Samsung A20 FRP Bypass – What’s the Best Way to Do It?


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Samsung A20 FRP Bypass
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What is the best way to perform a Samsung A20 FRP bypass? Is it possible to access your device if you have forgotten its Google credentials?

You ended up reading this article because you have those questions, right? If so, look no further, as this article explains it all for you.

Overview: Samsung A20/A20s Mobile Device & Its OS

Before learning about the Samsung A20 FRP bypass, let’s find out more about its Android version. In fact, A20 and A20s models were introduced to the market back in 2019. These devices were initially released with Android 9.

However, two major updates were released for these devices. In fact, with those updates, Android 10 and Android 11 versions were introduced to Samsung A20 and A20s. However, as of this writing, they have not introduced Android 12 for these models.

Anyway, Samsung A20 and A20s, like other new models, come with FRP. The term FRP represents Factory Reset Protection. This is an added layer of security for Android devices by Google. And this specific feature was introduced in 2015. In fact, this feature works on any device that runs on Android 5.1 or newer.

When you configure a new Google account, the feature called FRP gets activated on it. Whenever you perform a reset, you are supposed to enter the Google credentials to go through this FRP.

Forgetting Google Credentials Can Be Problematic

There are many instances in which you might forget the password. After all, there are many individuals who might forget their passwords.

With that said, if you have forgotten the Google credentials, there must be a way to bypass them.

The remainder of this article will explain how to get through this bypassing process.

Besides, here, we will explain several practical ways to disable FRP lock and turn off FRP Lock easily so you can choose the most appropriate one.

Use a Dedicated Tool to Bypass Your Android FRP

What if you have accidentally forgotten your FRP? In that case, you might want to know how to bypass it as soon as possible.

The best approach, in this case, is to use one of the professional tools mentioned below.

In fact, there are two professional tools you can use to overcome this issue. So, let’s go ahead and learn more about these tools.

Solution 1: Tenorshare 4uKey

One of the best ways to do a Samsung A20 FRP bypass is using Tenorshare 4uKey. You don’t have to follow a complex way to bypass FRP if you use this tool. There are many random tools you may stumble upon when you search for FRP bypass tools.

However, most of those tools are fake. When it comes to Tenorshare 4uKey, however, you can accomplish the task with a very impressive success rate.

This highly efficient tool works on any device that runs on Android 6 or later. You should note that the process you should follow to bypass the FRP may vary based on the version.

With that said, mentioned below is how you can use this tool on most common Android versions.

01. Samsung A20 FRP Bypass on Android 11

Let’s say that you have already updated your Samsung device to version 11 of Android. In that case, performing a Samsung A20 FRP bypass on that device is very simple.

All you should do is get the most recent version of Tenorshare 4uKey on a computer. Then, the FRP bypassing is a walk in the park.

  • First, you should open 4uKey on your computer (Mac or Win). After that, you should connect your Android device (whose FRP is locked) to the same computer. Then, on the main screen, click on “Remove Google Lock.” This is the initial process of removing your device’s FRP.
Tenorshare 4uKey for Android
  • After that, from the available options, tap on “Android 11/12“. Then, you should click on the option labeled “Start.”
Select Samsung A20 OS Version
  • After that, take your FRP-locked Samsung device and go to the welcome screen using the Back buttons. Then, you can find the option called “Emergency Call.” Just tap it, and you will see the dial pad. Enter “*#0*#” so you can activate the mode for the general test.
Set up Samsung A20
  • Then, click on the option called “Next.” This will start the FRP bypassing process on your Samsung device.
Removing Samsung A20 Google Lock
  • Now, you should give a couple of minutes for the application to complete its job. Upon the completion of the process, your device will restart automatically. Then, you can configure the device from the beginning and use it without any problem.
Bypass Google FRP Lock on Samsung A20

02. Samsung A20 FRP bypass on Android 9/10

What about the Samsung devices that run on Android 10 or 9? Well, you can use the same tool (4uKey) to bypass the FRP layer easily.

Mentioned below are the steps you can follow to do this successfully.

  • Let’s assume that you have already downloaded and installed 4uKey on your Mac or PC. After that, you should proceed to the page where the OS should be selected. Then, select the option called “Android 6/9/10”. After that, tap on the button labeled “Start.”
Select Samsung A20 OS Version
  • Then, a notification will be sent to the respective Samsung device. You should select the button labeled “View” on that device. Then, you will be landed on the Galaxy Store. Once you have done that, open the device’s browser.
Set up Samsung A20
  • Now, you should enter the following URL on the browser.

following the steps to set up Samsung A20
  • Then, you should configure a new PIN which will be used to bypass the FRP.
Config New Pin to Bypass Samsung A20 FRP
  • When the process is completed, just restart the device. After that, you can configure your device, but you don’t have to use Google Verification anymore.

Also, in this article, let’s figure out how to bypass Google’s account through 10 significant FRP Bypass tools and bypass FRP & unlock the Android easily.

Solution 2: Use Unlockit for Android

Here’s the second solution if you are looking for a professional tool to perform a Samsung A20 FRP bypass.

Unlockit is friendly and exceptionally convenient to any user, regardless of their level of expertise. The efficiency of Unlockit is impressive. In fact, this specific tool shows greater success compared to other tools of its kind.

Before everything else, you should install this application on the PC. You can do it after downloading the installable from their official website and following the easy instructions.

  • Open Unlockit so you can see the main screen of the application. Then, you should tap on the option called “Start” on its main screen to proceed.
Foneazy Unlockit (Android)
  • Then, connect your Samsung A20 or A20s device to the same computer using a reliable USB cable.
Connect Samsung A20 to Unlockit (Android)
  • After that, you may see an option to select the appropriate version of Android. Then, you should click on the button labeled “Next“.
Select Samsung A20 OS Version
  • As the next step, you should see a notification on your Samsung A20/A20s device. Tap the button called “View” to proceed.
Sending notification to Samsung A20
  • Then, you can follow the instructions on the screen and configure your Samsung device from scratch. After getting it done, you should restart the device. When the process is completed, your device will be ready as a fresh one. From that point onward, you don’t need your FRP password to use your device. You can even link that device with a new Google account.
Bypass Samsung A20 FRP Lock using Unlockit (Android)

Bonus Tip: Bypassing Your Samsung A20/A20s Lock Screen

Here’s a bonus tip for our readers who want to know how to bypass their Samsung device’s lock screens. In fact, the lock screen is another layer of security that might cause trouble if its password is forgotten. If you intend to bypass this lock screen on your device, however, you can rely on Tenorshare 4uKey.

Apart from removing the screen pin, you can use the same to unlock other security layers. For instance, it lets you unlock passcode, pattern, and fingerprint. So, having this tool with you is handy if you are an Android user.

After all, this is a very impressive tool that works perfectly to remove FRP passwords and other locks. On top of that, this tool has a very simple interface, so even novices will find it convenient.

In addition, let’s explore our all-inclusive guide on Android factory reset codes. Understand the appropriate time and method for resetting your device, resolve challenges, and secure your data.


Q1. Is Samsung A20 FRP Bypass legal? Samsung A20 FRP Bypass is a method used to regain access to a device when the original Google account credentials are forgotten. While the bypass process itself is not illegal, it’s essential to note that bypassing security measures may void the device’s warranty, and it should only be performed on devices owned by the user.

Q2. Will Samsung A20 FRP Bypass remove all data from my device? No, the Samsung A20 FRP Bypass process is designed to bypass the FRP lock without affecting the device’s data. However, it’s always recommended to perform a backup before attempting any bypass methods to avoid data loss.

Q3. Can I use any FRP bypass tool for Samsung A20? No, not all FRP bypass tools are compatible with every device. It’s crucial to ensure that the FRP bypass tool you choose is specifically designed for the Samsung A20 model to avoid compatibility issues.

Q4. What should I do if the FRP bypass process fails? If the FRP bypass process fails, retry the steps mentioned in the guide, ensuring that you follow each step carefully. If the issue persists, consider updating drivers, using a different USB cable or computer, or seeking professional assistance.

Q5. Can I remove the FRP lock permanently from my Samsung A20 device? The FRP lock is a security feature designed to protect user data, and removing it permanently is not recommended. It’s there to ensure the device’s security and prevent unauthorized access in case of loss or theft.


It is true that the Samsung A20 FRP bypass can be a challenging task for many individuals. However, if you use the tools mentioned in our article, unlocking an FRP-locked device will be very easy.

Both 4uKey and Unlockit are impressive tools that can bypass FRP easily. Once the FRP is bypassed, you can configure your Samsung A20 or A20s effortlessly from scratch. No matter whether you are an expert or a novice, both of those tools will be very handy.

If you have other doubts pertaining to this matter, please let us know, so we will answer your queries.  


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