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How Does Unfollowspy Manage Twitter Account?


Written by Jack Lin

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If you are looking for a tool that could help you keep track of the followers you get for your social media account, then Unfollowspy can be your best partner.

This Unfollowspy review aims to take you through a study tour that will give you all the required knowledge about this to help you decide if it can be worth your attention. It’s important to know who is in your following list.

Why Do We Need Unfollowspy?

After all, social networking sites work on this principle only when you try gathering more and more people to follow your social media accounts to make your content reach a wider range of the masses.

So let’s start with the review of this app, where we will be telling you all about this app. The rest will be upon you to decide whether the tool will be able to meet the requirements of your social media presence.


Also, it can be handy for any user to learn how to hide likes on Twitter for various reasons. And here are three solutions you can try to hide likes on Twitter.

What is Unique About Unfollowspy?

The website is a tracker tool that helps the user manage his social media account effectively. The basic idea of this app is to keep track of the followers of the account, who are the new followers and who left the follower list.

When it comes to social networking sites, the tool works to track the user’s Twitter account and manages the follower list over there. A unique thing about it is that it also includes the music app Soundcloud in the interface.

You can sign in to the app either by Twitter or Soundcloud. This tool is a full packaged web-based solution for all social media-related issues.

Let’s take a look at what the app Unfollowspy can do for you in the below part of the Unfollowspy Review.

Manage the Audience

The tool helps you in tracking all the latest people added to your follower list. You can do this on a real-time basis with the live reports that the app reverts to you.

You can log into the app, view the new Friends that you’ve got, and view the accounts of the people who stopped being your follower or started following you.

And you can also see the names of the people whom you do not follow back or the ones who do not follow you back.

It’s not just the names; you can view all about the accounts of these people in the app itself. You may then decide if you want to follow or proceed with unfollowing the particular accounts or not.

Identify the Spam or Inactive Accounts

The app allows you to scan through the following list of your account. This is aimed at helping you analyze the user accounts that haven’t been active on Twitter for a significant period, like the past one month or maybe more than a year. It then lists out all such users, and you can decide whatever you wish to do with them.

Another benefit of this function is that you can locate spammy account that has a low-key presence. These can generally be identified by the absence of a profile picture in them. You can choose to remove these accounts as well as it might be important for the security of your account.

Besides, if you wonder how to find out who unfollowed me on Facebook, actually yes, with some extensions (like Who Deleted Me), you will know the truth.

Perform Analysis and Monitor the Follower Accounts

Unfollowspy curates meticulous data about your followers on your Twitter account. After seven days of taking membership in the website, it will also display metrics to you that tell you the number of people who unfollowed you or followed you newly.

The benefit of this kind of data is that you can keep tabs on your social media account growth.

This can be very useful for commercial or professional people as they can see the position of their topic page or brand in the virtual world.

This helps them take measures to grow the business more or amend the faults to compensate for the decline. You can search the tweets with the help of some keywords as well as hashtags. However, you cannot retweet this app.

Arrange Content and Schedule Tweets

The software enables you to automatize tweeting with its advanced features. You can make tweets on any date in the schedule tweets option. You can enter the text in the tweet box and choose a date to post it. The app will work out the rest for you.

This is beneficial since you can write the post as and when it comes to your mind and choose the right time for its posting that you think will make its impact right.

With Unfollowspy, you can be assured that you will not miss out on any promotional message or special days for any loved one.

Mobile Version of the Website

You can enjoy all the features of this Unfollowspy tool on the desktop as well as on your mobile device. The app will not let you miss out on any of the features just because you cannot access the PC while you are out of the office or at home.

So the idea is that you can manage all your social media accounts on the run, which is very simple. This website will be accessible to you on your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, let’s learn how to clear Twitter cache for a refreshed feed and improved app performance. Follow our easy guide to enhance your Twitter experience.

Does Knowing About the Un-followers Make a Difference?

It is a very common thing where people to unfollow you. It is certainly just like the other things are. Even the best friend that you’ve got will unfollow you someday, no matter if you be following them.

The reason behind it is that the follower pattern of Twitter is very dynamic, and the drops happen for several reasons.

There Are Certain Reasons Which Can Be Cited As Being Responsible for the Followers That Stick to Your Account:

  1. The follow will last for a very long if the follower is your very close friend in real life.
  2. When a person follows you for the reason that they highly appreciate your tweets, these people will stick to you for as long as they keep liking your content. These kinds of followers remain there for a long time.
  3. If you gained followers through promotional websites, like Twitter ads or apps like Twiends, then the time they might last can vary. Remember that you are dealing with billboard advertising, so you must stay satisfied with the sudden drops and the users that will follow you for a longer period than the rest.
  4. The last case to consider would be where you bought followers from websites like Let us tell you that you may want to feel thankful if these followers even last for a few days.

You must know that the mechanism of Twitter is not as permanent as it is in the case of Facebook. The virtual connections are mostly non-reciprocal and one-way, so they remain weaker, with the network effect working least on them.

In case you are taking the help of active promotional websites, you must stay ready for the addition of tons of followers and sudden dips in the list. The principle remains that as big as your account becomes, so grows the daily attrition.

All That You Need to Know About Follower Statistics

Daily statistics are cool. Yes, they help you with so many things, like better analysis of the performance of your account.

The whole idea of knowing your followers can prove to be useful for numerous reasons. This can help you know the type of accounts that follow you, and you can make your content more suitable accordingly.

However, one thing to note is that the followers of your Twitter account may not just want to see daily tweets stating the number of followers you gained or lost every day. That is not at all necessary to be there on your feed.

In case you have enabled the tracker to gather such statistics, then at least turn off such tweets from being shared in your feed. If you don’t do that, then you might lose more followers, and these will be the ones who do not want to see those annoying posts.

As far as the sources of the follower or un-follower accounts are concerned, you cannot know them at all. No app can help you with that.

It can only tell you the source of the account if you gained that follower through that particular app only. The API of Twitter cannot report the sources. You can only guess according to the most frequent location of your account.

The software Twiends can help you to know the follower’s location, but only when that connection happens through the website. However, you cannot know the same about the other followers as the unfollowing happens at later dates too.

The feature of Unfollowspy that lets you unfollow inactively or spam accounts is useful but can also land you in trouble. If you unfollow Twitter accounts in bulk and too often, that can make Twitter suspend your account. Some Twitter users just read the feed and do not necessarily tweet. So be careful.

All that you need to know about follower statistics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can Unfollowspy manage multiple Twitter accounts? Yes, Unfollowspy can manage multiple Twitter accounts, making it an ideal tool for businesses with several profiles.
  2. Is Unfollowspy free to use? Unfollowspy offers both free and paid plans. The paid plans offer additional functionalities and insights.
  3. How does Unfollowspy identify inactive Twitter users? Unfollowspy uses a data-driven approach to identify inactive users based on their recent activity or lack thereof.
  4. Can I schedule tweets using Unfollowspy? Absolutely! Unfollowspy allows you to schedule tweets, helping maintain a consistent online presence.
  5. Does Unfollowspy support platforms other than Twitter? Yes, besides Twitter, Unfollowspy also supports Instagram and SoundCloud.
  6. How secure is Unfollowspy? Unfollowspy prioritizes user privacy and security. It doesn’t store your Twitter password and uses Twitter’s secure OAuth login method.


So we have seen the app’s specific features in this Unfollowspy review. The tool Unfollowspy aims at a very specific task of managing your Twitter account followers and does it well with functions covering all aspects of social media follower management. If used carefully, the app can certainly give you the desired results.



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