WebWatcher Reviews and Top Alternative in 2023

Smartphone monitoring tools aren’t a new revelation; more powerful tools are being released now than there were several years ago.

The majority of these tools are designed for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids. It’s no surprise that this is the case, considering how dangerous some parts of the internet can be.

That said, plenty of others can use monitoring tools – employers, suspicious spouses, and even concerned siblings.

WebWatcher is one possible smartphone monitoring solution, and this article will detail the key points that all WebWatcher reviews should point out.

WebWatcher is a very flexible monitoring solution that enables you to track iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows PCs, Mac computers, and even Chromebooks. It also provides a seamlessly easy way of accessing the data that was tracked.

Keeping this in mind, we’re now going to get into the main review.

WebWatcher’s Key Features

So, when it comes to using WebWatcher to monitor a target, what does this solution have to offer? Of course, it includes all the regular features you’d expect to see in a monitoring tool, but there are a few that stand out too.

GPS Location Monitor

GPS tracking is one of the most important features to prioritize when selecting a monitoring solution, especially for children. Knowing where your kids are at all times could come in handy when times are rough.

If you’re ever worried about them because their curfew has passed and they didn’t come home, or even just locating their iPhone if they lose it, then GPS monitoring is a fantastic tool.

WebWatcher Reviews - Location Tracking

Internet Browsing Access

Blocking inappropriate sites is an effective way of making sure your children don’t view anything that isn’t suitable for them. However, you can’t block every single site. WebWatcher provides you with access to their internet browsing history. As a result, you can see what they look at online and teach them about the dangers of the internet.

WebWatcher Reviews Search History

Texts/Phone Calls Tracking

The common feature that all WebWatcher reviews mention is that the software can track text messages sent from, and received on, the target device. It also tracks information about the calls made and received on the device.

WebWatcher Reviews Text Monitoring

Information that WebWatcher gathers with these features is useful for making sure that kids don’t put themselves in danger. It’s also one way that employers can check up on how employees are using their work phones.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is a significant part of our lives to the extent that even the elderly are taking part and creating accounts. Younger children have also become active social media users – Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber are just a handful of popular platforms out there.

As such, being able to monitor children’s social media activity is very important. Online predators can be caught before it’s too late, and parents can check their kid’s accounts to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate going on.

Application Tracker

Among WebWatcher’s features is a unique application tracker. Anytime the device user installs a new application, you’ll get a notification on the dashboard. This simply alerts parents and employers of any unsuitable apps that may be installed on the target’s device.

Access Storage Files

WebWatcher is actively tracking photos and other media that are in the device’s storage. If you are tracking your child, you’ll see if they screenshot or save pornographic, violent, or generally very inappropriate photos. You can talk to them and explain why these are types of content they shouldn’t be viewing.

Compatible with Everything!

Last of all, all WebWatcher reviews will tell you how compatible this monitoring software is and what it’s available for almost all smartphones and computers.

Windows and Mac computers, iPhones and Android smartphones, and Chromebooks too. Consequently, you can track all of your children’s devices and view all their online activities without a problem.

Compatible with Everything

About WebWatcher for Computers

WebWatcher’s PC/Mac/Chromebooks solutions include a lot of the features we’ve dove into above, but it’s worth mentioning a few features that are unique to computers:

  • Keylogging allows you to see everything that the user types
  • Browser tracking to view their browsing history and searches
  • Frequent screenshotting to see the computer’s display
  • Capture screenshots if any “alert words” are typed or searched
  • Highlights text in the keylogging log if an “alert word” is entered
  • View all of the programs that are installed on the computer

The key takeaways are that the computer solution provides screenshotting and keylogging. Both of these are impressive and useful features that give more insight when monitoring children, employees, and possibly unfaithful spouses.


To quickly summarise the features above and some advantages of using WebWatcher over other monitoring tools, here are the pros:

  • Great at tracking smartphone and computer activity
  • Sends email notifications for certain features
  • Discreet installation for hiding the spy tool
  • Doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting of target devices
  • Easy to navigate the dashboard and view all the data
  • Can capture live screenshots of the target device


No software solution is perfect, including WebWatcher. To be as objective as possible in WebWatcher reviews, below are some cons:

  • Reviews of WebWatcher state that there are a lot of features that have bugs
  • For this monitoring tool to be fully functional, you might have to disable antivirus software
  • Installing the software can be difficult if you aren’t tech-savvy
  • If your children see the app, then deleting it is really easy
  • Older smartphones are prone to lagging when WebWatcher is active
  • This is a very expensive monitoring solution (starting at $59.95 / 3 months)

What About mSpy?

mSpy is a safe alternative to WebWatcher, and It’s not uncommon for people to choose it over WebWatcher. There are a few reasons for this:

  • mSpy has real-time GPS tracking, WebWatcher’s GPS tracking doesn’t update as often
  • It provides more in-depth storage access (contacts, notes, calendar data, etc.)
  • It has a much lower monthly price

On the other hand, WebWatcher is available more devices than mSpy and can track data from more social media platforms. Hence, there are benefits to both of them.

Hopefully, with the details you find in WebWatcher reviews, you can decide which of the monitoring platforms you should use.

WebWatcher alternative - mSpy

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Top WebWatcher Alternative – KidsGuard Pro

Perhaps you’ve gotten this far, and neither WebWatcher nor mSpy has impressed you. That’s fine, and you can also consider KidsGuard.

With KidsGuard, users can indulge in all of the features mentioned in the above WebWatcher reviews aside from bugs, high pricing, and difficult usage.

  • Monitor activity on iOS and Android
  • Doesn’t require users to jailbreak iOS or root Android devices
  • Capture live screenshots of the target device’s display
  • Tracks everything that the target types using a keylogger
  • Displays the target’s live GPS location on a Google Map
  • Shows all of the tracked data on a dashboard that you can access anywhere
  • View Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps’ data
  • Allows users to export all of the data on the dashboard so that it is accessible anywhere
  • Provides a fully functioning demo so that you can see features in action

KidsGuard is an incredibly easy monitoring solution to use. There isn’t a version available for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers. However, there’s no doubt that it’s the best way to monitor iOS and Android smartphones.

Installing KidsGuard

Have you chosen KidsGuard as the monitoring tool which stands out to you from these WebWatcher reviews? If so, below is a quick guide to assist you with setting it up.

Sign up KidsGuard
  • 2 – After finishing the account creation, you’ll be taken to the device installation.
  • 3 – Provide the information KidsGuard requests and select the type of device.

The following steps depend on if you are tracking an iOS or Android device.

iOS Devices

  • 4 – On the next menu, you must sign in to the iCloud account, which is linked to the target device. Click “Verify” to continue.
Setup KidsGuard for iOS
  • Note: for this to be successful, enable the iCloud backup and iCloud syncing features on the device.
  • 5 – After the account has been verified, KidsGuard will start monitoring the target device. It will take a few hours before you start seeing a lot of tracked data on the dashboard.

Android Devices

  • 4 – Retrieve the target device and go to “Settings > Security.”
  • 5 – Enable the setting “Unknown Sources” and go back to the home screen.
  • 6 – Open a browser app and download KidsGuard’s APK.
  • 7 – Once the download is complete, tap the APK and install it.
Download KidsGuard Pro app
  • Note: it’s important that you provide KidsGuard with all the necessary permissions, so grant them if a notification appears.
  • 8 – After installing KidsGuard, launch it, and tap “Grant” as well as “Start Monitoring.” You can now delete the app’s shortcut to hide it from the target and access the dashboard to see the data.
WebWatcher alternative - KidsGuard Dashboard

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Monitoring software is obviously a very useful tool to use whether you’re a protective parent or enforcing employer.

There’s no better way to make sure that your children are safe online and that your employees are sticking to work. After you browse through some WebWatcher reviews, you’ll start painting a better picture of what this solution has to offer.

Comparing WebWatcher’s price tag to that of KidsGuard Pro and mSpy makes it clear how expensive it actually is, which is what discourages most people.

That’s why we recommend KidsGuard, and the information above proves that it’s the most noteworthy spy tool.



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