How to Hack Into An iPhone from a Computer – The Easiest Way!

As you may know, hacking an iPhone is not an easy task due to the strict security measures applied. But there is GOOD NEWS for those who wonder how to hack into an iPhone from a computer.

Hacking an iPhone through a computer is absolutely possible. As long as you have the correct tool, you have a greater chance of hacking into an iPhone.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can find several tools to hack iPhones through a computer. But the key is to find a hacking tool that actually works.

This article aims to reveal the best hacking tool available in the industry. The tool we rely on is KidsGuard Pro. So, read on if you need to know how to hack into an iPhone from a computer.

Reasons to Use KidsGuard to Hack an iPhone from Computer

With the assistance of KidsGuard, hacking an iOS device (iPhone) is a pretty simple process. KidsGuard is recognized in the industry as one of the most powerful and efficient monitoring tools.

This specific app can easily access the target device’s functions while operating in stealth mode. The owner of the target device will now be able to notice that this app is functioning. This special app comes with a large range of features to track a mobile device secretly to perfection.

In a nutshell, if you wonder how to hack into iPhone from a computer, KidsGuard is the best app.

Apart from tracking iOS devices, KidsGuard is capable of tracking Android devices as well. But, surprisingly, installing KidsGuard is significantly easier compared to Android devices.

To install KidsGuard on iOS devices, you should only have the credentials of the respective iCloud account. This account must be the one that is synced with the target device.

It Can View Photos and Videos Stored in the Target Device

If you need to keep track of the photos and videos of a device, use KidsGuard. This monitoring app can let you see all the photos and videos on any device without any issue. You can have those photos and videos as proof of something the user did.

Tracking of the Location

As opposed to many other monitoring devices, KidsGuard lets you trace the precise real-time location of the target device. Also, it can keep track of the location history. These two features can be accessed pretty easily with a couple of steps.

Even if there is no internet connection, this app will display the last-know location before disconnecting. Such an approach will help you to keep track of your loved one’s whereabouts.

Accessing Call Logs and Messages

KidsGuard can secretly monitor all the call logs and messages (both inbound and outbound). KidsGuard can show the history of the calls in a well-organized manner. For instance, the history will be categorized as incoming, outgoing, duration, and time.

Accessing Internet Browsing History

If you suspect that your kid visits inappropriate websites, KidsGuard can be a superb option to try. KidsGuard lets you secretly track the target device’s internet history and give you a thorough insight.

It is compatible with almost all web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.). The browsing history will show the details, including the URL and name of the page.

How to Hack into iPhone from a Computer using KidsGuard

Here’s a detailed guide on how to hack into an iPhone from a computer with the help of KidsGuard.

01. First, you should Sign up for a KidsGuard account. To do this, you should visit this best phone tracker app – KidsGuard’s official website. Then, you should click on the option labeled “Sign Up.”

You can find this option towards the top right-hand side corner of the screen. You should then provide information like your Email ID and password before pressing the “Sign Up” button once again.

Sign up KidsGuard Account

Sign up KidsGuard

02. Now that you have signed in for a KidsGuard account, you should configure it. To do this, you should provide details like the target device owner, age, and OS that runs on the target device. Since you are wondering how to hack an iPhone, you should select iOS as the target device’s OS.

03. After the above process, you can enter the credentials of the iCloud account. Then, you should press the button “Verify.”

This will lead to connecting the respective iCloud account with the KidsGuard account you have just created. The time this process takes may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.

04. After verification, you can open KidsGuard’s dashboard on a web browser. Through this dashboard, you can see various information associated with the target device. You can navigate through the interface of this dashboard and monitor the information you wish.

how to hack into an iPhone from a computer

In addition to the iOS devices, Android devices too can be monitored using KidsGuard. However, to hack an Android device, you should physically install the KidsGuard app on the target device.

What Are the Details You Can Access by Hacking an iPhone?

Here are the details you can access by hacking an iPhone.

The Location History of the iPhone

You can easily access the location history if you use an app like KidsGuard and hack an iPhone. This will give you sufficient knowledge about the whereabouts of the target device holder.

Internet Browsing History

How to Hack Into An iPhone from a Computer for Browsing history

Accessing the internet browsing history of the target device is another vital use of hacking an iPhone. Such information helps you get an idea about the websites visited on the respective device.

Call History

By hacking into an iPhone, you can easily track the call history of the respective iPhone. Through this feature, you can get to know the calls made on the respective device. Details like contact numbers, duration of the calls, and the time of the calls can be accessed through hacking.

Text Messages

If you hack an iPhone, you can read the text messages (sent and received) on the target device. This is another great way to know if your kids are communicating with the wrong parties.

How to Hack Into An iPhone from a Computer for Messages

Reasons to Hack an iPhone

As you may know, hacking someone else’s smartphone is unethical and can even be illegal. However, things can be justified if you do it with good intentions. Such an approach will help you monitor your kid even if you are not always with her.

Well, that is our article about how to hack into an iPhone from a computer. Please use this information responsibly. Good luck!

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