Kidslox Review & Its Best Alternative in 2023

The kids these days can match the fast pace of changing technology, and this Kidslox review will help you to stay next to them. One of the very difficult things that parents face these days is keeping a strict check on their kids’ virtual activities.

No matter you be a house guardian or a working one, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the children’s experiments online.

There is so much that one can do on the internet, and children fall victim to it easily. Game apps, social media, lottery sites, and many other such websites exist to distract children. This article will help you know about one such app that will be very useful in dealing with such problems.

The Kidslox app is one very useful app, and we will provide you with all the details about it. However, it has certain loopholes too. In that case, we will tell you about the best alternative software that is FamiSafe.

Kidslox Review

We will provide you with the features of the app with its pros and cons.

Kidslox review

Features of Kidslox

  • Lock the apps- Locking the apps is the easiest way if you do not want your child to view certain apps.
  • Block content- Kidslox will help you in blocking objectionable content from popping up even after a search is done for it.
  • Enable timers- You will be able to regulate the kid’s time spent online by setting screen timers.
  • Regulate all platforms- With this app, you can inquire into every device that has been used by your child.
  • Daily use limits- You can control how much your kid uses mobile data and any device by setting a particular time limit for every app that your child uses.
  • Fingerprint lock- You can lock the app by setting up a touch password with your finger. This will allow you to use the app whenever you want and manage to keep your child away from it.


  • When compared with the other apps, the Kidslox app is a very easy and cheap way to perform parental control. You will be able to block all the unwanted content in simple steps. The app costs as much as $6.99.
  • The app comes with very simple instructions, and you don’t need to be a technological expert to be able to use it. It comes with a three-way switch that is a very useful method in helping you download it easily, register, and start using it immediately.


  • Kidslox doesn’t come with any cybersecurity feature to keep your child safe from any mishappening. Even if you restrict the websites, you will not be able to monitor them regularly. Your kid will still be able to open other unlocked websites. You won’t be able to keep a check on the calls made, social browsing activities, online chats, and messaging apps.
  • With this app, you will only be able to enable the restricted mode on YouTube. However, you still won’t be able to manage the browsing habit of your kid.
  • You won’t be able to keep a check on your children’s browsing activities from a distant location.

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Where does the app stand as per the Kidslox review?

Going by the analysis of the pros and cons of the app, it will be suitable to give it a rating of 4.3 out of 10 as it can be understood that the app is loaded with a lot of managing features, but it doesn’t come with monitoring factors.

You can disable your kid from using objectionable websites, and apps, and overusing the device, but you won’t be able to monitor any potential online threat that may be emerging.

Kidslox supports blocking the apps from a remote location and thereby controlling the device. As the device can be blocked, one can also say that it supports anti-theft protection.

There remains room for improvement where the app can get additional features that ensure cyber safety for children. The app fails to monitor the activities, nor does it provide clear information about the communication activities made through the device.

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FamiSafe – An impressive alternative suggested by the Kidslox review

The primary principle on which the Kidslox app runs is tracking the online activities of children. However, the application fails on many crucial fronts where it fails to deliver many essential services that the parents desire.

FamiSafe has a lot of impressive features that make it the best available alternative to the Kidslox app. This app enables parental control in a way that compensates well for the failure of other similar apps.

It will prove to be the best app that you may want to download for your use. It gives you the best solutions to deal with the problem of tracking the child’s surfing habits and ensuring their safety even if you are not with them.


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This is a list of the features of FamiSafe which are absent in the Kidslox app:

● Detecting Explicit content

This feature allows you to know if any dangerous keyword is occurring in text messages, mail, YouTube, or any other social platform content. It helps parents with busy working schedules to get automated alerts about any critical situation.

They can also make up a list of words that they think are harmful and set an alert for them. This list can be reset anytime in the future.

FamiSafe App Blocker
FamiSafe Detecting Explicit content

● Detect Sensitive Photos

The advanced functioning of FamiSafe alerts the parents about any suspicious picture like nudes or pornography that may be emerging on the device. This helps the parents to prevent things like sexual harassment and other worse things.

FamiSafe Detect Sensitive Photos

● Real-time locating and Geo-fencing

To be able to track the reallocation is the most wanted feature that the parents expect with any safety app. FamiSafe provides you with this feature that helps you to track the whereabouts of your child. The other apps don’t come with this feature. You will be able to know the location of your child if the app is installed on the device that the child is using.

Another very important feature is Geo-Fencing. It enables the parents to enter a set range of areas that is marked as the safe zone. You will get a panic alarm ringing on your device if your child goes out of the marked safe area.

Famisafe Family Location

● Report the app activity

You can easily block apps with the help of any child safety app. However, FamiSafe gives you an advantage over the other by enabling monitoring. Other than blocking apps on the device being used by your child, you can keep an eye on the browsing activity too. Whatever move the child makes on the internet, you can monitor that from another vicinity.

FamiSafe - Activity Report

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What is the final remark of the Kidslox review?

  • The overall features of Kidslox is a small package when compared to FamiSafe. The primary purpose it serves is blocking the apps, which is a good management step. However, on the bad side of it, there are no monitoring features involved. You cant work in peace knowing that the apps are restricted since the kid can still browse through the other unblocked ones. In features domain, Kidslox gets just a nominal rating of 2.5 out of 10.
  • On the front of management and Security, Kidslox review only gives a 2.5 out of 10 to the app. It allows the locking of the phone even from a remote location, so it does protect against theft. When the phone is locked, the child won’t be able to access the phone without permission.

Though, the app doesn’t come with any real-time location tracking that can give you any alert in times of panic or let you know the location of the device. You will also not be able to remove any personal information once the phone is lost. FamiSafe is a good option if you want to stay aware of the reallocation of your child all the time.

  • The customer assistance of Kidslox is not a satisfactory one. There is no customer support team that will provide you with immediate help if you’re stuck. There is no direct online platform for communication. Help is available only for a limited time, and you can only contact them via mail or assistance forms. So we will give Kidslox a rating of 2 out of 10 in this domain.

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Conclusion on Kidslox Review

If we analyze the points made in the Kidslox review, one can say that the app works perfectly for the set of features that it has. If you can manage without the monitoring part, then the app has got a suitable package for you.

However, with the technology advancing, you may need a better and more advanced app that comes with a plethora of features for better security.

FamiSafe, in that case, is the best option for you. It allows you for a free 3-day trial, and then you can get the subscription later. You can easily download the app from the play store or the Apple iTunes store. Just get the app and improve the security around your kid.

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