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Make 2 People Call Each Other
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Is it possible to make two phones call each other? If so, how can you do it? Do you need a special tool to get it done?

If you have the above questions and looking for reliable answers, this article is just for you. We will explain how to get this trick done effortlessly.

The Concept of Prank Calls

A prank call, at its most basic, involves dialing a person’s number and either impersonating someone or creating a situation that elicits a funny reaction.

However, a prank call involving two people calling each other, takes the concept to a whole new level. It’s humorous, creative, and intriguing – especially when done right.

Legal Aspects of Prank Calls

But as we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to pull off such a prank, it’s critical to understand the legal aspects. Prank calls can tread on thin ice, especially when they verge on harassment or violate privacy laws.

How to Make Two Phones Call Each Other 

It’s not hard to pull off a nice practical joke in which two phones contact each other. However, it could be very effective in getting the reaction you want from your targets.

In this article, we explain how to make two phones call each other without any hassle. Keep reading, and you will be able to find the exact particulars.

In fact, making two handsets call each other seems to be a simple prank to pull off. However, it might be very effective in getting the desired reaction from your targets.

You will learn how to make it happen and how to handle prank calls in our article. Stay with me here, and we will fill you in on all the particulars.

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So, Is It Possible to Make It Happen?

It is absolutely true that two phones can make phone calls to each other. It’s a great joke when two people accidentally call one another on their phones.

Apps such as, Prank Hotline, Ownage Pranks, etc., exist specifically for this function.

So, How to Do It?

Now, let’s go ahead and learn to make two phones call each other and have some great fun.

In this example, we explain how to use the tool called “Prank Hotline” to do it.

Prank Hotline
  • Then, you should enter both the numbers (of your targets) in the given fields.
enter both the numbers
  • After that, you should click on the option called “Send this prank call.”
Send this prank call

Once you do this, both numbers will be connected. Then, the target users will think that they are connected to each other simultaneously.

Apart from that, there are several other websites that offer the same kind of service to prank others.

● Orange Pranks

Orange Pranks is another powerful tool that can make prank calls on your request. The best thing is that you can choose exactly which kind of caller will be calling your pal.

Provide your friend’s mobile number (mobile number tracker) and the best time to reach them. You may also make prank calls immediately with Ownage Pranks’ entertaining app.

Orange Pranks


With the assistance of this tool, you can make two people call each other without any hassle. is a convenient application that works based on the web. However, this option is available only for iPhones.

What Can You Do About Prank Calls You Get?

Mentioned below are the steps you can use to stay away from the trouble of getting prank calls.

● Block the Caller

A prank call is more likely to go unanswered if there is no greeting exchanged. It could potentially be a telemarketing or fraud-related automated call.

Either hanging up by yourself or waiting for their action is the best option here. Put that number in your phone’s permanent block list.

● Don’t Answer

The simplest way to tell if someone is pulling your leg is to ask for your name. Assume that the caller doesn’t answer your questions or gives you a false name.

And assume that you are not sure it is not from a legitimate company. You can perhaps change the odds on this fraudster by keeping silent until they get frustrated and hang up.

● Try to Verify Them Through Questions

Ask for the caller’s name to learn more about them and how you were introduced. If the caller can’t provide a correct answer, they’re probably not someone you know personally.

● Play a Game

Set up a meeting at some made-up spot and pretend to go there. If a nut job like this turns up, they’ll be fuming when they realize they’ve been fooled.

● Report the Caller

Tell them you will report someone if they try to scam you with promises of free lottery tickets. The same theory should apply to the ones that offer other forms of prices.

If you did not enter the contest or buy a lottery ticket, you had no chance of winning anything. Sadly, many people have fallen prey to shady types and have been the victim of such phone calls.

So, if someone tries to make two people call each other with your number, you can apply the above.

Is It Possible to Forward a Call to Another Phone?

Now that you know to make two phones call each other, let’s learn more about making calls. It is possible to forward a mobile phone to another mobile phone.

Through the use of call forwarding, you can have your mobile device’s calls routed to another mobile number.

Also, you can forward it to a landline as well. If you have Call Forwarding turned on, your smartphone will not alert you when you get a call. In order to find out what to do if your call is being diverted, please read on.

How Can You Merge Calls?

Both Android and iOS include a built-in conference calling feature that can be customized from the screen. Call merging is covered in detail here, so you can do it with ease.

Let’s take a look at how to make a conference call on an iPhone or Android device.

For Android Devices

  • First, you should dial a number and make a call.
  • Wait until the call is connected. Then, you should tap on the option called “Add Call.” You can find this option in the menu.
Add Call on Android
  • Now, call the other number you want to merge with.
  • When the second call is picked, tap “Merge.”
Merge Calls on Android

For iPhones

  • Dial a number on the phone app and place a call.
Phone Call on iPhone
  • Wait for the call to be connected.
  • Then, tap on the option called “Add Call.”
Add Call on iPhone
  • Dial the desired number to add the second call.
  • Once the second caller is connected, tap “Merge Calls.”
Merge Calls on iPhone

How Can You Call Diverted Numbers?

Your call would go through even if you dial a redirected number. The issue is that your call is redirected to the alternate number the individual you are phoning has provided.

Call forwarding is a feature that enables a phone’s owner to route inbound calls to a different number. This is also known as call diverting. You can divert calls to any active number, such as a cell phone, voicemail, SMS, or landline. 

Can You Use the *67 Code?

The good news is that you can still use the code *67. This option works well if you want to hide your phone number.

Can Two iPhones Make Calls to Each Other?

Yes. Even two iPhones can make calls to each other. There are several different websites and apps to make it happen. For instance, you can use a website like

Is It Illegal to Use Prank Calls in Florida?

Yes. In Florida, it is legally prohibited to use prank calls and harass or scam someone.

Likewise, you should check with other states and countries when it comes to using prank calls.

If making prank calls is illegal in your area, you should refrain from doing it.


  1. Are prank calls illegal?
    • Prank calls are generally legal, but they can cross into illegality if they involve threats, harassment, or violation of privacy laws.
  2. Can I be traced through a prank calling app?
    • Yes, even though prank calling apps often provide anonymity, law enforcement agencies can trace calls if they breach laws.
  3. What are some popular prank calling apps?
    • Some popular apps include Prank Dial, PrankOwl, and Ownage Pranks.
  4. How can I ensure my prank call is ethical?
    • To ensure your prank call is ethical, make sure it’s harmless, non-threatening, and that you have the understanding and consent of the people involved.
  5. Can three-way calling be used for prank calls?
    • Yes, it can, but keep in mind that some phone systems reveal the caller’s identity, which may hamper the prank.


The art of making two people call each other can certainly add a humorous twist to your repertoire of pranks. However, it’s important to strike a balance between having fun and respecting others’ boundaries. Always ensure that your pranks remain in good humor, free from harm or distress.


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