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How to Sync My Boyfriend‘s Phone to Mine?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Sync My Boyfriends Phone to Mine?

“Can anyone explain how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine?

I prefer a smooth, fast and reliable option. If anyone knows, please let me know.” I have some doubts to clear and am looking for some solid recommendations to clear them up.

You may feel like checking his phone and knowing what he is doing with it in your absence.

But the problem is that he will not be willing to show his phone if there’s something to hide.

This is exactly why you wonder how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine, don’t you? If that’s the case, you can consider this article as a comprehensive guide to solving your issue.

Part 1. How Do I Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine?

Many of us tend to notice some serious changes in our loved one’s actions in some cases. Such changes can eventually change into suspicions and destroy healthy relationships.

So, knowing what the truth is and finding resolutions to such instances immediately is mandatory.

If you feel something suspicious about your boyfriend, his smartphone is the first thing that comes to mind.

How do you sync two phones together via Google Sync?

We can suggest utilizing Google Sync so you can freely sync your boyfriend’s device to your smartphone.

However, you’ll need to access the device physically to add your Google account to it.

In addition, if he examines the synchronized account area, he’ll notice that you attempted to monitor him. 

How do you sync two phones together by iCloud?

If he uses iCloud, you may be able to sync his phone with yours.

Then, you don’t have to go to him. You only need to know his iCloud password to use this method.

Android users may use the same tool, but they will require physical access to the device for initial installation.

Don’t worry. The good news is that there are very effective ways to accomplish this task.

You can learn what these methods are and how effective they are. Using one of the applications listed below is the most straightforward and dependable method.

Part 2. mSpy – Best Tool to Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine

If you wonder how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine, mSpy is a perfect option.

We consider it one of the best due for various reasons. It is an excellent app that can track your boyfriend’s smartphone effortlessly.

The best thing is that it doesn’t want you to access the device physically to install the app.

Best Tool to Sync My Boyfriends Phone to Mine - mSpy

Once installed, the app will run in the background without being noticed. In other words, it runs in the background in stealth mode.

All the data will be collected secretly and sent to your dashboard. As a result, you can monitor all those activities simply by logging in using a PC or a phone.

You don’t have to be concerned about anyone else getting their hands on the information because it’s encrypted.

Both iOS & Android versions of the program are available, so you can easily spy on your boyfriend’s smartphone.

That is irrespective of the platform it is running on. Mobile phone applications allow you to listen in on your loved one’s phone conversations from afar.

Features of mSpy

mSpy and other spy tools indeed provide many unique features.

Such features make smartphone spying a lot easier; hence, they have become a popular choice.

Mentioned below are the features associated with mSpy for your reference.

Features of mSpy
  • It can track call logs and phone calls
  • You can use GPS tracking along with geofencing
  • Access to media files
  • Monitoring of text messages
  • Monitoring activities related to apps
  • Ability to monitor all the social media activities
  • Monitoring the browsing history and blocking unwanted websites
  • Keylogging features

How to Spy on the Android Device of Your Boyfriend?

If you want to start using mSpy and spy on your boyfriend’s phone, you can follow the steps below.

The good news is that all these steps are easy to follow for any individual.

So, let’s go ahead and learn what they are.

  • Create your mSpy account through their website and choose a subscription plan to proceed. After that, you should install the mSpy app on the target device (your boyfriend’s device). Then, you will notice that it stays in stealth mode. So he will not suspect he has been monitored.
Create your mSpy account
  • Then, please log in to your mSpy account through a web browser. Then, click on the option called “Android” to proceed.
Select Target Device on mSpy
  • Now, you can start to use the phone monitoring application. That will help you track the call logs, SMS, and any other data you want.
Sign up mSpy Complete

So, all you need now is to visit the dashboard once in a while and monitor what he does.

How to Sync My Boyfriend’s iPhone to Mine? 

When you use mSpy on an iOS device, consider two options. You can either go for the jailbreak option or the no-jailbreak option.

Mentioned below are the instructions you should follow.

With Jailbreak

Please note that you cannot find a jailbreak option on new iOS versions in the market. So, you can use this option for iPhones that run on 9.1 or older (up to 7)

  • Jailbreak the target device before proceeding to the installation process.
  • After that, you can download mSpy. After that, please tap on the downloaded file to install it.
  • You should go to the control panel and select the iPhone you intend to track.
  • After that, start monitoring the target device with no hassle.

How to Sync My Boyfriend’s iPhone to Mine without Jailbreaking?

Do you want to know how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine without jailbreaking? If so, you can read the steps below.

Please note that you should have iCloud credentials if you intend to jailbreak the device.

  • First, you should download the mSpy app and install it on the device that should be tracked.
Download mSpy and Install
  • Go to the mSpy control panel and begin the monitoring process. That’s it!
mSpy Dashboard
  • You can enable the iPhone backup option and go to the “Settings” option. After that, turn on “iCloud Backup.” Then, choose “Backup” and select “Backup Now.”


  • It allows you to access the dashboard even with desktops.
  • Can monitor multiple apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Detailed monitoring of the activities.
  • It works in stealth mode.


  • It doesn’t support Blackberry or Symbian devices   
  • No advanced monitoring options

Also, here is the complete guide on how to use mSpy and track a husband’s phone.

Part 3. How to Sync My boyfriend’s Phone to Mine for Free Using iCloud?

For iPhone owners, iCloud provides free sync services that may be used to connect two devices. iCloud is the best option if you’re thinking, “How to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine?”

  • First, make sure that both iPhones are signed to one Apple ID.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your boyfriend’s iPhone.
  • Click on iCloud after selecting your name.
  • Make sure your boyfriend’s phone has all of the necessary data turned on.
  • Do the same thing with the second iPhone.
  • When you sign in with the same Apple ID, your chosen data categories will be synchronized.
How to Sync My boyfriend's Phone to Mine for Free Using iCloud

Part 4. What is the Cheapest Method to Spy on the Phone of Your Boyfriend?

The mSpy surveillance software does not offer free services. Several free internet services may help you keep tabs on your husband’s or boyfriend’s phone behavior.

It’s actually the cheapest way to keep tabs on your boyfriend’s cell phone without him knowing.

Free websites, on the other hand, have a number of drawbacks. Specifically, you’ll be putting the safety of the data of both parties in danger. 

Some of the issues of free online tools:

● Sharing of Information

It is true that these websites request information about the targeted device.

Because of that, you may unwittingly send over important information to other parties you don’t even identify. Almost all of them will also search for any probable vulnerabilities in that data.

● Sharing of Locations

If you’re using a free phone monitoring app, you may be putting the target’s whereabouts in danger.  

● Malware Infections

Many of these online portals may also request that you install software that contains malicious code. Therefore, you should be careful what you click on.

It is true that these programs may be used for free. However, they aren’t the safest and most reliable bets for monitoring your lover.

And that’s all about how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine.

Part 5. Steps to Take if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

If you are a victim of cheating, you are not alone.

In fact, cheating is pretty common among individuals across the globe.

That said, below are some important steps you can take if your boyfriend is cheating.

01. Don’t Get Panicked

Staying calm in such situations is definitely easier said than done.

However, if you panic in this situation, it will only go from bad to worse.

So, the best approach is to let your emotions go gradually before you talk to your partner.

You can take a long shower, maybe cry alone or spend some time alone.

Things will gradually settle down, and you will be able to think clearly and sharply.

The critical thing is not to make decisions when angry and panicked.

02. Talk to Him

When he settled down, he thought deeply and collected evidence to prove his actions.

The data collected through your phone monitoring tool becomes vital.

Then, talk to him gently and come to a solution. If he wants to go away, just let him go.

You can take a vacation, go to parties and do what makes you happy. Time will heal everything!


1. Can I sync phones without sharing a Google or Apple ID?

Yes, there are third-party apps like SyncMate for this.

2. Is it possible to unsync phones?

Yes, just go back to the account settings and turn off what you no longer want to sync.

3. Is syncing phones safe?

Generally, it is safe if you trust the person you are syncing with and you use secure apps.

4. Can I sync more than two phones?

Yes, as long as they are all connected to the same account.

5. What happens if I sync my phone with my boyfriend’s?

You can share data like photos, calendar events, or notes.


Syncing your boyfriend’s phone to yours can be a practical way to stay connected. With the right steps and precautions, it can make coordination and communication much easier.

So, that’s how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine. I hope you know how to do it by yourself.


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