Full InterGuard Reviews and Its Best alternatives in 2023

The main reason we are writing this article is to bring you a comprehensive conclusion of the InterGuard reviews to know if the app would work for you or not.

The primary motto of the InterGuard app is Record, Make reports and Generate Alerts, and we are going to assess how righteously they do that.

We would also be introducing an excellent alternative app – mSpy to you that can serve the purpose well.

InterGuard Reviews | About InterGuard


This app is widely known for its extraordinary spying abilities and the top standard spy features on the best monitoring software list. It was initially developed to enable businesses to track their employees’ activities, prevent data theft, and boost emergency response tech.

The app stores all the data related to employee activities into the main interface, even without a network connection.

The data stored includes all the employee activities that are analyzed carefully to create logs, playback, alerts, auditing trails, and behavioral standardization. The employer can see through all the messages, social media, emails, files, programs, browser history, printed material, and even geolocation.

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The Advantageous Working of InterGuard

The app records all the system enterprises to prepare readable data that can be used for alerts, reports, and searches.

It also controls data access by blocking any unauthorized requests. It even monitors those apps and users connected with confidential data, the data channels routed with them, and the final recipient locations. Not just this, but the app also studies the data for any DLP policy violation that may be involved and blocks the same.

The InterGuard reviews mention web content filtering to boost productivity as the app blocks the undesired content related to entertainment, adult sites, videos, gambling, e-commerce sites, etc.

All the sites visited by the employee can be seen, and a list of the permitted sites can be created. Upon searching for a different site, the employer gets notified.

Instant messaging is a thing with big companies these days, and the app lets employers check them. The primary user can track all the conversations and monetary exchanges to keep safe against any fraud.

The app’s net deploy tool can download licenses from any network and integrate them with the active directory. An InterGuard cloud infrastructure monitors the reports and adjusts settings for the owners without any hardware.

Main Features of InterGuard

This is going to be a long list:

  • Monitor cell phones – Mobile devices are frequently used for business communications, and thus they need to be monitored too. The main user can track the apps, web searches, sites visited, texts, call logs, and other social media conversations on the phone.
  • Track the minutest activities – The app can monitor all the employees’ file activities like saving, deleting, editing, and locking them for any unauthorized modification. The tracking would also allow the employers to hinder the use of any program that doesn’t sit well with the company’s goals.
  • Analyze user behavior – The app creates certain benchmarks of activities permitted for the users. If the employee crosses the threshold, the employers are notified by the app.
  • Track sensitive data – The app also permits tracking, blocking, and complaints against sensitive data in the local drives. Even the URLs or keywords can be used to block any unwanted content.
  • Comprehensive supervision – The app performs dense filtering of the programs and applications. It also allows employers to specify harmful apps and discover any guideline violations.
  • Controls files remotely – In cases where the systems get lost or stolen, the app can help the deletion of all the private info on those systems. It deploys the geolocation feature to access the lost system and remove all the useful data from it.
  • Lock the endpoint – The app can also lock a system in the situation of a potential breach. It can also allow the app user to remove, retrieve, or secure any private information.

An assessment of all these factors tells that the app inserts tight control over the employees’ activities. This also contributes to the InterGuard reviews that conclude that it may not be suitable for the employer to regulate the official space this tightly. As a result, it may be a decreased productivity and stoppage of ideas inflow.

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Method of Installing InterGuard

This process’s details differ according to the systems on which the app will be used, but you need to know a basic guide for the installation. Here are the steps:

  1. You begin by purchasing the license or activating the free trial plan with which you can get the hang of this app’s features before you buy it actually. Now, you can create a personal web-based user account on the app.
  2. Once the account is created, you can install the agents. You can also activate the app for ten or more licenses remotely.
  3. Once the deployment is successful, you can begin monitoring the employees. InterGuard’s main interface is where you will get all the reports and control the policies thereby.

It is also important that you check the app’s pricing in the InterGuard reviews before going ahead with the license purchase. There are five types of subscription plans offered by this app.

It also has different pricing plans for monitoring the cell devices depending upon the data storage system used- onboard or cloud.

The whole payment plan is complicated, and you may have to contact the assistance team to explain it.

The Legality of the InterGuard App

The US and EU legislation allows monitoring at official workplaces but is regulated. It is the employer’s legitimate need to track the system activities of their employees since those systems are the company’s property. The employers make this monitoring policy known to the employees and get agreements signed for the same too.

The company makes all the providences like the internet and space to regulate anything they want. They can do the same with screens, official emails, keystrokes, downloads, files, docs, screen material, idle time of the device, and so many other things. However, intrusion into the private data of the employee is strictly prohibited.

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Aspects of Personal Data Protection with InterGuard

Data protection is the most crucial aspect of any monitoring solution, and the best policy on it would be expected with the top monitoring solutions. The InterGuard reviews hint otherwise due to the lack of any strong data protection policy in the app.

The privacy policy is not laid out for the current version of the app, which gives mixed signals regarding the safety assurance for the customer data. There is also no mention of the GDPR in the legal documents of the solution.

GDPR means the General Data Protection Regulation, a set of guidelines defining the amount of data that needs to be stored, processed, and exchanged with the EU.

A Quick Recap of the InterGuard App

You might want to consider the app for these prime reasons:

  • Fully compatible with a variety of operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, VMware, Citrix, and other ones with a bit range of 32-64
  • Huge range of tracking and preventing features that provide high-level data security
  • Independent working off the network connection
  • Simple installation
  • Demo option
  • Free trial option

mSpy – The Best Alternative to the InterGuard App

This super fantastic application was rolled out in 2010 with the role of monitoring systems and devices that could help businesses and people.

This app’s primary role was that of a parental control solution and then it came down to be used for tracking purposes. The popularity and trust it gained were due to its survival through the numerous cyber-attacks and maintaining a state of full effectiveness.

On the other hand, two similar apps crashed badly in the wake of such attacks in 2017, resulting from the carelessness of the developers in matters of app security. The mSpy app was laced with a fortified data system and the GDPR guidelines compliance certification.

Here Are Some of Its Great Features Worth Mentioning:

  • The installation process of the app is very easy and fast as compared to InterGuard reviews. Also, there is not much that you need to do for its maintenance.
  • There are nearly 30 features in this app that do the monitoring job and gather all the info into the main control panel.
  • The app generates the most precise and accurate data due to the updates and modifications that are introduced from time to time.
  • You won’t need to perform any jailbreaking or rooting to run the app. This means that you don’t have to break any guidelines like that from Google or Apple.
  • It has a flexible and clear pricing plan and includes nine payment methods for users.
  • This app’s customer assistance team remains active 24*7 and has the assistance option available in about six languages.

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Advantages of the mSpy App

  • The app is the most decent one among all the other tracking solutions due to the benefits it offers to the users.
  • The app’s main approach is to safeguard the user data, for which it uses strong data encryption technologies that are not present in InterGuard.
  • It greatly helps businesses in tackling data-related issues daily and keeps the various endeavors running alright.
  • It is comparatively cheaper than many other monitoring solutions. There are two subscription plans to choose from, and there is even a Family plan that gives access to three devices.
  • The app functions in full stealth mode and leaves no detectable traces as even the icon disappears after the installation gets successful.
  • mSpy takes care not to break into others’ privacy, which is why it has not included several features that can do so, like call recording.

In contrast with the InterGuard reviews, the mSpy app allows an even vaster feature range that lets one allow:

  • Search History
  • Contacts
  • Texts
  • Call logs
  • Calendar
  • Keywords
  • Apps installed
  • Images and videos
  • GPS locations
  • Keylogger
  • Geo-fencing
  • Keylogger
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Emails
  • Hangouts
  • Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Tinder, etc

Final Words

Based on the assessment of the InterGuard reviews, we can say that it is an excellent monitoring app that lets you do the entire job significantly. However, the app might feel a little too restrictive and lacks essential features like data protection at some level.

We suggest that you try mSpy in this case, and we assure you that you will get the best results.

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