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Life360 Review

If you were looking for a comprehensive Life360 review, here’s a must-read article for you.

In this review, we intend to discuss all the features of Life360 along with how secure it is.

So, if you intend to use this application, reading this review will be a very smart move.


Here’s the overview of our Life360 review. To follow the whereabouts of relatives in real time, utilize the Life360 location-sharing app. Both the free and premium versions are available.

When you buy a plan for other apps, you would assume that the app will completely protect user data. However, Life360 appears to be more of an exception.

The Life360 app’s user base has lost faith in the company lately. Well, it was revealed that it was selling the data of users. In fact, the users of Life360 are wondering if the software is safe.

That said, in this article, we’ll go over the security issues with this app called Life360. In addition to that, we suggest a solution to help you determine whether it’s legit.

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Life360 Review – Introduction

Life360 Review – Introduction

In a nutshell, Life360 can be considered a location-sharing app and a driving safety tool. Your family members’ phones must have the app installed for you to use GPS to monitor their current location.

Additionally, you can look up their past whereabouts and follow in their footsteps to go where they were going.

Additionally, you may configure certain locations to send you alerts whenever a family member arrives or departs specific locations. The software not only tracks location but also displays driving data for family members.

You may examine their highest speeds, distracted driving, forceful braking, and a lot more. Additionally, there’s a battery level monitoring option and an emergency help alert.

Is Life 360 Safe? What Are the Security Concerns of It?

Well, there are many individuals who ask, “is life 360 safe“. The simplest answer is that it is not. And there are several reasons for us to say so.

Below are some of the main points of our concern in terms of the safety of Life360.

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● They Sell User Data

Life360 stores a ton of information about users on its servers. Life360 sell the data to outside businesses, who then use it for their own gain.

As an illustration, Life360 maintains location history, location tracking, and driving statistics that they then sell to third parties.

For instance, they sell such data to advertising, insurance providers, and other third parties. Before being made aware of them online, the majority of users weren’t aware that their data was being shared.

● Privacy Concerns

Life360 has access to very private information about you and your family. It includes the precise location of your home; the locations visited, and the names of your family and friends.

In addition, when you join, they receive your personal information. And, once they are in the hands of a third party, they are free to do anything they want.

Your internet privacy is becoming openly exposed. In fact, this is a major concern for those who wonder, “is life 360 safe”.  

Privacy Concerns

● Data Breaches

Users have experienced numerous persistent technical issues, and the organization has no accessible tech support staff.

Users are understandably concerned about the security of their data. This is specifically true when the servers of Life360 and the app’s technological components are scrutinized.

If the software is not technically proficient, backdoors can be quickly detected by hackers. Even for subpar apps such as Life360, there is no shortage of data breach events that are constantly reported.

What Do Users Say?

Is Life360 safe? Let’s say what users have to say about it.

If you look at the top review websites, Life360 does not receive even a passing grade. Particularly after purchasing their plans, the majority of them are not happy with this app.

Mentioned below are some verifiable testimonials from Life360 premium users.

01. I used it only for a couple of days, specifically because of the false notifications. Some notifications said that my son had just arrived when he was not. Useless and misleading (Davida M).

02. Not the best, but it does some tracking. The tracking works in some instances only. I couldn’t even locate my brother, who was a couple of blocks away. Also, some features don’t work at all. (Jamie L)

03. I am tired of accepting plenty of permissions. Moreover, I got quite a few calls from many insurance companies after installing Life360. (Julius B)

04. My phone’s battery drains weirdly after installing Life360. The battery went down crazily until I uninstalled the app. I don’t know if it’s the same for others, but this is how it worked for me. Sadly, I cannot recommend it. (Chang L).

The above are only a few examples. There are plenty of similar negative reviews online.

The truth is that it is difficult to find a positive Life360 review even if you search extensively.

Is It Malware?

There’re many individuals who wonder, “is life 360 safe” or just malware? Well, in this case, you can simply do it by yourself using a special tool called “ClevGuard.” It is an antispyware application designed to scan for potential malware in your PC.

Once installed on your PC, ClevGuard will provide real-time malware protection. So, even if Life360 tries to gather your data, ClevGuard will prevent it.

01. What Else Can You Do with ClevGuard

Mentioned below are the features of ClevGuard.

● It Can Detect Malware Very Quickly

ClevGuard completely scans your device right away to check for malware. It can locate any hidden software as well as dubious applications that employ fictitious names and covert icons.

You can review the scan results. This list all the malicious apps as well as threats on the phone once the scan is finished.

● It Removes Spyware Effectively

You can quickly remove all dangers and spyware apps from your device after evaluating the search results.

The best thing is that you can do it with just a single press. So, you must remove Life360 right away if you discover that it is labeling it as a risky app.

● Clear Junk

ClevGuard has a built-in capability that allows you to analyze and remove junk files immediately. It’s necessary to periodically clear junk files to free up space that has been unnecessarily occupied.

Files like cache data, app residuals, and other items are some of those culprits that should be removed.

In addition to that, certain files might include private information that malicious software might exploit.

Clear Junk

● It Offers Real-time Protection

Real-time security is offered by ClevGuard. This implies it is constantly active and constantly looking out for threats like malware being downloaded on the device.

It alerts you right away so you may examine and take action before your security and privacy are jeopardized.

● It Can Check for Potential Email Breaches

ClevGuard’s ability to assess whether a data breach is exposing your email ID is an exceptionally helpful feature.

To improve the security and safety of an email account, the app offers security recommendations. Given that your email ID is linked to a number of other logins, this’s crucial to safeguarding your privacy.

● To Protect Your Camera and Microphone

ClevGuard detects any attempt by another app to secretly eavesdrop on you using your device’s camera or mic. Furthermore, it warns you right away.

If you ever detect such applications that use your device’s mic or camera, uninstall it immediately. The good news is that ClevGuard can do it for you with a couple of clicks.

How to Verify the Genuineness of Life360?

Mentioned below are the steps that should be followed to verify “is life 360 safe”.

01. Download ClevGuard

First, you should go to Google Play Store and search for ClevGuard. Then, get it downloaded to your device.

02. Scan the Life360 App Installed on Your Device

Open ClevGuard, select “Scan” from the menu, and then patiently wait while the program quickly scans your device.

If you have Life360 installed on your device, ClevGuard definitely will find it for good. 

You can look there in the App Audio area when you have some spare time. With that, you can see which apps, like Life360, have various app rights.


03. Check the Results

Now that the scanning is completed check for the results. You can then find out if the Life360 app is included.

Now, tap on the option called “Fix All.” That will delete malware that may be installed on your device.

Check the Results


Is Life360 safe? Well, the above content provides you with a solid answer. In a nutshell, Life360 is not the safest app you should use.

You can verify it simply by using a professional malware scanner like ClevGuard on your device.

ClevGuard detects Life360 as spyware, so it is better to look for a different parental control tool. In addition, many users say that Life360 has serious flaws in terms of privacy and security.


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