My Mobile Watchdog Review & Its Best Alternatives

The parental monitoring applications have become such a vital necessity these days that we had to bring this My Mobile Watchdog review to help all the concerned parents out there.

The My Mobile Watchdog application is one great help to all the parents who get very anxious about the safety of their kids in the social and online world.

We will be highlighting all the important aspects of this app to help you know if it is right for you and also give a great alternative app in case.

My Mobile Watchdog Parental Control App

One such app that was launched with this purpose was the My Mobile Watchdog parental control application to help parents in keeping their children safe without being around them all the time.

If you keep asking a lot of questions from the kids or try to spy on them, it would estrange your kid into believing that you’ve got no trust in them. Seeing from the perspective of the children, they have a very limited understanding of the outside world and won’t understand your anxiety that easily.

What best you can do, in this case, is install parental monitoring apps like My Mobile Watchdog on the kid’s mobile device. This way, you would be able to constantly keep a watch over them without annoying them and also get all your answer regarding what is going on in the kid’s life.

So here we are, with the My Mobile Watchdog review, to help you know all about this app and let you judge if it lives up to your expectations or not.

Primary Features of the My Mobile Watchdog:

  • This app is fully supported by Android as well as iOS devices.
  • The app lets you watch all the conversations that your kid has been engaged in, and you can keep track of them as they move forwards. Now, the twist is that you can block those conversations or texts that you feel are inappropriate without letting the kid know.
  • You can scan the contacts list in the target device and also set the alerts for any number you find uncanny.
  • You can also keep a watch over the call log and see all the calls being received, missed, or made. If any blocked contact tries to make any call, the app will give you an immediate notification for that.
  • With this tool, you can check through the applications installed on the target device. If you feel that any app is not right for the kid or might be distracting enough, you can block them for some time.
  • While testing the app for the My Mobile Watchdog review, we found that you can check the browsing history of the kid to understand their online practices. You can block all those websites that you find inappropriate, and if the kid tries accessing those blocked sites, the app will notify you instantly.
  • If you think that your kid is using the mobile bit too much, then you can restrict that by setting specific usage timings with the app for the target device.
  • GPS live tracking is a very important feature of this app. With this, you can track the location of your children on a real-time basis and ensure their safety always. The app also has the feature of the location log, which will give you data on all the locations that have been visited by the child. 99 such locations will be shown in these records.
  • Overall, the app will also provide a detailed report related to phone usage by the kid. You can use this report to understand the online and social behavior of your children and talk to them about the same. A productive discussion with them about healthy mobile habits can do the trick here.
  • The star feature of this app is that it can be used to track around five devices.

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Major Cons of My Mobile Watchdog:

  • The dashboard of the app is a mishap sometimes as a large number of features cannot be managed easily on it. You might face difficulty in monitoring all the activities of the target device.
  • The customization and navigability of the application are complicated and may take time for you to understand fully.
  • The app doesn’t have demarcated or advanced filtering abilities to block any webpage. Blocking any content can only be made possible by blocking particular sites, and this doesn’t guarantee a foolproof resolution of the issue.
  • The feature of Geo-fencing is not available with this app. You will not get any alerts if the target user goes to a location that is forbidden or not safe as per your knowledge.
  • The app doesn’t allow you to monitor the activities going on with the different social media applications installed on the target phone.

Pricing of the My Mobile Watchdog

$14.99 per month- family plan (can be used on 5 devices)

My Mobile Watchdog parental control app

KidsGuard Pro – The Best Alternative to My Mobile Watchdog Application

There are so many apps available in the market that can act as a great alternative to the My Mobile Watchdog monitoring application. However, we strive to bring the best for you, and it is for this reason that we have included the KidsGuard Pro software for you in this My Mobile Watchdog review as the best alternative to this app.

In the category of the apps that were used to track mobile devices, KidsGuard emerged as the clear winner by matching almost all the criteria. We could easily rate this professional Mobile Hacker App with five stars after testing it for the parental control services it provides.

This application proves very useful in allowing the parents to check the messages and conversations on their kid’s mobile, track the call logs, see the contacts, and lastly, even check the phone’s gallery. It also facilitates viewing the browser history of the target device.

Other applications like notes, calendars, clocks, etc., can be viewed too with the help of this app. The best part is that once you have watched over all the activities on the target device, you can take a screenshot of them to keep as proof.

As against one of the cons in the My Mobile Watchdog review, this app is also helpful in monitoring the activities of social media apps like Kik, LINE, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. on the target device.

It also allows the parent to track the location of their child on a real-time basis, and this can help them to know if there is any threat to their child. The dashboard of the app is the place where you can see a detailed report of every activity that your child performs.

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KidsGuard Pro

Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • You can watch over the details of all the calls, both incoming as well as outgoing, on the target device.
  • You can also read all the messages on the device, incoming, outgoing, and deleted ones too.
  • And you can track the device with the help of the GPS on a real-time basis and get an accurate location always.
  • You can set up a Geofence, which is the marking of a designated area over the digital map.
  • All the tracking is done in full stealth mode, which means that the app remains hidden while working in the background.

Advantages of KidsGuard Pro

  • You don’t need to root the target device to be able to use the app.
  • The app can be installed as well as set up in no more than five minutes.
  • The user of the target device wouldn’t ever come to know about the app existing in the device as its operation remains fully undetectable.
  • The app is completely secure for use as the data gets synced in real-time, and full privacy and protection of the data are guaranteed.
  • You don’t need to go into the settings every time to give the required permissions to the app as it does so automatically.
  • The app is very cheap as compared to the other options available for the My Mobile Watchdog review. The different plans let you choose the right one for you.

Disadvantages of the KidsGuard Pro

  • With one license, you can track only one device for the time being.
  • There is no free product.

Pricing of the KidsGuard Pro software

There are two different plans available:

  1. One month subscription for monitoring a single device- $29.25
  2. Subscription plan for a full year- $8.32 every month

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Final Words

No matter how much a utility the internet is, it has its darker sides too, and young kids can become easy prey to the online monsters. You can’t be with the kids all the time and save them from the threat of adult media.

We hope that this My Mobile Watchdog review helped you understand how the parental control apps work and how the KidsGuard Pro app can be a great help for the same purpose.

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