messages be recovered once they are deleted?

WhatsApp messages can be recovered in certain situations. If a user has created a backup of their chats on a cloud service or their device, it is possible to restore deleted messages. However, once the backup is overwritten or deleted, the messages become irretrievable.

FAQ 3: How can I rebuild trust after discovering WhatsApp cheating?

Rebuilding trust after infidelity takes time and effort from both partners. It requires open and honest communication, understanding, and a willingness to work through the underlying issues. Seeking professional help from a relationship counselor or therapist can also provide guidance and support during this process.

Yes, there can be other signs of cheating in a relationship, such as changes in routine, sudden unexplained expenses, increased secrecy, and emotional distance. It’s essential to consider the overall context and behavior patterns when evaluating suspicions of infidelity.

FAQ 5: What should I do if I discover my partner is cheating on me?

Discovering infidelity is a deeply personal and individual experience. It is crucial to prioritize your emotional well-being and make decisions that align with your values and needs. Seeking support from loved ones, a therapist, or a support group can be beneficial in navigating through the challenging emotions and decisions that follow.


So, this is how you can find out whether your partner is WhatsApp cheating on you or not. If you have suspicions, it is better to confirm them through a professional monitoring tool like mSpy.

Do not accuse them if you are not sure about anything. Even if your partner is cheating on you through the WhatsApp cheating app, do not do anything stupid when you are emotional.

It is better to stay calm. Look for concrete proof if your partner is WhatsApp cheating on you.

So, if you are looking for a reliable tool that gathers factual infidelity evidence, mSpy is what you need. Register now to get a 7-day free trial. Check out how this tool works before you use it!


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