Remote Keylogger for Android – The Best Options

A free remote keylogger for Android is a tool that can monitor all the keystrokes typed on a device.

Such a tool can track emails, messages, and anything else typed on the target device. That means it can even track passwords and PINs typed on the device.

Choosing a good free remote keylogger for Android could be somewhat challenging for any user. That is specifically because of the availability of many options in the market today.

When you choose an undetectable keylogger for Android, you must check if it can work in stealth mode.

Otherwise, the target device’s owner will find it and uninstall it. Likewise, there are several other aspects to consider when choosing a good keylogger.

In this article, we intend to list the most powerful keyloggers available today.

In addition, we explain the characteristics of a good undetectable keylogger for Android. So, keep reading and find your best keylogger application.

Remote Keylogger for Android – Some Apps Are Not As Good As They Claim to Be

Remote keylogger for Android

If you do a survey, you will end up with plenty of tools claiming that they can monitor keystrokes. However, the truth is that not all those tools are the same. The main issue with the majority of those tools is that they are unsecured.

Also, some of those tools are widely used by hackers to hijack your sensitive and personal information. For instance, they can use those keyloggers to track your online bank accounts and steal your money. If not, they can use the same to infringe on your privacy.

In fact, those “bad” keyloggers are installed on your mobile devices in the form of malware. Such keyloggers can be installed on your device as a result of visiting a particular unreliable website. Those websites trick you into tapping on some button or downloading something.

When you do that, the respective keylogger will be installed on your device from the background. The same thing can happen if you click on the links sent to you through emails, WhatsApp messages, etc. But that’s not the type of keylogger we intend to discuss here in this article.

The keyloggers discussed in this article are developed to assure your peace of mind instead of making someone uncomfortable. For instance, think of a parent who wants to learn what their kids are typing on their phones.

Also, think of a worried spouse who wants to know to whom their partner is texting. Basically, the keyloggers we explain here are used to unearth the truth and prevent potentially unpleasant situations.

You can use them to prevent your kids from cyberbullying, spouses from cheating on you, and so on.

Ok. What Are the Characteristics of a Good Remote Keylogger for Android?

The following aspects should be considered when you hunt for a good undetectable keylogger for Android. That will prevent you from installing a useless, random app that is good for nothing.

● It Must Be Easy to Install

You must be able to install it on the target device with no complex process. Also, you should be able to install it very quickly. Otherwise, the target user will catch you installing the tool.

● It Must Be Undetectable.

Once the chosen remote keylogger for Android is installed, it should be invisible to the target user.

If not, they will see the app icon and delete it immediately, and you will have nothing to track. Also, the target user will start taking more precautions, making monitoring even harder.

● Reports Should Be Simple and Convenient.

The information the keylogger sends should be easy to read, even for a novice. Too complex reports are not necessary to track a cheater.

● It Should Be Compatible with More Than One App.

The keylogger you install becomes useless if it can track only one messaging app. For instance, if it can track the text app only, you cannot monitor what is typed on WhatsApp. So, choose an app that can monitor all the messaging apps.

● It Should Have Versatile Features.

An excellent keylogger app should be versatile enough so they can track pretty much everything on the target device. For instance, it should be able to track calls, videos, images, and even the target device’s location.

Best Undetectable Keylogger for Android – Most Powerful Apps

Let’s get to the list of keylogger apps for Android devices without further ado. You may find different features with each app, so choose the one that best serves your purpose.

01. mSpy

mSpy Remote keylogger for Android

The topmost position of this app is reserved for mSpy. This app can surely be put in the league of the best keyloggers for various reasons. This special app has plenty of useful features for tracking someone from a remote location.

For instance, it has the ability to track social media apps and hack Facebook messages, chat messages, and browsing history.

Also, it can monitor the calls made on the target device. Basically, it offers a lot more than an undetectable keylogger for Android.  

However, if you want to monitor instant messaging, you should root the respective device. Their customer support is exceptional, to add a few more points.

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02. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is another solid, powerful monitoring tool. It can track the keystrokes typed on the target device even if you are located remotely. This app goes invisible.

The main drawback of this app is that you cannot install it using a remote deployment. So, you will have to gain physical access to the target device for a minute or two.

03. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy Keylogger for Android

This app works well on any Android device with no issues. However, the app’s website doesn’t have a cool, intuitive appearance.

Even the app’s interface doesn’t look that good. But in terms of functionality, TheTruthSpy is a very handy tool.

04. MobiStealth


MobiStealth is a powerful and all-inclusive remote keylogger for Android. It allows you to perform various tasks apart from tracking the keystrokes.

For instance, it can track calls, social media activities, and locations and perform many other tasks.

Basically, it is an app that offers a lot. That is in addition to their keylogging feature. However, to monitor the keystrokes, you are supposed to root the target device, and it could be a drawback.

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05. KidLogger

KidLogger Keylogger for Android

Just like the name suggests, KidLogger is another app that is designed to track your kids. You can use this app to track if they do the work as expected.

This app also has desktop versions to monitor both macOS and Windows platforms.

It can also be used on Android devices to monitor your kids. However, the overall cost of the app might be somewhat more expensive than the others.

06. Spyera


Spyera is another tool that can be used as a remote keylogger for Android. However, this tool comes with a major drawback.

Any novice parent will find it very difficult to install the app. it is true that their website claims convenience and ease.

But in reality, things are very different. So, were you looking for a free remote keylogger for Android which is easy to install? If so, SpyEra may not be your best option. But, as a spying app, it offers plenty of features.

It has the ability to work in complete stealth mode. You can remotely control the app. Also, there are various other features included in Spyera.

07. Copy9

Copy9 Keylogger for Android

Considering all the features and aspects, you can rate Copy9 as a pretty good remote keylogger for Android. Various features are specifically handy for worried parents.

However, when it comes to the support factor, Copy9 is not the most impressive option. It doesn’t offer any phone support.

Therefore, you should even fill out their web-based form to get some small assistance. But on the other hand, they offer a very extensive, detailed FAQ to answer most of your questions.

08. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy Keylogger for Android

If you are looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich app to spy on your kid’s phone, this could be it. FlexiSpy even lets you enable the mic of the target device so you can listen to the ambient sounds.

However, you don’t get those features at the most affordable price in the market. Instead, you will have to pay a relatively high price when buying FlexiSpy undetectable keylogger for Android.

Installing a Remote Keylogger for Android 

Now that you know what the best keyloggers in the market are. Let’s learn how to install them. The installation process will vary depending on the app you choose. But in general, the process is as follows.

First, you will have to create an account with the respective service. Then, you will have to access the target device and download the app physically.

Once the installation is completed, the app icon goes invisible automatically. However, some apps let you choose whether to leave the app visible or not.

In some situations, you may even have to root the target device. That, however, depends on the features you intend to access. Once the installation is completed, you can open a browser on your computer or a different phone.

Then, you can log into the same account you have created and start monitoring that target device.

remote keylogger for Android

Free Remote Keylogger for Android – Are They Reliable?

To be frank, you should not rely on a free remote keylogger for Android at all. After all, they might come with a high price, such as installing malware or stealing your personal information.

Any app that comes as a free remote keylogger for Android may have some hidden agenda. Therefore, it is best to avoid those apps at once.



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