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MOV is a file format of videos. When you transfer a .mov video file to an external hard drive, you may notice that the archive often gets damaged.

You will see that although it has listed the full size of the file, the file does not open in players and has no time frame.

In such a case, what do you do about MOV repair? How can you repair the MOV file on Mac?

What is the MOV Format?

MOV is a video format which is developed by the famous company Apple. It is a video container of MPEG-4 videos.

This is a very common multimedia format that uses a proprietary confining algorithm. This format is generally used in the QuickTime of Apple to save films and other video files.

The .mov video format is compatible with Windows as well as Macintosh platforms. MOV format also includes a few DVCPRO (HD) files and devices like HD and CCTV cameras that capture videos.

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MOV Repair on Mac

You can face problems in the .mov video format. At such times, you must see that these formats become inaccessible or fail to open. This can be because of many reasons, such as an interruption or software failure while you transfer your video file.

Additionally, there can be several other reasons, such as improper downloads or poor video editor usage, which can corrupt the .mov file or any other video format.

And thereby, a damaged or corrupt .mov file does not open in any type of media player, including Apple’s QuickTime.

In such a situation, you may see certain errors. For instance, you may see that the QuickTime error could not open the .mov file, the .mov files cannot load, or exported MOV files are not recognized by QuickTime. So, what can you do in such scenarios?

The answer to all your problems related to the .mov video file format is the MOV Video Repair tool for Mac. This tool is specifically designed to scan corrupt .mov files and thus repair them efficiently. The tool can handle all kinds of .mov file issues and copy the file while maintaining its original clarity.

This amazing multimedia video repair tool is very flexible and is used on Mac operating systems. MOV files can get damaged quickly due to many unexpected events, such as format, movement, duration, header, and other types of system corruption.

With the Video Repair tool, you can easily as well as quickly repair any .mov file on Mac operating systems. Additionally, you can repair .mov video files that are produced by several devices, such as Smartphones, digital camcorders, and HD cameras.

The Video Repair tool lets you preview your repaired .mov videos before saving them on your PC.

Unique Features of Stellar Video Repair for Mac

Some of the key attributes of the Stellar Video Repair program are:

  • It can repair header corruptions in .mov video files.
  • It helps to repair sound section corruptions in video files.
  • It helps repair movement errors in .mov video files.
  • Repair video frame corruptions in video files.
  • It helps repair video slider movement corruptions in video files.
  • It repairs corrupted data from video files.
  • This tool supports MP4 Video Repair, AVI Repair, and other HD Video Repairs.
  • This software is available for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
  • It is also available for macOS 13.

How Can You Repair a MOV File on Mac using Stellar Video Repair?

To repair the MOV file on Mac using the Stellar Video Repair tool, you must follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Add .mov video files to the MOV Video Repair tool

Open the MOV Video Repair tool on your Mac computer. Now, click on the ‘Add File‘ button. Now, you must add your .mov video files to this program from the hard drive of your Mac PC or any other media device.

Stellar Repair for Video

For this, you have to click on the ‘Add‘ button. You can click the ‘‘ button to remove any .mov video file from the software. To select and unselect the .mov video files you want to repair, you must check the box in front of every .mov video file.

Add MOV Videos to Stellar

Step 2: See the preview and fix your .mov video files

You must select a .mov video file and click on the ‘Preview‘ button. This will begin playing that particular .mov video file before the software repairs it.

Now, you simply have to click on the ‘Repair‘ button to begin the repairing process of corrupt .mov video files.

Repairing MOV Videos
MOV Repair process completed
Repair MOV Videos

Step 3: Save your repaired video files on your Mac PC

You can see the preview again of your repaired .mov video files. After your corrupt or damaged .mov video files have been repaired, you need to save them by clicking on the ‘Save‘ button. This will save repaired video files on your computer’s external or internal hard drive.

Save Repaired Mov Videos to Mac

After your repaired .mov files are saved, you will see a confirmation message on your computer’s screen. This will display a link to your saved .mov video files.

To go to the location, you just have to click on the ‘View Saved Files‘ button, which is displayed in the dialog box.

So, this is how you can repair the MOV file on Mac using the MOV Video Repair tool. No matter if your .mov video file has been damaged or corrupted, you can repair it easily and quickly with the help of Stellar Video Repair.

So, just download the Stellar Video Repair today on your Mac PC and repair all your .mov video files.

Please switch to the all video repair user guide for other video format repair jobs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can MOV files be repaired on Mac using free software? Yes, QuickTime Player is a free software available on Mac that can repair minor issues with MOV files.
  2. Are third-party MOV repair tools safe to use? Reputable third-party MOV repair tools are safe to use, but it’s important to download them from trusted sources.
  3. What if I cannot repair a corrupted MOV file? If you are unable to repair a corrupted MOV file using available software, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance or consult data recovery experts.
  4. Can MOV file corruption lead to permanent data loss? MOV file corruption does not necessarily result in permanent data loss. By employing appropriate repair techniques, it is often possible to recover the damaged files.
  5. Should I back up my MOV files regularly? Yes, it’s always a good practice to back up your important MOV files regularly to prevent any potential loss due to corruption or other unforeseen events.


Repairing MOV files on Mac is crucial to regain access to valuable multimedia content. By following the troubleshooting and repair steps outlined in this article, you can effectively address MOV file corruption issues.

Remember to be proactive in preventing future problems by practicing safe file management and keeping your Mac software up to date.


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