KidLogger Reviews & The Best KidLogger Alternative in 2022

Kidlogger Review: Know More About Kidlogger – One of the Best Kid’s Tracking Tool

The Internet and computers are wonderful tools that can help you educate your kids. However, anyone with children will instinctively know that there is a tricky line that should not be crossed since these two wonderful tools can also become causes of concern and worry. The concept behind KidLogger is that it acts as an extra pair of eyes for you and constantly monitors your child’s activities on their computers and what they are getting up to.

You can choose the basic version of KidLogger for free; it is also open source. This is great news because it means that the code can be checked and analyzed by developers. For parents, it is a sign of relief, knowing that the monitoring tool is quite legit and will not pry on their personal lives.

Owned by SafeJKA SRL, KidLogger is a monitoring tool that has been designed to monitor your child’s online activities, be it on a personal computer or their cell phone. The software works perfectly on platforms like Mac and Windows, as well as Linux; KidLogger is also compatible with Blackberry, iOS, and Android devices, according to KidLogger reviews.

The main idea behind the development of KidLogger is to help families supervise anything that their children do online. Similar to KidLogger, there are a lot of other monitoring services whose main goal is to monitor and protect children against the effects of social media and harmful technologies.

However, if you are hoping to stop your child from visiting particular websites or making use of certain malicious programs, KidLogger is not the right tool. As the name suggests, this software will only monitor your child’s activities on the computer.

But, if you wish to know every program that is launched, every keystroke typed, take screenshots, and even record audio, you will have to take the subscription. If you use the free version, your children will keep their activities in check if they find out that they are being monitored.

KidLogger Price Plan

If you have decided to spend some money, you can opt between two KidLogger subscriptions – the standard plans that include plans for three months (US$9), six months (US$17), and 12 months (US$29). Professional plans include plans for three months (US$29), six months (US$49), and 12 months (US$89).

According to several KidLogger reviews, the differences between the premium and professional subscriptions can be seen in the developer’s comparison matrix, which might help you make the right choices.

Kidlogger Review: How Do You Set Up Kidlogger?

For setting up KidLogger, you can go through the stages mentioned below:


You first need to create and register an account. Once you do this at, you can install the software on your child’s mobile phone or personal computer. Make sure you remember your account details; you will need them to enter your account online.

Setup Process

Once you are done with the registration, installing the KidLogger application is quite easy. After the installation, the configuration should not take a lot of time. While you are handling the process, you need to have the target device nearby.

Data Collection

Once you are set up, KidLogger will start monitoring your child’s activities. You need to log into your account to verify the logs. All the incoming data will be found within these logs.

If a KidLogger review is to be believed, another unique feature about KidLogger is the video and voice capture. With the help of this feature, you will be able to use the microphone and use the video recorder on your child’s mobile phone or personal computer to record the environment around your kid. You will be able to monitor whether your child is lazing around somewhere or talking clean to someone face-to-face.

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KidLogger Review: What Are Some of the Main Features of KidLogger?

Some of the main features of KidLogger include:

Parental Time Control

The pro version of KidLogger offers control of the time of the application’s usage. With the help of this feature, you can control the time your kid spends on his/her Android devices. You can set limits to prevent overuse of the device by your child, according to a KidLogger review.

Surfing History

Children are quite smart these days, and they know how to delete their browsing history. KidLogger will monitor your child’s browsing data as well as transfer them to your account. This feature is available only in the KidLogger Android mobile version and is not yet made for iOS devices.

At times, children save unwanted materials in their photo galleries as well. KidLogger will allow you to sneak a peak into your kid’s photo gallery. The software can also copy all the images stored in the gallery to your online KidLogger account, according to several KidLogger reviews.

App Statistics

KidLogger will provide you with detailed information about the apps on your kid’s mobile device. You will know exactly how much time they are spending on those apps while playing certain games or chatting online.

Tracker for Incoming and Outgoing Calls

With the help of the call locator feature in KidLogger, you can keep track of your child’s conversation over the phone. The application will track the call history for each incoming and outgoing call and mark them with the timestamps.

Keeping Tab of Keystrokes

The monitoring software also has a KeyLogger. This will record each and every keystroke that your child makes and record them, even though the document is not saved or the search history has been cleared. You will be able to read their passwords for their social media accounts, where you will be able to keep track of things like email conversations as well as instant messages, according to a KidLogger review.

The above are just some of the features of KidLogger. The available options for monitoring will depend on the subscription you choose as well as the platform (computer, mobile, etc.) where you plan to use the software.

KidLogger Review: Mobile Support

According to a KidLogger review, the tracking software is quite accessible. You can download the software for Symbian Nokia, Microsoft Windows, Android, Blackberry, and macOS.

From this list, you can also deduce that KidLogger is made for use according to what is available in the market today. If you use Blackberry, Android, iOS, or Windows gadgets, you should face no problems with using KidLogger.

KidLogger Review: Customer Support of KidLogger

Once you have signed up and created an account, you will be delivered an email for confirmation. This will include a link to your main dashboard as well as for downloading the app. When you click on the link that redirects you to your dashboard, you will see the subscription packages.

Here, you can select the desired package and proceed to checkout. Once your payment is confirmed, you can download the software. While the installation, make sure that download from unverified sources is enabled.

Once the file gets downloaded, you need to open a .zip file; the password to this file is 12345. You can start the app after the installation and customize the app according to your preferences, according to several KidLogger reviews.

Best KidLogger Alternative – KidsGuard Pro

KidLogger is quite a simple open-source program that will help concerned parents maintain track of online activities carried out by their kids. Children today are gaining access to the Internet with ease, thanks to the availability of different gadgets such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Hence it is important to look out for applications that will keep track of their online activities.

With the help of KidLogger, you will be able to view watched images, movies, documents, viewed programs, started programs, chat room discussions, and visited websites. However, if you feel like KidLogger is not exactly your thing, you can also check out the next best KidLogger alternative, KidsGuard, according to a KidLogger review.

What is KidsGuard?

KidsGuard is quite an easy application where you can access multiple data in a single monitoring solution. This software will help parents like you gain control over what your child accesses and watches on the Internet. Once the installation is done, tracking and monitoring can be done continuously in real-time from any device or location. It is a great KidLogger alternative.

Learn more about KidsGuard

Guide on How to Use KidsGuard

Before you can learn how to use KidsGuard, you need to get done with the basics. Here are the steps below:

Step 1: Create an Account on KidsGuard

You can create an account on KidsGuard’s official website or via the downloaded application for iOS and Android devices. While the app will offer a free trial, it is recommended that you choose the premium account to gain access to all the features. Choose your preferred subscription fee, and you will receive the login details.

Sign up KidLogger alternative -KidsGuard

Step 2: Choose the Device

Once you are done with the registration process, you have to proceed to the next step of installing the application. On the first page of the setup wizard, you can input the name of your kid; for multiple kids, you can create different names. Additionally, you also need to choose the OS that the target device is running on since the setup procedure is different for both iOS and Android devices.

Step 3: Setting up Parental Control on Your iOS Devices

For setting up parental control on iOS devices, you need to verify the iCloud ID details on the target smartphone. You will need to enter the iCloud credentials and make sure that the target smartphone has activated syncing services and iCloud backup. If yes, you will be able to view notes, videos, photos, browser history, GPS location, and SMS in KidsGuard.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS

Step 4: Installing KidsGuard on Android Devices

Once you activate the application on the target smartphone, you have to make the changes shown below in the settings application – clicking on the Settings icon, searching for the lock screen and security feature, and enabling ‘Unknown sources.’

Unknown Sources

Step 5: Setting up the App on Android Devices

Once you install the monitoring software, you can sign in with your KidsGuard login details. You need to press Start to begin the administration services. Here, you will gain access to permissions, as shown below. Once you complete the steps, the icon will disappear, and you can start your stealth work.

Download KidsGuard Pro app
KidsGuard Pro

Step 6: Setting up Parental Control on Your Android Devices

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, you can log into your KidsGuard account from any device and keep track of their online activities. Refreshing the icon on the dashboard will synchronize the data. Sadly, the KidsGuard servers will not be able to update the data if the target’s phone has no internet connectivity.

KidLogger Review alternative - KidsGuard Dashboard

Get KidsGuard

KidLogger User Experience: Final Verdict

While the overall setup process of KidLogger is quite simple, the interface does not leave much to be desired. Here, you will find simple checkboxes that you can use based on what you would like to monitor – browsing history, Skype chat logs, recording audio, USB usage, clipboard contents, and keystrokes. You also have the option to capture screenshots when certain keywords are detected on the screen or at any predefined intervals, according to a KidLogger review.

All the recorded logs can be viewed from any device, which makes it easy for monitoring from afar at any point in time. While the app allows you to monitor your child’s activities, it is not a parental control tool that most people would initially understand; hence, it is quite a disappointment on that factor alone, according to many KidLogger reviews. Or, you can go for a KidLogger alternativeKidsGuard.



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