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Now that you know the importance of hacking Telegram, can you hack it? Is there a Telegram hack tool? The answer is YES.

As long as you have the right kind of Telegram hack tool, you can do it easily. With a good Telegram hack tool, you can track all the activities related to a particular Telegram account.


With more than 200 million monthly active users, Telegram is an instant messenger that features a variety of tools. Telegram is mostly used by youngsters particularly due to the innovative and attractive options it offers.

But, not all Telegram users are disciplined enough to maintain good behavior. Some users try to take advantage of innocent individuals through Telegram, just like with other messaging apps.

Therefore, it is always better to keep an eye on your loved ones’ activities over Telegram. For instance, it is better to know with whom your kid is messaging through Telegram.

If you can track the incoming and outgoing messages on your kids’ Telegram accounts, it’s a preventive measure. And if you monitor your kid’s Telegram activities, there is a good chance to protect them from cybercrimes.

telegram messenger

If your husband is addicted to porn or your child spends a significant amount of time on the phone, he or she should be chatting. But, you cannot look at their phone’s screen in person all the time.

So, you need to figure out a way to monitor a smartphone remotely like a spy. This is exactly when you need the assistance of a Telegram hack tool.

1. The Requirement for Telegram Hacking Tool

Telegram is a specially designed-messaging app that works smoothly with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. In addition to that, it supports MacOS and Linux platforms.

It works as a cloud-based service. Through Telegram, you can share pretty much anything you like. For instance, you can share audio, photos, videos, and various other types of files.

It is true that this respective messaging app comes with a range of features to impress users. However, does it only serve the good? Probably not. Because of the freedom, ease of use, and attractiveness of Telegram, it is used by many individuals. No one can guarantee that all users have good intentions.

Some of the users use messaging apps for “bad things.” These “bad things” can include behaviors like blackmail, verbal abuse, threats, and even sexual abuse.

Apart from that, some of the messages will encourage your kids to visit gambling and porn websites. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Without hacking Telegram, you will not be able to prevent your kids from the above threats. Hacking allows you to monitor your kids’ activities and take any possible preventive measures before anything bad happens. This is why you need a very powerful, effective Telegram hack tool.

Besides, if  you just bumped into the ‘Telegram not working‘ issue, maneuver through typical Telegram hiccups with our detailed guide for a seamless, disruption-free experience.

2. How to Monitor Telegram Activities on an Android Phone?

Since you have an awareness of the potential dangers associated with Telegram, you may wonder how to hack it. In fact, hacking Telegram is totally possible if you have the right tool.

A successful Telegram hack tool will provide you with all the details associated with its activities. In this case, you should find an app that gives you all the details. Also, the tool you use must be safe and secure and shouldn’t cause additional problems.

There are plenty of tools available in the market to spy on smartphone activities. However, you cannot trust all those apps. Some of the apps don’t even protect their users’ privacy.

So, it is important to select a reliable, fast-performing app to spy on your kids’ phones. We have done plenty of research on behalf of you. As a result of the research we performed, we found the most impressive Telegram hack tool called KidsGuard.

KidsGuard works as an exceptionally powerful app that can monitor pretty much all the activities on a target phone. It can even perform in stealth mode in order to assure maximum secrecy. The owner of the target phone will not be able to see if such an app is installed on their device. In fact, KidsGuard is capable of tracking aspects such as SMS, Contacts, videos, call history, and hacking a phone number online.

That is in addition to monitoring the social media accounts on the target device. It is powerful enough to monitor even the keystrokes on the target device. More importantly, the whole monitoring system facilitates an exceptionally convenient interface.

How to use KidsGuard as a Telegram Hack Tool

As the first step, you should create a KidsGuard account. You can download the software on a computer or even on your mobile device.

Once the downloading is finished, you can easily create an account using an email address and a password. Be sure that you use a valid email address. The confirmation email with the link will be sent to the account you provide.

Sign up KidsGuard

Once the account is created, you will have to enter the details of the target Telegram account. These details include the age of the user, the OS of the target phone, etc. In this case, you will have to provide the operating system as Android.

Go to the settings menu and select the security option. Then, you should turn on the option that lets you install software from Unknown Sources.

enable unknown source on android

Now, get the target phone (this is the trickiest part of the process) to install the app. You will have to install the APK version on the Android device. Make sure that the app is properly installed on the target device. The app icon will be removed from the target phone’s home screen.

Download KidsGuard Pro

You should now open the telegram hack tool – KidsGuard app on the phone or the computer. To track the activities of the target device, you must click on the “Start” button. Now, you will be able to see a dashboard that displays a large range of options.

Login to KidsGuard Pro

Once you get the dashboard opened, you can see the options available in a sidebar (left side). Go to the Social Apps tab and select the option called “Telegram“. Now, you will be able to monitor all the activities pertaining to Telegram.

KidsGuard Telegram Hack Tool on Android

In order to track the username and password of Telegram, you will have to select Keylogging. Under this option, you will be able to track all the keystrokes typed by the target device’s user. Once you track the password and username, you can log into the respective Telegram account from anywhere. Be sure to save some screenshots of the chats as evidence.

3. How to Monitor Telegram Activities on an iOS Device?

If the target you are trying to monitor is an iOS device, you should follow these instructions.

It is true that you can use KidsGuard to keep a track of an iOS device too. However, we intend to present another strategy so you can use the best matching method.

In this case, we will be using a special app called Netwa. This respective tool is designed particularly for iOS devices. This respective app is strong enough to provide notifications whenever someone logs into Telegram on the target device. You can use it to monitor all social media activities in addition to Telegram.

Netwa Telegram Hack Tool for iOS

Features of Netwa

  • It is capable of presenting statistic graphs and all the other information related to a target Telegram account
  • It shows a notification as soon as someone logs into the target account

How to use Netwa as a Telegram Hack Tool on iOS Devices

  • Find the link to the target’s telegram account. The program will start to track the target Telegram account.
  • After entering the link, you will get a statistic report about the same account. This respective report comprises basic information like if the target user is logged on.
  • It also shows the duration of the online activity of the target phone. If necessary, you can disable the alert.

Now that you know about the best Telegram hack tool available in the market, you should use it responsibly.

We expect you will not use these tools to violate others’ privacy and gain an unnecessary advantage.

Be sure that you use it for the greater good. Use it solely to monitor the online activities of someone who actually matters to you.


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