Effective Spotify Parental Controls for You

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An Introduction to Spotify

A couple of years ago, downloading and storing the songs we love was a common practice. As of today, however, it is an obsolete concept. Thanks to music streaming apps, you don’t want to download songs anymore and fill your storage space.

Instead of that, you can easily steam the music through specifically developed apps. Some music streaming apps are developed for smartphones, and the number continues to grow.

An Introduction to Spotify

The most popular music streaming app in the market today is Spotify. This special music streaming platform comprises a massive number of songs of various genres. If you take a look at Spotify, you will be able to find millions of songs.

Spotify also offers the option of subscribing to a plan for the entire family. You can include your kids in this plan and let them listen to their favorite songs. As a precautionary measure, Spotify offers a parental control option.

Because of this feature, your kids will be prevented from listening to inappropriate content. The songs or other audio clips that contain explicit wordings are rated as “E” on Spotify.

So, when the kids use Spotify under your main subscription plan, you can control it. The ‘E’ rated content will not appear on your kids’ accounts. You can go to the Settings option and then turn on the Spotify parental controls to do it.

Features of Spotify

Now, let’s take a quick look at the features associated with Spotify before introducing Spotify parental controls.

  • Shuffle Play
  • Your Library
  • It lets you download music and podcasts
  • Spotify Radio feature
  • Daily mix
  • View the lyrics of the songs
  • Podcasts
  • Play the queue and history

In addition to Spotify, there are plenty of other music streaming apps that might be compatible with your smartphone.

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How to Set Spotify Parental Controls Using Famisafe

It is true that Spotify comes with handy parental control features. However, your kids can find other ways to listen to inappropriate content using their smartphones.

For instance, they can use websites or other streaming platforms without their knowledge to listen to music. In that case, the built-in features associated with Spotify become impractical.

This is when you will need the assistance of a good Spotify parental controls app to monitor the entire device. Famisafe is one of those Spotify parental controls software you can use to control the activities on your kid’s phone.

This special solution comes with very handy features that help you keep a close eye on your kid’s phone.

More importantly, Famisafe lets you monitor the target device remotely. You can monitor your device from a remote location using a web browser of your preference. In addition to that, you can use this Spotify parental controls tool to access all the actions to take place.

Apart from monitoring the songs listened to through Spotify, Famisafe monitors many other crucial actions on the target device. For instance, it can monitor calls, text messages, internet browsing history, saved images, and social media activities. Because of those features, Famisafe is recognized as one of the most effective tools to spy on your kid’s smartphone.

If your kid uses a different Spotify account on his device, Famisafe can become very handy. Since Famisafe can monitor all the app-related activities on the target device, it can monitor Spotify as well.

Regardless of whether the kid uses a different Spotify account or another source, Famisafe can monitor it. With that said, let’s see the most notable features associated with Famisafe.


Features of Famisafe (Including Spotify Parental Controls)

  • You can use it to put restrictions on the target device (put time limitations)
  • If it is necessary, you can block any app installed on the target device using Famisafe
  • This respective tool can track the exact location of the kid’s phone without any hassle & fix how to figure out someone’s Instagram password
  • Famisafe is capable of monitoring all the social media activities on the target smartphone
  • It can monitor the internet browsing history of the mobile phone
  • It can track every detail, such as calls and SMS (inbound and outbound)
  • Famisafe can track the call records and images
  • It can record ambient sounds
  • It lets you get screenshots of the device without being noticed
  • Highly sophisticated features like keylogging can track all the keystrokes typed on the device (including passwords)
  • Stealth mode operation for ultimate discreteness
  • Geofencing feature to control the whereabouts of the kid in your absence.

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