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How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp

Around 1.5 billion people all over the world use the WhatsApp app. It is one of the most widely used applications.

WhatsApp is a messaging app with a high level of privacy guidelines and policies. It offers the best security to your data by restricting unauthorized users from accessing your WhatsApp account.

To approach another person’s WhatsApp account, you will first have to take their cell phone. You cannot use their WhatsApp account without their prior permission.

There are many programs on the market that tell you how to hack someone’s WhatsApp. They provide you with live updates of the user’s data once you install them on the target device.

Can I Spy on Someone Else’s WhatsApp?

Method 1. How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using mSpy?

mSpy is the best app to login into another person’s WhatsApp account and gets their personal data. Both iOS & Android users can use mSpy. It’s not requested to root or jailbreak your smartphone to use this app.

You can monitor the person’s activities from anywhere with the help of mSpy. Plus, you can choose any web browser you wish to log in to.

Hence, there is no requirement for installing mSpy on your cell phone. Please just log in through any browser you prefer.

This method will work even if you don’t have physical access to the target user’s phone.

PS: if you wonder how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine, this guide is just for you.

Steps to hack someone’s WhatsApp by mSpy:

Follow the below instructions to hack that person’s WhatsApp account:

1. Launch the browser on your device and visit the official website of mSpy.

Open mSpy website

2. If you already have a mSpy account, sign into it. Input your login information, such as your username and password. Tap the “Sign In” icon to get access to your account.

Sign in mSpy

3. Choose your preferred language. There are different languages like Hindi, English, etc. Choose the language you are comfortable with and tap on the “Confirm” icon.

Choose your language on mSpy

4. Configure the controlling connection. Tap on the “Get Started” icon.

mSpy - Get Started

5. Choose the gadget you want to keep track of. Select the device’s platform, Android or iOS device, whichever you want to spy on.

Select Device OS on mSpy

6. Tap on the option “I have full access to the device“. To use the mSpy app, you should have full control over the device you want to track. This means you should have that device physically available with you.

Tap on the option "I have full access to the device"

7. Choose the brand name of the smartphone. For the sake of simplicity, we will continue the rest of the steps for an Android smartphone.

Choose the brand name of the smartphone

8. Pick the model of your Android phone. In order to find out your OS version, follow the mentioned steps.

Pick the model of your Android phone

9. Turn off the “PlayProtect” feature. The “PlayProtect” feature must not be active as it can hinder the monitoring of prices.

  • Access the Google Play store on your device. Click on the three dots that appear on the upper side of the left corner of your profile.
  • Search for the “PlayProtect” icon and tap on that.
  • Click on “Settings“.
  • Turn off “Scan apps with Play Protect“.
Turn off "Scan apps with Play Protect"

10. Launch the web browser on the selected device you want to track.

  • Enter in the search bar
  • Copy the displayed capture code.
  • Tap on the “Download” icon.
  • Tap on “OK” in order to dismiss the disclaimer.
Download mSpy apk

11. Install the APK file. After installing, tap on the APK file and choose the option “Allow” from this source.

Enable Install Unknown Apps from this source

12. Set up the mSpy process.

  • Once your mSpy application opens, move further with your configuration steps.
Set up mSpy

13. Congrats! You’ve completed the mSpy install, and it’s ready to monitor the target device. Wait for a few hours to let the mSpy software track and upload the data to its servers.

mSpy Dashboard

14. Choose Whatsapp from the list. After tapping on the WhatsApp icon, you can see all the actions of that targeted user in the other window.

how to hack someone's WhatsApp Using mSpy

15. Start by choosing the message option. You can view different WhatsApp texts on the suspect’s phone. Tap on the Call feature. The software will show two sections of call logs on your display.

how to hack someone's WhatsApp Messages Using mSpy
how to hack someone's WhatsApp Calls Using mSpy

16. Examine the whole list. Choose the contact option in order to view the whole contact details of that person on WhatsApp.

View someone's WhatsApp whole list

Method 2. How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using Their Phone Number?

One of the simplest ways to access a suspect’s WhatsApp account is with the help of their mobile number.

For this approach, you have to download WhatsApp on your smartphone. You will need a mobile verification OTP to finish this process successfully.

1. Download WhatsApp. Type the suspect smartphone’s number to access the other person’s WhatsApp account.

How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Using Their Phone Number

2. Enter the mobile verification code. It is a number that is received as a text message on the suspect mobile phone.

3. As you finish the login process of the WhatsApp account, you will be able to see the WhatsApp chats. You can also access images and videos received or sent by the target person.

The main drawback of this method is that the suspected person will get an alert when you sign in to their account. This will make them suspicious. They may even take steps to retrieve their account while also putting you in trouble.

Also, here are some practical ways on how to see deleted Instagram posts of others. Try them if you wonder how to see others deleted Instagram posts.

Method 3. How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using Google Chrome?

If the target device is running in Android 7/ iOS 10 or higher, they will receive an alert each time you use this method.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to get access to anyone’s Whatsapp using Chrome:

1. Access your Chrome Browser and enter the URL in the search bar.

WhatsApp Web

2. Then through the suspect’s smartphone, scan the QR code.

3. You can now track WhatsApp texts without downloading any tool on the victim’s device.

How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Using Google Chrome

This process works only if you can manage to access the smartphone physically. Without that, you won’t be able to scan the QR code, and the process won’t culminate.

Also, you cannot stop WhatsApp from showing the target your WhatsApp web login. On their cell phone, they can view the active WhatsApp Web icon anytime.

Method 4. How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using the Spoofing Technique?

The spoofing technique works best if you have the device that you wish to monitor for the time being. This will let you extract the information needed to effectively implement this technique.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to hack someone’s Whatsapp by deploying the spoofing technique:

1. To begin with, Delete Whatsapp from the target smartphone.

Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger

2. Locate the MAC ID of the target smartphone. For that, go to Settings, then General. Click on about and then tap on Wifi Address.

3. Download Whatsapp monitoring software. You will also need to download the Busy box along with Terminal Emulator and set them up.

 How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Using the Spoofing Technique
Install BusyBox

4. With the above tools, you will be able to swap your device’s MAC address with that of the target device.

5. Download Whatsapp from the App Store again. Enter the mobile number of the target user during the login process.

6. WhatsApp will send the verification OTP on the target user’s phone. Enter the OTP to access their Whatsapp account. Once it’s done, you can enjoy all of their messages on your device without their knowledge.

Method 5. How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using Bluetooth?

If the target user is nearby, you can use the method of Bluetooth monitoring. You can access their Whatsapp messages to see their personal content.

However, for this method, you have to ensure the target person does not move beyond the range of 50 meters. Beyond this point, you will lose Bluetooth connectivity.

Take the below-mentioned to implement the Bluetooth method for how to hack someone’s WhatsApp:

  1. Locate the smartphone of the target user within the range.
  2. Scan for their smartphone.
  3. Verify the tenderness of their phone to avoid information monitoring.
  4. Hack the WhatsApp data from their phone.
  5. Deliver the data back to the device through which you would like to monitor.

Method 6. How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp by Exporting Their Chat History?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve someone’s messages on the desired email address:

1. Access the smartphone of the target person and launch Whatsapp on it.

2. Select the WhatsApp chat which you have to export.

3. To proceed, tap on the three dots on the top right side. Click on More and then select Export chat.

How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp by Exporting Their Chat History

4. You will have the choice to export media files along with chats. Pick one of the options and proceed.

Export Media files with Chats

5. Tap on sharing with Gmail option. Input the Gmail address where you want to receive the exported chat

6. Tap the Export button.

Once completed, you will receive the entire chat along with media in your email inbox.

If you want to know how to hack someone’s WhatsApp, then you can send a phishing link. You can send the link via email, which will corrupt their smartphone.

To do this, you will have to first obtain their contact information. Then, you can deliver the phishing URL to their inbox or send it via text or phone call.

As a safety measure, you can install security anti-malware software on your device. It will ensure that something like this does not happen to you.


Below we’ve mentioned a few questions related to how to hack someone’s WhatsApp:

Is It Possible to Get Access to Someone’s WhatsApp?

Yes, one can access another person’s WhatsApp. But, there are high chances of getting detected and facing severe consequences.

Monitoring software like mSpy is the best solution for how to hack someone’s WhatsApp. Through this app, you can access the other person’s WhatsApp without letting them know.

What Are WhatsApp Monitoring Apps, and How Do They Work?

WhatsApp spy apps can monitor calls and texts, SMS messages, and location. They also allow users to monitor social media platforms.

Many cellphone monitoring apps also include a precise and powerful GPS unit. GPS displays the whereabouts of your smartphone, partner, or kids in a timely manner.

How Do I Know if the Other Person Has Read My WhatsApp Messages or Not?

The simplest way to verify this is to see the read receipts of your messages. If the other person has read your shared texts, then the receipts will show in blue color.

What Can You Do to Safeguard Your WhatsApp Account from Hackers?

To protect your Whatsapp data, turn on the two-factor identification on your phone. You can deploy face verification, fingerprint security, or a password lock for additional security.

If you feel that your personal data is already at risk, you can delete and reinstall Whatsapp.

Select the option “Sign Out from all locations“. This ensures that only your current device has access to your Whatsapp data.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we explained how to hack someone’s WhatsApp using a variety of ways.

You can use any of these methods to monitor anyone’s WhatsApp texts.

We will encourage you not to use these techniques for anyone’s privacy.


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