Way to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Location for Free

“I Want to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone, How Can I Do It?”

Have you seen such queries? Or are you having the same problem and need to track your girlfriend’s phone for free for real? If yes, this article you should read about a girlfriend phone tracker.

If you need to keep track of your girlfriend’s whereabouts, the best method is to track her smartphone. As of today, we all have a smartphone, and we hardly leave home without them.

By tracking the real-time geographic location of her smartphone, you can get to know where she is. Such an approach lets you know if she is honest about her whereabouts all the time.

Well, do you fall into the category of those who wonder “how to track my girlfriend’s phone”? If yes, we would like to present the most practical way to track it down.

Reasons to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone

Here are some of the most practical reasons why an individual might wonder “how to track my girlfriend’s phone”.

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To Assure the Safety of Her

Do you spend most of the time away from your girlfriend? Then, you should be wondering about “how to track my girlfriend’s phone”. Knowing the exact location of your girlfriend can be really handy in assuring her safety.

To Surprise Her

A surprise visit to your girlfriend is an exceptionally cute way to make her surprised. Imagine a surprise visit to her on a special occasion with a nice gift.

To Make Plans

If you know the exact location of your girlfriend, you can easily make various plans with her. For instance, you can meet her at the closest location if you know her whereabouts.

To Spy on Her

Do you suspect your girlfriend and assume that she is not honest with you? If you, you may probably want to spy on her. To find the exact whereabouts and check if she is cheating on you, you should track her phone’s location.

Part 1. How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone if She is Using an Android?

Does your girlfriend use an Android device and do you want to track your girlfriend’s phone location? If so, here are the best options you can try.

01. mSpy

By far, this is the best option you should try in order to track the whereabouts of an Android. This is an exceptionally effective tracker app that comes with many features to impress users.

Apart from tracking the location of the phone, it can monitor all the activities of the target phone. And it can fix how to hack FB with ease.

Here is a List of Features Associated with mSpy

  • It can track down the location of a target phone thanks to its powerful GPS locator.
  • This Snapchat Password Cracker finds the real-time location of the target device.
  • The Instagram Hacker App can track call history, messages, and social media activity on the target device.

Try mSpy for Android Devices

02. xFi Locator

This is another powerful app that comes with a range of features. It is specifically designed to capture the actions associated with Android devices.

track my girlfriend's phone using xFi Locator

Here Are Some of the Most Notable Features of xFi Locator

  • xFi utilizes Google maps in order to track the location of the respective device with better accuracy.
  • It has the ability to save the location tracking history for future references.
  • It comes with a geofencing ability too.
  • xFi Locator is an app that is offered free of charge.

03. GPS Tracker for Android

This is another app designed for Android devices. It can help those who wonder how to track my girlfriend’s phone” and find the location easily. It can provide the real-time location of the target device.

GPS Tracker app

Here is a List of Features Associated with GPS Tracker for Android

  • This is a handy software that comes with an SOS feature as well.
  • Your girlfriend can alert you if she needs to contact you in the event of an emergency.
  • GPS Tracker for Android and track down the network positioning of the device.
  • If necessary, you can share the location with friends through the internet.
  • You can download this app without costing anything.

Part 2. How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone if She is Using an iOS Device (iPhone)?

If your girlfriend is using an iOS device and you need to track her location, here’s what to do.

01. Track My Girlfriend’s Phone with mSpy

This is not a mistake. mSpy is the best Facebook Password Cracker tool for iOS devices as well. After installing mSpy on an iOS device, you can monitor its whereabouts very conveniently regardless of your location.

Apart from tracking down the location of an iOS device, mSpy can monitor all the activities of the target. For instance, it can track social media activities, messaging, apps, calls, text, etc. on the target device.

track my girlfriend's phone with mSpy

Installation of mSpy doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target iOS device. In other words, you can install mSpy on any target iPhone through its iCloud account. We don’t want to mention the features associated with this GPS Phone Tracker – mSpy once again as we have done it previously.

Try mSpy for iOS Devices

02. Glympse

This is another spying app that can track the location of the device very easily. This is a very user-friendly app that comes with a range of simplified but powerful features.

track girlfriend's phone with glympse

Here Are the Features Associated with Glympse

  • This tool can operate in stealth mode on the target device
  • You can use this tool to share your location with users of your preference
  • This special app can synchronize location-related data with the Apple Watch as well
  • The installation process of this app is pretty simple
  • It doesn’t cost you anything

03. MapQuest

Those who need to track the locations of iPhone users can rely on MapQuest (Why is my location wrong on my iPhone). Track my girlfriend’s phone is not a complex task anymore thanks to this tool. It doesn’t contain any spyware or annoying advertisements.

track phone with MapQuest

List of features associated with MapQuest

  • You can track the location of the target device using a live map.
  • It offers precise navigation instructions to the target device’s location with real-time traffic.
  • Sharing your own location with people of your preference is easy with this app.
  • It is a free app.


As you may realize, mSpy works as a perfect app that lets you track both iOS and Android devices. The major advantage associated with mSpy is that it can work in stealth mode.

In other words, mSpy cannot be recognized by the target phone’s user (your girlfriend). Also, the installation process is pretty simple particularly because you don’t need to root or jailbreak the devices.

mSpy doesn’t need you to take part in any surveys to track the location of a target device. More importantly, the abilities of mSpy are not restricted to tracking the location of a smartphone. Instead, it can monitor all the activities of the target device.

If you read this article “how to track my girlfriend’s phone?” should not be a question anymore. The options we have mentioned in this article can track your girlfriend’s smartphone without any complex processes.

However, we strongly encourage you to use these tools with more responsibility. Don’t use such a tool to violate someone’s privacy. Be sure that you use it for the greater good and stay out of unwanted trouble.



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