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How to Read Verizon Text Messages Online Easily


Written by Jack Lin

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Read Verizon Text Messages Online

Is it possible to read Verizon text messages online? Yes, it is possible. Today, technology has taken over the world.

Thus, making work hassle-free and easy for ourselves becomes our sole responsibility. Due to advanced technology, one can easily access Verizon’s text messages online.


This feature comes in handy when doing office work on your PC or laptop. It is convenient to read Verizon text messages online on the same device instead of switching to your phone. Also, this helps to prevent distractions.

Furthermore, if you are working on deadlines, it saves your time when going through a text message is also important.

So, can you read text messages online? Yes, absolutely. Besides that, you have other interesting ways to achieve your goal. Have a look at them below!

Method 1: Read Verizon Text Messages Online Through Its Website

As of now, the simplest way to check Verizon text messages is to use a Verizon number. It is quite necessary to make a Verizon account to get access to text messages. Thus, users have to log in using their mobile number and Verizon password.

Checking your text messages on Verizon is absolutely free. However, sending a text message through it will charge you on the messaging service of your phone.

This website is specially designed for syncing up your text messages for up to 90 days. Also, there is an additional feature that lets you print your conversations. So, this is how you can read Verizon text messages online.

Besides, you might become frustrated if your Verizon Voicemail is not working due to some reason or another. Let’s figure out why and how to fix it easily.

Steps to Read Verizon Text Messages Online Through Its Website:

Go through the following steps to view text messages online:

Step 1: Sign in to Verizon

First, you have to make a new account. Then, sign in to the ‘My Verizon’ account tab.

read verizon text messages online through verizon website

Step 2: Tap on ‘Welcome’

Next, tap on the ‘Welcome’ tab. Click the ‘Text Online’ option from the given options.

Verzion 'Text Online' option

Step 3: Select the Terms and Conditions

Go through the ‘Terms and Conditions.’ Accept them for continuing further.

Step 4: Tap on the Conversation

Tap on the conversation to get started.

Now, you will be able to read Verizon text messages online. So, this is all you need to do to view your text messages. However, this method works for just Verizon users.

In case you like to view messages of contact numbers listed with Sprint, T-Mobile, or others, then refer to the next method.

Also, there are some limitations to using this method for viewing text messages. Check them below!

Drawbacks of Viewing Verizon Text Messages Online

Like every scheme, reading Verizon text messages online has its disadvantages. It restricts you as you can only view your own text messages.

As you have to sign in, you must put in the right accounts and their passwords.

Not only that, but it just syncs text messages that are 90-days old, which means that you would not be able to view messages received before that.

PS: here are the top Windows spy software for your reference.

Method 2: Read Verizon Text Messages of Others Using KidsGuard

After learning how to read Verizon text messages online using your Verizon account, learn another effective way. This amazing method lets you read message conversations of phone numbers of other carriers.

So, tracking someone’s messages is possible with KidsGuard for Android. This is the best tool for all Android smartphone users.

One thing that everyone likes about this tool is that it is super easy to use. Even users who are not quite familiar with the technology can use it. This tool even features a setup guide for a smooth experience.

Plus, you can perform the Sprint text message history hack and cleverly track text messages of anyone using it without their knowledge.

Steps to Read Text Message Through KidsGuard:

So, here are some simple steps to read the text messages using this professional tool:

Step 1: Make an Account

Firstly, users have to make an account for using KidsGuard. Use a valid email ID for making your account. One can access advanced monitoring features by buying any pricing plan.

Sign up KidGuard

Step 2: Choose ‘Setup Guide’

Once done, you have to go to the ‘My Product and Order Management’ tab. From there, you need to choose ‘Setup Guide.’ After that, keep following the instructions given below carefully.

  • Visit for downloading and installing KidsGuard on the smartphone you like to track.
  • Open that apk file. Now, sign into the KidsGuard account that you made earlier. Once done, go through the setup procedures and verify the setup finally.
Setup KidsGuard Pro

Step 3: Check the Messages

Once you have confirmed the setup information, a dashboard will load up. All the data related to the target device will be displayed on this dashboard. It may take some time to sync all the needed data when you log in for the first time.

On this web dashboard, you can easily read Verizon text messages online. Just tap on the ‘Message’ option under the ‘Phone Files’ tab.

read verizon text messages online Using KidsGuard

For ensuring the security of your loved ones, KidsGuard is a must-have. Using this amazing program, you can keep an eye on every activity of your kids on their smartphones.

This tool lets you monitor any smartphone by going through the steps mentioned above hassle-free.

And if you wish to know how I can see who my girlfriend is texting for free, this tool can help you too.

Special Features of KidsGuard:

Needless to say, KidsGuard is a helpful and wonderful application. Have a look at its amazing features below:

  • KidsGuard provides more options than just reading text messages from Verizon online. Using this tool, you can track text messages of other phone carriers too.
  • This program can track text messages of anyone without hinting at any clue. It is 100% undetectable.
  • It allows users to export their message data on their own devices. Plus, they can read Verizon text messages online remotely.
  • Not just is it a text message online viewer but also a comprehensive smartphone monitoring tool. Users can access anyone’s contacts, messages, chatting history of applications installed on their devices, current location, and more.

So, using this app, users can do much more. They cannot just read Verizon text messages online but also of other carriers too.

The best thing about it is that it is undetectable. The target user would not find that they are being tracked by anyone. It works in stealth mode.

So, your little secret is safe with this tool.

Here’s a Comparison Table of the Two Methods That We Discussed Here.

This table will help you better understand the benefits of KidsGuard.

FeaturesVerizon Website OnlineKidsGuard
Phone CarriersVerizon onlyVerizon and other carriers too. Read any phone carrier’s text messages using this tool.
Text Message Validity90 daysSupports real-time sync, including deleted text messages
Text Message ContentText messages from your very own Verizon number onlyTrack text messages of others without their knowledge, including the deleted texts


After reading how to read Verizon text messages online, some questions could still bother you. So, here are a few questions that users frequently ask when they want to read messages online:

1. Can you read Verizon text messages online on your Verizon account using another smartphone?

It is not suggested to read messages on your Verizon account from another smartphone. However, it is fine to employ a computer or tablet. For tablets, users have to download the Verizon Messages+ application.

Once downloaded, just go through the setup prompts. This is to connect your account to the line. From computers, users have to log into My Verizon simply. Now, read the messages hassle-free!

2. Can users read Verizon text messages online on Verizon bills?

Yes, it is possible to do so. For checking the text message’s history, tap on the ‘bill summary’ tab. To do so, you need to sign in to your Verizon account.

After that, check the ‘charges by line’ option. Now, you are all set to check text messages online using the Verizon bill.

3. Can you check your husband’s messages online on Verizon?

It is important to know the Verizon account and its password for checking the messages online.

If you know the login credentials of your husband’s account, log in to their account. Once logged in, check the message usage information for every line on the ‘My Verizon’ tool.

This information includes the date, time, and mobile number of every message received and sent. Otherwise, you have to depend on third-party text message monitoring tools like KidsGuard. Using this professional tool, you can check the messages of your husband on Verizon effortlessly.

4. How do you check text messages on the ‘My Verizon’ application?

It is super easy to read Verizon text messages online. For this, go through the following instructions:

Step 1: Download the Verizon application
In the first place, users have to download the Verizon application from Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: Read the messages on Verizon
Secondly, they need to log into the Verizon account. Then, read the text messages online through the application.

Also, let’s figure out how to fix the T-Mobile not receiving texts.

Final Words

So, if you like to read Verizon text messages online the easiest way possible, go for KidsGuard. This tool helps you in saving your precious time.

This convenient method makes your life a bit easier. Users all across the globe vouch for this tool to be the perfect phone tracker.

KidsGuard comes with so many amazing features. Plus, it is super easy to use. This tool lets users maintain interaction with their dear ones.

You can message various numbers (including non-Verizon and Verizon) by downloading this wonderful application. Plus, it allows you to track the whereabouts of the other user secretively.

So, download this amazing tool now from App Store and read Verizon text messages online hassle-free!


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