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Spyine Reviews

Spyine phone tracker can be used to monitor mobile devices remotely. You can use it to track partners, employees, kids, or anyone that matters to you.

To use this app, you should physically access the device and configure it. Generally speaking, it is a very simple process to install Spyine.

Also, you don’t want to have the technical knowledge to install this app on the target device.

This special app can track several devices simultaneously, whether Android or iOS.

With that said, our Spyine reviews cover all the important aspects of your knowledge. For instance, how much Spyine costs, what features it has, how to use it, etc., will all be discussed.  

Part 1. The Functionality of Spyine

The Spyine phone tracker is really easy to use, as we have already stated above. Spyine can be left running in stealth mode after installation is complete.

The program can operate undetectably and begin collecting all of the relevant data from the devices.

It will save this information on its cloud servers, allowing you to view it from any location.

Let’s continue with the next part of Spyine reviews.

Part 2. Main Features of Spyine Phone Tracker 

Now that we’ve covered the essentials.

In this part of Spyine reviews, let’s look at some of the Spyine phone tracker’s most notable features.

Ideally, Spyine can help you keep tabs on these important aspects of your business.

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● Tracking the Location

One of the finest features of Spyine is its ability to follow the actual whereabouts of your target device. 

Configuring geofences allows you to see their current location and receive fast notifications if they move.

Tracking the Location Using Spyine

● Contacts and Call Logs

You may log in to Spyine using any device once the installation is done. This would contain all their phone records, down to the individual caller’s name.

Also, it displays the moment the call was made. Additionally, you get remote access to all of their contact information.

Monitor Contacts and Call logs Using Spyine

● Message Tracking

Aside from calling logs, a person’s phone’s message logs may also be accessed.

For example, when you log in to Spyine, you can see all of the communications they’ve sent and received in the form of chats.

Spyine Message Tracking

● Browsing History

You may also see their browsing history using Spyine’s additional function.

These include their search phrases, the websites they have been to, etc. It includes private browsing information as well. 

Monitor Browser History via Spyine

● Media File Access

You may access your saved media files by logging into Spyine using any device.

On the dashboard of the Spyine phone tracker, you’ll be able to see any images or videos they’ve saved.

Media File Access

● Tracking Social Media Apps

In addition, Spyine is capable of monitoring nearly all of the most popular social networking apps.

Everything from Facebook to Snapchat to WhatsApp to Twitter to Skype is included in this category.

Tracking Social Media Apps Using Spyine

● Built-in Keylogger

Spyine phone tracker has a keylogging feature, and it’s rather advanced.

You may use its keylogger to monitor every keystroke from a distant location entered on the target device.

Access to their passwords, deleted communications, and other information will be available through this method.

Spyine Keylogger

● Other Features

Spyine also has a slew of additional capabilities.

Additionally, you may follow their whereabouts, access any program they have loaded on their phone, etc. 

Applications on Mobile

Part 3. Pros and Cons of Spyine

You will better understand Spyine’s key features after reading our Spyine reviews.

However, before you acquire a membership, look at the benefits and downsides.


  • This is a friendly application that can be installed in easy steps.
  • It doesn’t require special permission like jailbreaking or rooting.
  • Spyine can track the location of the device in real time.
  • Built-in keylogger to track all the keystrokes typed in.


  • Android and iOS versions of this application have different features, which is somewhat confusing.
  • In the iOS version, it has limited features.
  • Some advanced features (like remote screenshots and ambient listening) are not available in this app.
  • It does not have a trial version. So, you should be prepared to tolerate the Spyine cost straightaway if you want to try it. However, they offer an online demo.

Part 4. Device Compatibility

Spyine is compatible with any Android and iOS device available in the modern-day market.

As long as the device runs on Android 4.0 or a newer version, Spyine is compatible. Also, it works on any iOS device that has an iCloud account.

Let’s go to the next section of our Spyine reviews.

Part 5. Can Spyine Be Detected?

A built-in stealth mode is included in Spyine. As a result, you may run Spyine in the background in stealth mode without anyone noticing.

However, when its stealth mode isn’t enabled, monitored user the user will quickly identify the existence of the spyware.

Part 6. Is It Legitimate?

With Spyine, you can remotely monitor iOS & Android devices. Whether or whether it is lawful will be determined by a variety of variables.

For example, your state’s privacy laws can punish you if you monitor an adult without permission.

This may have been avoided if the other user (target user) had been informed in advance.

Part 7. Does Spyine Need Jailbreak or Root Access?

Spyine does not necessarily require jailbreak or root access to be installed. You don’t need to root your Android handset to use Spyine.

When it comes to connecting to an iPhone, it doesn’t even require one-time access to the device.

Part 8. Installation Guide on iOS/Android

Follow the instructions below if you are interested in installing Spyine after reading our Spyine reviews.

● Sign Up for a Spyine Account

To get started, go to the Spyine website and create an account. All you need to do is enter the email address and create a secure password. 

Sign up for a Spyine Account

Selecting the device type to track and providing other information about the owner are optional extras.

Spyine Setup Wizard

● Tracking

For Android

On an Android smartphone, you must first access it and permit app installation through “unknown sources.”

Enable Unknown Sources on Android Settings

You should also disable the “Play Protect” function by entering the Play Store’s security settings. 

Disable Play Protect on Android

Spyine’s tracking program may now be downloaded by simply using a browser and visiting their official website.

Start the installation by tapping on the APK that is already downloaded.

Install Spyine Apk on Android

Once the app is loaded, log in to the Spyine account and begin monitoring your devices.

In addition to that, you have the option of giving Spyine full access to your system. Moreover, it allows you to enable the app’s stealth mode.

Enable Spyine Monitor Service on Android

For iOS

When installing Spyine on an iOS device, you don’t have to gain physical access to it.

You can simply install the app remotely using your iCloud credentials linked to the target device.

Install Spyine for iOS

Once you have logged into the iCloud account, choose a backup file from it. After that, you can extract that backup file through the dashboard.

Login iCloud and Select Phone Backup

● Start Tracking

Once you have installed the Spyine software, you can begin spying on your friends.

To access your Spyine dashboard and see what features are accessible, simply log in with Spyine using any browser.

Spyine for iOS

Part 9. How Much Does The Spyine App Cost? 

Now, let’s learn how much Spyine costs.

Spyine Price Plan
Basic plan (1 device)Premium plan (01 device)Family plan (3 devices)Premium plan (1 device)Family plan (05 devices)Business plan (25 devices)

If you want a refund, you can claim it within seven days.

Part 10. Customer Service of Spyine

Customers may contact Spyine’s customer service team in their native language and at any time of day or night.

Customer service representatives are available via live chat or ticket submission on the Spyine website.

Unfortunately, there is no way to receive immediate help by phone.

Part 11. Best Spyine Alternative – mSpy

mSpy is a viable alternative to Spyine, which has many flaws. This is the best solution for the job if you want to monitor iOS and Android devices from afar.

Here is the detailed guide on how to use mSpy for your reference.

Best Spyine Alternative - mSpy

Features of mSpy

  • It works perfectly to track the target user’s live location and location history.
  • It has a geofencing feature to know if the target is entering or exiting a specific location.
  • mSpy can track all social media activities.
  • It doesn’t require any special permissions like rooting or jailbreaking.  
  • mSpy works in stealth mode.
  • It comes with a built-in keylogger.
  • You can take remote screenshots with mSpy.

Part 12. FAQ

Yes. It can track the whereabouts of the target Android device precisely.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have such a feature.

Yes. It can track inbound and outbound text.

There is no free trial version for Spyine, but it provides a free live demo for you to see all the functions and user guides. Also, once you purchase a plan, you can claim it within seven days if you want a refund. 


So, after reading our Spyine reviews, you can decide whether to install it or not. There are several useful features included in it.

Also, Spyine has some downsides, as mentioned above. If you want a better alternative to Spyine, mSpy is a superb option.


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