How to Hack a FB Account from Mobile Effortlessly

If you are a parent and you are worried about the actions of your child on Facebook, make sure to read the entire article. This article will teach you ‘How to Hack a FB Account from Mobile?’ This is important to know in case you wonder if your child is not performing well or acting in a different way. In today’s world, hacking a FB account is quite easy.

There are various hacking tools that let you hack FB accounts from mobile within a few clicks. In this article, we will discuss some of the useful techniques to hack an FB account from a mobile.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started on how to hack a FB account from mobile.

Part 1: Simple Techniques to Hack FB Account from a Mobile

A high-quality parental control device and a security app are the well-known ‘KidsGuard‘ tool The main aim of KidsGuard is to supervise the employees and the kids. KidsGuard has various features, such as text messages, call recording, call logs, and Keylogger along with others.

These qualities will give you complete access to the device. Unlike several different tools, KidsGuard enables its users to get access to social media apps of the target device. The Keylogger quality creates awareness among the users about what keystrokes are made on the target device.

KidsGuard is the best method to hack an FB account from a mobile. It supports each device that runs on iOS or Android OS. Other features include simple access to videos, WeChat, WhatsApp, photos, and other apps. You are required to purchase any subscription plan to get access to the services of KidsGuard.

Learn more about KidsGuard

#1: With KidsGuard

Steps to How to Hack FB Account from a Mobile

Here are some easy steps on how to hack a FB account from mobile. Follow the steps in a proper sequence to get the work done.

1. Sign-up in the KidsGuard

Visit the official site of KidsGuard and tap on the ‘Sign-up‘ link. You need to enter the details, such as email address, and password, and check on the terms and conditions box to continue further.

Sign up KidsGuard to to hack a FB account from mobile
2. Enter the Required Information

You will see a setup wizard page after signing up. Now, you need to enter the essential details, such as the name, age, and OS of the device to target.

3. Finish the Setup

If you wish to hack an FB account from a mobile, download the KidsGuard application on the target device. The application will be hidden after the whole setup.

  • Go to and look for the download option for KidsGuard for the Android devices
  • Enable the unknown resources option on the device to install the KidsGuard app. Now, select the APK file that you downloaded and install that file on the target Android device
  • Launch the application and fill in the required details
  • Hit on the ‘Grant‘ option and choose the ‘Start Monitoring‘ option
Download KidsGuard Pro app to hack a FB account from mobile

KidsGuard can hack iOS FB account. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Enter the Apple login information of the target iOS device
  • Type the iCloud ID and the password
  • Hit on the ‘Verify‘ option to begin the sync process
Setup KidsGuard for iOS
4. Hack FB account from a Mobile

Now open your device and launch the KidsGuard site from any browser. After opening the site, sign in with the email ID and the password. Select the ‘Social Apps‘ option to see the media files and messages of that particular application. Choose the ‘Keylogger‘ button to see the keystrokes made on the target device’s keyboard.

How to Hack a FB Account from Mobile with KidsGuard Pro

Get KidsGuard

#2: Anomor

It is an easy way to hack an FB account from a mobile. If you are confused about how to hack a FB account from mobile, keep on reading!

Steps to Execute the Process

  • 1. Go to the official site of Anomor. Create an account after signing up.
  • 2. After signing in, you will see a window, tap on the link 1.
  • 3. You will be directed to a site. Type the username and the password. Now, you will be taken to a proxy site.

On a side, the username and the password will be stored. Remember the steps mentioned below to view the password.

  • Login to the account on
  • Tap on the ‘My victim‘ option; you will see the username and the password
how to hack a FB account from mobile with

If you share link 1 with the victim and they log in, then you will receive the username and the password.

Part 2: How to Hack a FB Account from Mobile with the Help of a Victim’s Phone

Hacking an account is very easy and quick in today’s time. If you wish to find out about hacking an FB account with the help of the victim’s phone, then do not skip this part.

The best way to view the original password of FB is via KidsGuard Pro. No other app can do the same thing. You can easily reset the password of someone’s account to hack it.

For this process, you need the target person’s phone because the Facebook app shares a confirmation code on the registered number while making changes to the password. Let’s know how to hack a FB account from mobile!

Steps to Execute the Process

  • 1. Open Facebook and tap on the ‘Forget my password‘ option.
  • 2. Type the registered number and hit on the ‘search‘ option.
  • 3. As soon as Facebook finds the account, tap on the ‘This is my account‘ option.
  • 4. Now, you need to select the ‘Send code via SMS‘ to receive the confirmation code.
  • 5. Fill in the confirmation code in the desired field and tap on the ‘Change password‘ option. You will be taken to the change password screen.

Part 3: Learn How to Hack a FB Account from Mobile with Mobile Keylogging

It is an excellent way to hack an FB account from a mobile. You don’t have to be an expert in hacking FB accounts. Also, no computer skills are needed to make use of this tool. Keylogger tool records each character, which is made on the keyboard of the target device. You can easily download these types of tools online to supervise the actions of someone else.

In this section, we will use mSpy Keylogger to perform this process.

mSpy is a tool that is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC devices. Multiple features are available in this tool, such as call history, Keylogger, and other features.

Steps to Hack FB Account from a Mobile

  • 1. Launch the mSpy Keylogger site on the browser.
  • 2. Create a mSpy account on the site. Type the email ID and the password to avail of the subscription plan according to your needs.
  • 3. Download and install the mSpy tool for the targeted device.
  • 4. Launch the application and fill in the login details. Hit on the ‘Start Monitoring‘ option to begin spying.
  • 5. Open the mSpy tool web client. Tap on the ‘Keylogger‘ button to see the keystrokes.
how to hack a FB account from mobile with mSpy

Part 4: Instructions to Secure the FB Account

If you are done with ‘how to hack an FB account from mobile‘, it’s time for you to know how to secure your own FB account. Here are some instructions to secure your FB account.

Turn on the Login Approvals

This feature adds an additional layer of safety to the FB account. As soon as you turn on this feature, FB will ask you for a confirmation code each time you log in to the account. If you wish to enable this feature, go to the security option under settings.

Enter a Powerful Password

If you wish to protect your FB account and prevent it from getting hacked, then use a powerful password. The password should be something that you remember really well. Make it using numbers and alphabets so no one could guess it.

Try not to use the birth date, nickname, or any family name as it is easily recognized by the people.

Make Your Profile Private

For better safety, make the profile private to ensure that your friends can view your profile. Hacking is usually done by people who wish to obtain access to a specific account.

Set up a Login Notification

Setting up notifications is useful to ensure the safety of the account. If you enable this specific feature, you will be notified every time you log in. The notification will be shared with the registered number.

So, this was all about ‘How to Hack a FB Account from Mobile?’ We hope that you are clear about hacking an FB account. If you have any queries or doubts, let us know in the comment section. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading the article.



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