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Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Secretly: Practical Reasons and Methods


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Find My Boyfriend

How can I find my boyfriend without being noticed on his phone? Is there a way to do that using a tool?

In fact, I am not a tech-savvy person, so will it be possible for me? Please help me, as this is a pretty serious issue.

Have you got the same problem as stated above? Well, the good news is that there are several methods to track a boyfriend’s phone.

In this article, we intend to discuss those methods and important information related to this matter. So, go ahead and read it on.

Practical Reasons to Track Boyfriend’s Phone Secretly

There are plenty of reasons for those who have the question, “how to find my boyfriend?”. Mentioned below are some of those reasons.

If your partner has been engaged in some suspicious activities lately, you may start to distrust him.

In that case, you will want to “find my boyfriend” without his knowledge so you can test his honesty.

● Potential Conflicts

When you have conflicts between the two, you might want to track your boyfriend’s phone and learn about his activities. Knowing the truth will solve all the issues for good and make you relieved.

● He Doesn’t Have Priority in Your Relationship

You want your boyfriend to have maximum priority in your relationship all the time, don’t you? If that’s the case, it would be great to know what he does with his phone. This is when phone tracking becomes handy.

● There Are Communication Issues

If you have any communication issues with your partner, that might be a sign of an upcoming relationship issue.

If so, if you know how to track the boyfriend’s phone without his consent, that would clear things up.

● To Assure His Safety

There are times you want to prevent your boyfriend from visiting certain places or areas. So, if you know how to find my boyfriend through the phone, you can advise him and protect him.

Track Boyfriend’s Phone Using GPS

Track boyfriend's phone using GPS

The advancement of the digital sector has resulted in the emergence of 4G & 5G networks for smartphones. That also leads to a wonderful GPS option. GPS lets you effortlessly navigate numerous routes by recording your current position.

On the other hand, it’s beneficial to be able to follow your boyfriend’s whereabouts remotely. This is specifically true if he doesn’t seem to care about revealing the truth about his whereabouts.

Free Methods to Track Find My Boyfriend Using the Phone

There are several free methods if you wonder how to find my boyfriend, and this section explains them. So, go ahead and learn those free methods.

Option 01: Use the Feature Called “Find My Device” by Google

find my boyfriend via Google Find My Device

This feature is provided for Android devices. It is a free service, and there are several requirements to make it a success.

  • The target device must be turned on.
  • The target user should stay logged in using his Google account (or Gmail account).
  • The respective device must be connected to a data network.
  • The “Find my Device” feature must be installed.
  • The location feature should be enabled.

How to Perform this Find My Boyfriend Method

  • Use any phone or computer and visit
  • Enter the credentials of your boyfriend’s Google account.
  • Choose the device you intend to track so its location will be displayed.

Option 02: Use the Feature Called “Find My” for iPhone

Track boyfriend's phone Using Find My on iOS

Apple’s “Find My” function is one of its most important features. The “Find My” function can greatly assist you in locating your iPhone/iPad if it is lost or stolen however, if you are a girlfriend and want to know where the boyfriend is. “Find My” will be of great assistance.

Do you wish to use this tool to monitor your boyfriend’s whereabouts? If so, the target device must always be connected to a legitimate iCloud account.

You may trace your boyfriend’s phone by following the methods provided below.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “iCloud.” Then, turn on the option called “Find My.”
  • Go to iCloud’s website and provide iCloud’s credentials that are related to the target device.
  • Click on the option called “Find My” on the next screen to proceed.
  • Choose the device you intend to track.

Option 03: Track Boyfriend’s Phone through His Number

Here is another simple method for those who wonder how to track their boyfriend’s phone. As per this method, you will be tracking him using his number.

As per the usual conditions, this method cannot be performed by civilians. They can be performed by law enforcement authorities.

That said, on the other hand, you can use a web-based service like Scannero. To set this service up, you should send a message to his number as a customized SMS. Then, he should give his consent to share the actual location.


Explore the full Scannero review, the advanced mobile monitoring tool to locate any phone anywhere, and let you find someone just by knowing their phone number.

Relationships are becoming weaker, and it is becoming increasingly easy for dishonest individuals to cheat. It’s because, with their cell phones, they can readily communicate with the outside world while concealing their nefarious acts. You and many other girlfriends never know what their guy is up to at any one moment.

So, if you want to follow your boyfriend’s phone, spying software will be really useful. A spying app is a specific mobile app that discreetly monitors and gets relevant information on the target phone.

It effortlessly follows a mobile phone’s real-time GPS position and captures text messages, phone conversations, and other sensitive data. The application’s server receives all of the recorded data.

Users are unable to notice spy programs since they operate in the background discreetly. As previously said, free programs are not very useful, necessitating the use of spying software. Though different spyware programs rely on different technology to function well, they all operate in a similar manner.

Simply install the spy app on the device, insert the license key, and then let the software will act. You’ll need access to that respective device only one time to install the professional spy app. Some applications are simple to use and install in a matter of minutes to your delight.

You can monitor each action of the device through the dashboard of the app. You can access it through a PC or a different smartphone when the software has been installed completely. The interface is a web-based dashboard. That will synchronize the target device with the spying app. 

There are hardly any possibilities of being discovered since these programs operate in the background. Such an app has become incredibly handy in finding my boyfriend.

With that said, the best example that matches all of the above requirements is mSpy

find my boyfriend Using mSpy

Now, let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide that allows you to track a smartphone remotely. All these steps are easy, so you don’t have to be a professional to follow them.

01. Subscribe to a Suitable Plan

The first step in using mSpy’s great features is to subscribe to one of its two plans. You may choose between the two programs, Basic and Premium, depending on your needs.

The Basic plan, on the other hand, contains fewer features than the Premium package. Well, the Premium package gives you access to all of the mSpy app’s capabilities. After you get a subscription, an email will arrive with your credentials to access their online site.

You’ll be able to see the new subscription once you go to the website. To begin, you should pick “Android” from the drop-down menu and then push the button.

02. Get the mSpy App Downloaded on the Device You Intend to Monitor Remotely

You should access the target device physically (for once only) to install the mSpy app.

Navigate to the target phone’s “Settings” and then to “Security” before downloading the program. “Unknown Resource” is an option you’ll discover. Allow this option to allow you to quickly install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

In the address bar portion of any web browser, type After you’ve completed the captcha, click “Download” and wait so bt.apk will be downloaded.

You may open the file by clicking on it after it has been downloaded.

03. Install mSpy

mSpy program has a simple and rapid installation method. First, let’s rapidly set up the application; follow the instructions below.

  • To begin the installation procedure, double-click the downloaded bt.apk file.
  • To comply with the conditions of mSpy that show on the screen, press “Next.”
  • Choose the option called “Install Anyway” if prompted.
  • To begin using mSpy, click the “Open” button when the installation is complete. After that, click the “Continue” button, and a licensing agreement will appear, which you must approve.
  • To get total access to the target smartphone, activate the “Update Service” option. The mSpy icon’s program may be shown on the phone if you wish.
Install mSpy
04. Add Your Registration Number

Well, the registration number is the last step in installing mSpy on Android devices. You’ll be prompted to input the number found in the third step. After you’ve entered your registration number, click “Complete Registration.”

After completing the installation procedure, you can relax and begin monitoring your boyfriend’s mobile phone location. That’ll let you “find my boyfriend” regardless of how far he is.

How to Find My Boyfriend using mSpy on an iPhone (No Jailbreaking is Required)

Find My Boyfriend using mSpy on an iPhone

How to find my boyfriend without him knowing is the question you have, don’t you? You can track all of your boyfriend’s activities on his iOS smartphone by downloading mSpy.

So, to install mSpy on any target iOS device without jailbreaking, follow the procedures listed below.

01. Without jailbreaking the device, install the mSpy program on the targeted iPhone. Go to Settings and choose iCloud. Then go to Backup and turn on the iCloud Backup feature. 

02. Turn off two-factor authentication on your iPhone. Otherwise, obtaining updates on your boyfriend’s position would need to access the device physically every now and then. To deactivate it, go to, log in, then go to Security. Then, choose “Disable the two-factor authentication.”

03. Obtain the password and the iCloud ID integrated with the device you intend to track. 

04. Log in to using your username and password. After you’ve entered the dashboard, click the ‘Set up the New iPhone‘ button in the screen’s left corner.

05. Choose the device you wish to monitor. Also, you should pick the name of the iPhone along with the no-jailbreak option from the drop-down menu.

06. Click the “Verify” button after entering your Apple ID credentials. After that, when the iPhone’s name is displayed, click the “Proceed” button.

07. Now, you can use mSpy’s web portal dashboard to start monitoring your boyfriend’s real-time position.

What Else Can You Expect from mSpy?

Other than location monitoring, a professional boyfriend spy app like mSpy may assist you in a variety of ways.

This software allows you to perform boyfriend Snapchat hacking and keep track of your boyfriend’s every move. Apart from location monitoring, mSpy has the following features.

  • Go through his SMS messages
  • Review call history, caller information, and recorded calls
  • Go through his emails
  • Keep an eye on his social media messengers
  • Look through photographs and movies that have been shared
  • Contacts and calendars are accessible
  • Easily block particular websites or applications
  • Access to the Internet and the history of his online surfing
  • Block the numbers you don’t want


1. Is it legal to track someone’s phone without their knowledge?

It’s generally illegal. Always check with the laws in your local area.

2. Can I track a phone without installing software?

There are services like network-based tracking or IMEI tracking, but they’re less reliable and may require professional help or police intervention.

3. Can I track an iPhone without him knowing?

Yes, it’s technically possible. However, you may need his Apple ID and password, and it may have legal implications.

4. How can I track his phone without him finding out?

The best way is through stealthy spy software or a hidden GPS app. Make sure to keep the app hidden and check the settings to ensure it doesn’t pop up in notifications.

5. Does tracking affect the phone’s performance?

If done correctly, tracking should not significantly affect the phone’s performance. If the phone starts to slow down or the battery drains faster, he may suspect something’s up.

6. How can I protect myself from being tracked?

Use strong, unique passwords, regularly update your phone’s software, and be cautious of any apps you didn’t install yourself.


You must have discovered an answer to your question “how to find my boyfriend using his mobile phone.” Because of trust concerns in relationships, you may want to spy on your lover.

Well, that is exactly why mSpy was created. This program will allow you to follow your boyfriend’s whereabouts and alert you if he is unfaithful.

Most crucially, you can manage and access your boyfriend’s whole phone with such malware. So, relax now and track your boyfriend’s phone in your comfort using mSpy.


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