mSpy vs. FlexiSpy Comparison in 2022

The purpose of the mSpy vs. FlexiSpy comparison is to give our readers a clearer idea of those two.

If you are curious about the best spy tools and want to learn which is better, keep reading. This write-up covers pretty much every important app related to these two impressive spy tools.

If you ever wanted to use a spy app, there are plenty of them to choose from. They come with very impressive claims as well.

However, in reality, some apps are obviously better than others due to various reasons. Both mSpy and FlexiSpy are among the leading spy apps, and users have plenty of reasons to rate so.

As of today, both of those apps claim hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. So, if you are to choose between mSpy and FlexiSpy, what will you do? Which one is better?

Keep reading this mSpy vs. FlexiSpy comparison and find out the truth.

mSpy vs. FlexiSpy – a Comparison

We consider several important aspects in this mSpy vs. FlexiSpy comparison to identify the better one. The remaining parts of this article will cover all those aspects individually and compare each app with them.

01. How Easy It is to Install the App

Before everything else, let’s learn how easy it is to install these two apps. A good app should give you minimal trouble during the installation process. The whole process should not take long since we are talking about a spy app, the easier and faster the installation, the better.

As a general recommendation, the installation process should not take anything longer than 15 minutes. The process also should be very easy. Installing it on the target device should be a walk in the park as you never know when the device’s owner will arrive. Also, creating an account should have very easy steps and require minimal information from you.

mSpy vs. FlexiSpy: Which is Better in Terms of Installation?

Well, according to the experience we had, mSpy and FlexiSpy are easy to install. They take almost the same time to complete the installation on the target device. Also, the entire process is easy, so even a beginner can install it with no issue.

Therefore, we don’t have a clear winner of the two in terms of ease of installation.

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02. How Compatible They Are

You may already know that there are various smartphones run on different platforms in the modern-day market. So, the spy app you pick must be able to track any of those devices with no compatibility issue.

Regardless of the features, power, and efficiency of the spy app, its compatibility matters a lot. If you cannot install it on the target device, it becomes useless. So, you must be very careful and smart enough to choose an app that actually works on the target.

mSpy, in this case, is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Also, it works on all the iOS versions between 7 and 15 with no issue at all. Also, it works smoothly on Android 4 or newer versions. In a nutshell, mSpy works with all the devices in the market today, be it Android or iOS.

FlexiSpy also comes with the same type of compatibility. And it works on both Android and iOS devices. It works on devices that use Android 4 to 11. For iOS devices, however, FlexiSpy works on versions 6.0 or newer.

In addition to that, FlexiSpy is compatible with iPads and Windows PCs as well. As long as the iPad runs on 6.0-15, it works. As for PCs, it works on all the versions between Windows 7 and Windows 11.

Which is Better in Terms of Compatibility?

Well, we have a winner here in terms of compatibility. You can notice that FlexiSpy works on iPads and Windows as well, apart from iPhones and Android devices.

On the other hand, mSpy works on Android and iPhones only. Also, FlexiSpy supports newer Android and iOS versions than mSpy. So, the winner is FlexiSpy in this case.

03. Stealth Mode Operation

It goes without saying that a good spy app should work in stealth mode. Otherwise, the target user will identify it quickly and get rid of the app. Also, he or she will start to find out who tried to spy on them. Therefore, it is important to invest in an app that works in a complete stealth mode.

As per the general recommendation, the spy app icon should vanish from the target device after the installation. Then, it should work from the background capturing all the activities performed by the target user.

mSpy can work in the background while maintaining complete discreteness. So, the target user will not be able to identify if such an app is installed or not. When it comes to FlexiSpy, it works just like mSpy with complete discreteness in the background.

Which App is Better in Terms of Stealth Mode Operation

Well, both mSpy and FlexiSpy work in discrete mode. Therefore, it is fair to say that there is no winner in this case.

04. Features

The next important thing we explore is the number of features each app has. In fact, the more essential features it has, the better the app is – it’s that simple.

In general, any spy app will come with the ability to track the call logs, contacts, etc. So, that’s not enough to declare a winner here.

In this case, we wanted to check if both apps have some additional features. For instance, were they able to access the camera remotely? Do they have a geofencing feature? Can they take screenshots? All those features are important to catch a cheater red-handed.  

In mSpy, features like geofencing, browser control, blocking of websites, and blocking of applications were found. With geofencing, you can set a virtual border around a geographic location (say, a city or a neighborhood). Once the target user exits or enters that area, you will be notified by the app.

Well, this is an excellent feature that impresses all the parents who are concerned about their kids’ whereabouts. In addition to that, mSpy has a feature to prevent some apps and websites as well. This is another great parental control feature. It also has a feature to block Wi-Fi as well.

mspy vs. flexispy - mSpy

When it comes to FlexiSpy, it has features such as call recording, ambient sound recording, and so on. It also has features called remcam, remvideo, etc. With the ambient recording feature, you can record the sounds around the phone you are tracking.

When it comes to the remcam feature, it lets you access the camera of the device and take photos. It also lets you record videos as well from the target phone.


So, both mSpy and FlexiSpy come with a unique set of features that are incredibly handy.

mSpy vs. FlexiSpy Review: Which App is Better in Terms of Features

As mentioned, both mSpy and FlexiSpy have unique and handy features to be very impressive spying apps.

mSpy lets you gain control of your kid’s internet surfing, app usage, etc. Also, its geofencing feature lets you have a clear idea about the kid’s actual location. All those features are handy to keep your kid under watch.

FlexiSpy, on the other hand, has some interesting features like ambient recording, call recording, remcam, and remvideo. They are ideal for monitoring a spouse, aren’t they?

In this case, we leave it for you to decide the best app of the two. Depending on your requirement, the app you will prefer might differ.

05. How Accurate Are the Apps?

You cannot pick a spy app just because it offers a large number of features. The features must be accurate if you want to achieve the results you want.

For instance, if you don’t get the accurate geofencing feature, you cannot find the whereabouts of your kid. You will eventually come to wrong assumptions as a result of the inaccurate functionalities of the app.

In mSpy, you can get very accurate results with all the features. It has a handy feature to track WhatsApp. Also, it accurately tracks social media accounts such as Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Moreover, it delivers precise tracking results with features like a keylogger, call recording, and so on.

FlexiSpy, too, works with excellent precision. All of its features work perfectly on any platform, just like mSpy. It records the sounds (ambient and call recording) successfully. Basically, all the functions of FlexiSpy work flawlessly.

Which App is Better in Terms of Accuracy

Since both the apps show excellent results with superb precision, there’s no clear winner. Both of these apps are among the handful of perfect apps that does what is promised.

06. Synchronization of Data

Perfect and speedy data synchronization is exceptionally important when you spy on someone using an app. The app must be able to send the captured data to your end as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be too late to know some updates.

With mSpy, to be frank, the data synchronization speed is not as fast as we expected. The app usually takes about 5 minutes to synchronize data with the remote dashboard you monitor. So, it can be a disadvantage in cases where you need to take immediate action.

FlexiSpy shows better performance in terms of data synchronization, particularly the speed of synchronizing data. Interestingly, it was able to synchronize data within a minute or two in most cases.

However, some of the features like remvideo took some extra time to upload data.

Which is Better in Terms of Data Synchronization

Well, in this case, it is fair to put FlexiSpy a little ahead of mSpy. FlexiSpy synchronizes data faster than mSpy.

07. Pricing

This is another important aspect to consider in comparing mSpy vs. FlexiSpy. Assume that there is a particular app with tons of features and impressive functionality. You still don’t go for it if it is so expensive, do you?

Also, you should not choose a spy app just because it is the cheapest in the market. The best approach is to find an app at an affordable price and with the features discussed so far.  

The good news is that both mSpy and FlexiSpy are excellent apps that save money.

mSpy offers a basic plan that costs $29.99 per month. It has limited features. The premium version of the same app costs $69.99 per month, and it lets you use all the features.

It also offers a 3-month plan, 6-month plan, and 12-month plan.

mspy vs. flexispy - mSpy Pricing Plans

FlexiSpy too offers three different plans. Its LITE plan comes with a price of $29.95 per month. It has a limited number of features. FlexiSpy Premium plan costs $68 per month, and it offers more features than the LITE plan.

If you need to access all the features, you can go for Extreme Plan, which costs $199 for three months. However, FlexiSpy doesn’t offer a one-month plan for the Extreme package.

Which is Better in Terms of the Price

If you compare all the plans with the time factor, FlexiSpy is more affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any of those apps be detected by the target user?

No. They work in stealth mode.

Will mSpy give the results for the money I spend on it?

Of course. It is a superb spying app that can be used for any spying purpose.

Which is the better option if you compare mSpy vs. FlexiSpy?

As per our mSpy vs. FlexiSpy comparison, both apps work fine. However, in some cases, FlexiSpy stands slightly ahead of mSpy.


The best app of the two can vary based on the requirement the users have. For instance, if you want to track a kid, mSpy offers better and more useful features.

However, FlexiSpy shows better features to track a spouse. Likewise, both apps have some unique characteristics that might serve different types of purposes better.

So, when you go for a spy app and choose between mSpy vs. FlexiSpy, the decision is yours. It is all about choosing a spy app that suits your need and budget.



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